I’ll take that in moderation, please!

I was just about to leave the gym after a good sweat session, when something at the front desk caught my eye. My gym always has fliers with studies or fun factoids on them, and when I saw this one, I new I had to do a post on it.

It read, in big, bold letters across the top:

10 Foods You Should Never Eat!

Now, I ‘m all about moderation, so this headline kind of peeved me. Most of the foods on there, I agreed, were pretty bad, and most of them I don’t even want to eat. However, a couple surprised me. Especially #1

Ok, so here were their 10 Foods You Should Never Eat!

10. Contadina Alfredo Sauce – Basically they say this contains way too much butter

9. Rice-A-Roni Chicken & Vegetables – What’s bad about this one? You guessed it. Sodium galore.

8. Campbell’s red-and-white-label soups – Now this one surprised me. I know it has a butt-load of sodium, but listing it as a ixnayed food surprised me.

7. Haagen Dazs Ice Cream – This one surprised me, too. I wasn’t aware that it had 46 grams of fat – as much as 3 quarter pounders. I wonder how many fat grams the new 5 ingredient conatiners have in them….

6. Oscar Mayer Lunchables – This one doesn’t need an explanation, right?

5. Frito-Lay’s Wow Potato Chips – While they’re fat free, they’re fried in Olean, an indigestable fat substitute. Mmm mm mm! Who wouldn’t want something fried in an ingredient that can cause cramps or diarrhea!?

4. Nissin Cup Noodles with Shrimp – Pre-fried and salted and contain the bad oils

3. Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts – what? not on the good food list? 😛

2. Gwaltney Great Dog Frankfurters – This “healthy alternative” packs in 10 or 11 grams of fat each.

1. Quaker 100% Natural Oats & Honey Granola – Now, this one surprised me very much so. Ok, ok, so it has a lot of sugar and fat, but the #1 food you should never eat?? hmm..

I just thought I’d share this because again, in my personal opinion, no foods should absolutely off limits, and some of the foods on there surprised me! I sure could think of some to add/substitute. The actual study was done by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Do you think there are certain foods you should never eat?

Ok, now off to finish my green monster, which today contains:
a carrot
2 c. spinach
1 peach
1 nectarine
1 frzn banana
1c. organic skim milk
1/2 scoop of vanilla pp
1 tbs of ground flax

Mmmm mmm 😛
(I didn’t see this on the naughty list 😛 ) and head to work!

Happy Hump Day, Bloggers!


4 Responses

  1. I'm totally with you… foods should never be "off-limits." As long as you keep an eye on your diet and eat treats in moderation, you'll be fine! Great post! 🙂


  2. I don't think I can give up the Haagen-Dazs! Just too yummy.

    Hmm, I probably wouldn't ever eat that jarred alfredo sauce.

  3. The only food I say is "off limits" is any type of fast food. Not only is it disgusting, but it's fattening, has a horrible ingredient list, and it makes my tummy hurt after!

    Love the green monster mix!! I love those suckers!!

  4. Sounds like a good GM mix. Gotta love 'em!

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