Hectic day!

It was a hectic day at work. I guess a four day weekend=mounds of email the next Monday morning! I think I’ll find a way to de-stress tonight. Maybe I’ll take Niko for a walk or do some yoga. Do you have any healthy de-stressing tips?

My day started off great! I pounded out a quick 30 minute run (about 3.2 miles, 348 cals burned according to handy dandy Polar F6 HRM).

This week I decided I’m going to make the effort to wake up and workout before work each day. Then, during the hour I usually spend working out after work, I’m going to pick a task that usually gets pushed to the back burner to conquer. (For me, this means waking up at 4:30. Ouch.)
Today’s task: cleaning my closet. Now, I’m not talking about a full on go through all of my clothes and sort, I just want to get it nice and straightened and clean. This room and the laundry room are the two ‘messy’ rooms of the house.

Now, I’m a little embarrassed to do this, but here’s a before picture:

For tonight’s post, I’ll post the after 🙂 There, I said it, so now I have to get it done! haha…

After my run this morning I made a quick breakfast – almond butter and bananas on a whole wheat English muffin. Yum!

I ate it at work, around 7, but then had a little snack of Puffins around 10. NOM

I had to run errands at lunch, so I made a quick salad at the cafeteria at work with spinach, broccoli, cheese, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, cottage cheese, and a tomato. Now that’s a salad!

An oops! snackie after lunch:

And of course I sipped on my Klean Kanteen all day long.

I was starved when I got home, so I made some cottage cheese and strawberries to tide me over until dinner.

Now it’s time to conquer that closet!

What tasks do you need to conquer that always get pushed to the back burner?


5 Responses

  1. love the english muffin pb breakfast and of course the puffins!

  2. Gotta love PB!

  3. Just found your blog through another, it looks like you had a great day! good luck with your closet…if you feel like you are on a roll, you can come do mine!

  4. Hi! How do you like your F6? My husband is getting me an HRM for my birthday tomorrow and I was debating between it and the F7! Any thoughts you have would be most appreciated! Love your blog BTW!

  5. I really like the F6, fittingbackin. It does everything I want it to do. Plus, it comes with a chest strap, and it's coded, so I know I'm getting my heart rate and not the person a couple treadmill's down from me. Plus, it's great on outdoor runs, as it times you as you work out.

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