Lunchtime Venture to Target

Half way through the Hump Day!! How’s your week going? Mine is just whizzing by. I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already. Today was hectic. It seemed like my phone was ringing nonstop. Every time I went to start one task, I got a call for another! I hate that…

I knew it wasn’t going to get me down though, because this is the sky I lost myself in during my early morning walk with Niko:

Something about that sky just made me appreciate summer SOOO much. 😀

After my dawn-light walk, I blended up a Green Monster! I haven’t had one of these suckers all week, so it made me a happy camper:)

In today’s mix was Green SuperFood, a green apple, 1 kiwi, 1 carrot, spinach, almond milk, and some ground flax.

That baby kept me full for a good three hours. Once the three hours were up, I made some creamy oats, Carrots ‘N Cake style.

Oh so good! This meal filled me up to the brim. Even though I wasn’t hungry yet, I took my lunch a few hours later because I had to get out – the weather was perfect!

and somehow I Ventured over to Target (pun intended:-P.) Oh, and this is the title of my post because it was literally the highlight of my day so far – ha!

I’ve been wanting to try a running skort, so I got this cute little black one!

Sorry for the weird angle – Shane took the picture with my iPhone.

The skort’s! I’m taking a rest day today, so I didn’t fully break it in, but I did a little simulated run around my kitchen, and so far, so good. I also got some Arnold Sandwich Thins and some Diet Dr. Pepper (DDP) for the hubski (his crack.) I’d been to Target for longer than I’d planned (big surprise!), so I decided to just grab a lunch there and make it when I got back to work. I ended up trying a Kashi frozen meal – Chicken Florentine.

Wow, this was awesome! I’m a HUGE fan of pine nuts and spinach and the Florentine flavor altogether, so I knew I’d love this combination.

It was awesome, but let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t have any meetings afterward. Whew, was it garlicy! For my pre-run snack I had some fage with a TLC bar again (no picture, but it looked the same as yesterdays, I promise!)

I decided to change up my rest days this week. I’m taking my rest day tonight instead of tomorrow because, well, I just feel like it! haha. Plus, my tempo run was a little rough, and a day off would probably do me well.

However, now I have more time to devote to dinner tonight! I’m trying a new recipe: Creamy Quinoa Primavera. Sounds good, eh?? I’ll post the recipe tonight or tomorrow morning and let you know how it turned out.

What’s on your dinner plate tonight?


7 Responses

  1. you look TOO cute in that running skirt! i love it. 🙂 running skirts make me feel so pretty evne while sweating.

  2. That running skirt is super cute! I've heard they're more comfortable than shorts! Side note, I just passed the 'honest scrap' award to you because I think your blog is fantastic 🙂 Check my blog for the details!

  3. Thanks, guys!! Caitlin I agree – being a sweaty beast and a sweaty beast in a skirt are two different things! haha

    Karena, they are really comfortable! It's kinda like spandex shorts under the skirt. Thanks so much for the 'honest scrap award!' That's so cool. I'll definitely keep it going 🙂

  4. Love the running skirt! 🙂 I'm scared of shorts as it is… haha… so I don't know about a skirt for me! But it's so cute on you 🙂

    Target is a dangerous place for me! Get into way too much trouble there!

    That is one of my favorite Kashi meals!

    And can't wait to see your new recipe… I have some leftover quinoa in the fridge!

  5. Love the skort!

    I've made a recipe called creamy quinoa primavera before and it was so good I ended up making it again, which is rare for me. I wonder if it's the same one!

  6. Christina – I'll bet we made the same one! I think maybe quinoa is an acquired taste? I don't know…my post will be up in a few and will say how it was..

  7. Cute skort! I am wanting to get one of those at some point in my life. 🙂 I would of simulated a run too–haha, whenever I buy fitness clothes I do like lunges or squats to see if there is any "ridin" up going on, if you know what I mean….

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