Impulse Run=Late Lunch

Heeeey Everybody. How’s your Friday going? Mine’s spectacular – and I’m keeping my promise and enjoying every last bit o’ July.

My friend, Missy, asked me if I wanted to go for a run after work (she works halfies too on Friday,) so we met up around 2:00. Not the smartest time to go on a run in July, I know, but we were smart about it – we dressed for the heat and took it slow. I was planning on doing a light strength-training and elliptical workout before she called, but what they hey, I’m always up for a partner run.

On my way home from work, I stopped and picked up a new running hat from Dick’s, because my navy blue Cubs hat was just way too hot. I ended up getting an Under Amor one.

What do ya think?

Whenever I get new workout items, it always makes me want to work out. Does it have that power over you, too?

It worked really well! Kept me cool and a heck of a lot dryer.

Since it was super hot (although b-e-a-utiful,) we took it easy. I think we did about 4.5 miles in about 45 minutes. My heart rate didn’t even make it into the 170’s the whole time. And I burned roughly 444 calories.

I didn’t want to down a big lunch before the run, so I just munched on a Kashi TLC bar and some mango about an hour prior:

We didn’t get back from the run until about 2:45 and it was already 3:00 by the time I ate lunch. I know I’m going out for dinner tonight, but I said screw it, I needs me some FOOD. After downing a coconut water, I fired up the grill plugged in the George Foreman, and grilled up a whole wheat pita with tuna, hummus, avocado, tomatoes, and sunflower seeds.

I know that’s a hodge podge of ingredients, but it was awesome!! I wanted MOAR. But I knew I’d be eating dinner at 6:00 (hopefully I’m hungry by then) so I just setteled on one of these.

I’m not sure where we’re going for dinner tonight. It might be Indian or it might be a local pub called, “Scooners.” We shall see.

Now it’s time to get my sweaty butt into the shower, but before I do that, I wanted to leave you with a Green Monster pic!

What went into the GM:

What came out:

I’m not sure why it’s that color. Usually when I add a kiwi, it gets somewhat of a bright green to it, but this look straight up from the bottom of a lake! I think this is by far my uuugliest colored Green Monster. Sometimes it’s fun to drink something that looks like it tastes like arse, but really tastes like heaven! Dontcha think?


8 Responses

  1. I secretly love it when I have a SUPER green Green Monster! My roommate always looks at it like it's super gross when it's really green, but I think it just makes it that much better.

    I'm hoping to gain some exercise motivation by buying new gear this weekend…fingers crossed that it works! I've been in a bit of a slump recently.

  2. Mmm that pita looks delish! I love your green, errr….tan monster! 🙂

  3. I definitely agree. And sometimes it's fun to EAT things that look terrible but taste great too! 🙂

    And totally hear ya on the new workout items = motivation! Happens to me every time!

  4. haha, that's why I love GREEN funky foods…they look SO weird,but cool, so they are so much more fun to eat!
    And gotta love impulse runs! You look cute!

  5. That is a pretty crazy green monster color. That's the beauty of them, you never know what they'll look like until you blend!

  6. My husband looks at green monsters like they are some kind of weird alien food, which is kinda fun because I know how yummy they really are! I definitely agree, when I get new workout gear of any sort, I can't wait to try it out, it's a great motivator! Your mango looks SO good, I am going to have to pick up some at the store this week!

  7. How funny, we have a bar named "Scooners" around here as well! At first I thought you were talking about that place!

  8. That hat looks perfect on you! Seriously, LOVE IT! 🙂

    Sounds like you did the right thing with a small snack/lunch before running and a larger lunch to refuel. It's never good to run on an empty stomach, but you don't want to be TOO full either!

    Haha, I love how full that blender is! I know I've had a few murky, disgusting looking "green" smoothies that tasted just fabulous.


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