Running Around…Monday?

Today has turned around quite nicely from this morning. After I got to work, I was able to settle down a little with a nice bowl of Nature’s Path Optimum Zen cereal.

This stuff is pretty dang good! Not as good as the Pumpkin Flax kind, but I’ll be able to finish the box 😉

Around lunch time, I had a not-so-fun visit to the girly doctor. I had to wait 45 minutes past my appointment time, and deal with loud, obnoxious children who could not be controlled while I waited. However, my actual appointment took about 5 minutes…you know how they do.

When I got back to my desk, I had the other half of my veggie sub from Subway for lunch. (You saw what it looked like last night!)

Yep. Subway three days in a row now. Afterward I had a Cherry Pie Lara Bar.

I ended up leaving work around 1:00, because I had to take Clarabelle, my kitty, to the vet. It’s been a running around type of day. Clarabelle’s been going potty outside her litterbox again, and we’re not sure why. She’s already on Prozac (the doctor thought she was stressed.) So I wanted to make sure she didn’t have kidney stones.

Clarabelle in her Pet Taxi:

Isn’t she beautiful? This was taken in the car (at a stop light!) on the way home.

She was a good girl at the vet, considering the yucky things they did to her. Luckily, she had no kidney stones, but she was a little constipated, and the Dr. still thought it was behavioral. So he gave me more kitty Prozac and a little something to help her relieve herself. Hopefully it works…

When I got home, I cleaned up and had a little pre-workout fuel:

Then it was time for today’s… Work Out!

For weights, I did:

  • 12×3 tricep pull overs
  • 15 push ups
  • planks
  • chest fly on the stability ball
  • 10×2 overhead press

Then I got in a little elliptical action – just an easy 30 minutes.

Work it out!

Shane got home around the time I got done. He was exhausted, so I volunteered to make dinner, but not before taking a walk with the pupski!

Teeny little furbaby 😀

For dinner I made a new dish! And it actually turned out good 😀 I’ll post the pics, recipe, and reactions tomorrow morning.

Question: What is your opinion on prescribing animals psychological medications like anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds? I was a little hesitant, but the vet said the kitty Prozac wouldn’t have long term effects on her…


9 Responses

  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog… Clarabelle is beautiful! I have a little guy myself named Peanut. I hope you check him out on my blog!

    My opinion on pills, is that I think this country has gone off the rails as a whole when it comes to a lot of things, but over prescribing medicine is one of them! It seems every other child is on medicine for "ADD," every other adult is on anti-depressants, and now even pets need mind altering drugs like Prozac. I can't say as a life long cat owner, that I'd be happy with my cat on Prozac. Why does she need it? Is her behavior really that out of control? Are there any other alternative options that don't involve drugs? I'd just want to know what other options there are. After losing my cat Cloudy to stomach cancer last year, I'm going to be damn sure what goes into Peanut's body… food, pills, etc. I don't particularly like or trust doctors for the most part, but I'll tell you, I really do love the vet that I take Peanut too. He's in the West Village in NYC and believes in holistic approaches when it comes to medicine. He didn't even want to give Peanut vaccinations that he wouldn't need!

    Sorry for going off on a rant, but if you have any other questions or comments to my reply, feel free to contact me anytime!!

  2. I had a cat on prozac because she was pulling her own fur out with stress! It helped for a while but i think she was too far gone.

  3. Your cat is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new recipe. I think I'm going to try and make your stuffed peppers this week, I've been meaning to for a while.

  4. Your cat is gorgeous. I love long haired kitties!

  5. you cat is beautiful, Paige! Glad there's no stones to deal with! That would not be fun at all.

    Honestly, it did take me by surprise when you said that they had your cat on prozac. I don't know what to say about that… I had never heard of them giving any animals prozac before! Have you seen a difference in her since she's been on it?

    I had no idea they could tell when a cat was stressed! lol poor thing!

  6. Clarabelle says thank you! You're all right, she is gorgeous!

    Mandy, yes I have. I can tell she's much more laid back, and even borderline lethargic :-/ It makes me hesitant, but I want her to be happy. why are cats so damn hard to read??

  7. Marina, thanks for your input, and I'm so sorry for your loss of your kitty to stomach cancer. I'll def do more research on the topic.

  8. Your cat is beautiful!! I have to admit though, while I love looking at gorgeous cats, I'm also half scared of them because I'm allergic and they make me sneeze and my face puff up like a balloon! hahaha. But I hope Carabelle feels better!!

  9. […] across the keyboard when I try to post, hence the forecast of typos. Either way, I’m glad she’s not depressed any more, but geesh! But I […]

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