Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! What a great day to kick off my blog. Starting out with a boom, eh?? Actually, it’s raining here with no signs of stopping, so we might not see any ‘booms’ after all. No worries, there will still be parties and barbecues!

I guess I should introduce myself since this is my first blog entry. You can find more information in my “About me” section, but I’ll give you the short version 😉 As my blog title says, I am just a normal gal. No, really. I live in a town called, Normal. And that’s just what I am – a normal average 24 year old trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I’m not perfect, and I have my days, just like everyone else! But the point is I’m making an effort to live my life as healthfully as I can, and for me, that is enough 🙂

I’m a newly wed, and I have a spectacular husband, who is also health-conscience. We were married in September 2008, but have been together for 6 and a half years. I love him to pieces! I have a full-time job at an insurance company (and Shane, the hubs, works there too) as a planner. It’s my first big-girl job since graduating college in 2007, and I love it. The women I work with are some of the best I know.

Well I’ll quit rambling and let’s just agree that you can get to know me more as we go along;-)

I woke up today and downed some water and a cup of joe, and met my good friend Heidi at the gym for Body Pump. (I can’t eat anything in the morning before working out or my tummy gets PO’d at me) I upped my weights today, so I really felt the burn. I really like this class, but it mainly focuses on light weights, lots of reps, so I do some heavy-weight training once a week as well. After class, Heidi and I hopped on the treadmill for a half hour sweat session. Heidi is 4 months pregnant, and works out just as hard as she did before being pregnant. Kudos to you, Heidi!

I stored a Luna Bar in my gym bag for a quick after-gym snack, since I knew I had some errands to run, and wouldn’t be able to eat breakfast for a while.

What…used to be a luna bar 😉

After a trip to two different grocery stores (the first hardly had any produce I wanted!) I came home and made a delicious breakfast. I cooked three eggs over medium, with a side of flax toast and preserves, and some berries. So festive 😉 And I made the hubski a healthy post-golf (he golfed in the pouring rain!) breakfast sandwich, healthified of course, with a half of a juicy pear for a side. Not so festive, but still yumtopia!

He scarfed it down, said it was delicious and that he needs to remember to eat pears more often.

We have a bbq to go to around 3:00, so I’ll probably just eat a light, snack-like lunch later. And don’t worry, it will be festive! 😀

I hope you enjoyed my first blog entry 🙂


3 Responses

  1. I just happened to click on your blog and saw that today is your first day…I had to say hello and say that today is my first day blogging, too! 🙂 Too funny!!! Anyway… best of luck and I'm sure I'll be checking in with you!

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