Relaxing End to the Weekend

So I was going to blog about last night, but then the coffee-mug-situation happened, and I got side tracked.

Yesterday was a wonderful Sunday. After I started feeling better from my seven mile run,
I headed over to my home town to go get a pedicure with my mom. I think it was the best pedicure I’ve ever gotten (and I get one a month!) When she was massaging my calves, I thought I was in heaven. I decided to go with Dutch Tulips – an old fave.

And I did something I haven’t done in about 2 years. I got a design! – *Warning if you don’t like feet!

My mom and I gabbed while we both got our pedicures, and then she wanted to grab some Subway. I could always eat Subway. Even though I had eaten it the night before, I just got a different sandwich and ate it to contentment!

A veggie delight with a side of pineapple and cherries.

Then we headed to the grocery store, Kroger, where I got some goods.

I’m excited to try the Optimum Zen cereal. Anyone ever try it?

Around 8:00, I was back on the couch watching The Next Food Network Star, and munching on some bunnies:

It was overall a nice way to end the weekend. Comfy and relaxing 😀

How did your weekend end up?


5 Responses

  1. Definitely sounds like a perfect weekend! Love the pedi… have to enjoy those open toes before the cold returns!

    I'm totally with you on Subway. It's one of the few "fast food" options that I actually DON'T mind.


  2. Aw, nice weekend. I love Subway too–and feel you on getting it 2 days in a row. I mean as long as it is healthy–who cares, right? I get either the turkey or the chicken breast with lots of veggies and honey mustard on a honey oat sub. Delish!

  3. pretty toe nails girlie 🙂
    Love me some subway – their veggie delight always makes me super happy!

  4. how fun that you got to go with your mom 🙂

    i haven't tried that cereal yet OR those bunnies!

  5. OMG, same here. I could ALWAYS eat Subway. In fact, I have a nagging suspicion I'll be eating it a LOT once I get to college.

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