Lucca Grill…a Cornerstone of Bloomington/Normal

Last night I dined at a local favorite here in Bloomington at a pizza/italian joint called Lucca Grill. Established in 1936, this place has hardly changed at all! Actually, it’s where my parents used to go for pizza and beer back when they went to ISU. They’re in their early 60’s now, so you can do the math πŸ˜‰ Almost every time they come up and visit and stay for dinner, we dine here. Every time we go, they mention how they can’t believe how much hasn’t changed – from the floor to the tin ceiling, the walls to the bar, it looks almost exactly the same.

My parents and brother were in town tonight because they had to drop my SIL off at the airport, so they had to stop by and have some Lucca’s pizza. I met them there, and as always, I shared a veggie pizza, double veggie, with my mom. My brother and dad shared the polar opposite – a meat lovers! lol


Sorry it’s blurry, I just whipped out my iPhone and took the picture. Their pizza is the best. Honestly, I don’t even look at the menu at all because this is the only thing I ever order. They have the best sourdough cracker-like crust. I could have eaten this whole thing by myself. Thankfully, mom was just as hungry as I was! I wouldn’t be lying if I said this was my favorite pizza south of Chicago.

The pizza was sooo good. And yes, I stuck to my challenge rules and didn’t have any beer. It was tempting though, as mom and dad were putting them back, but I sipped on my water. I needed the water after my run anyhow.

After we parted ways, I came back to the house and walked Niko. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer night out. The sun looked like a ball of fire as it was setting.

And no, this picture does not do the sunset justice.

After Niko did her biz, I started making some banana softserve for the hubski and me. However, I improvised a little tonight.

This is what I like to call Banana Soft Serve Remix!

It begins with just your typical banana soft serve, then enter chopped frozen strawberries and mangos, and sprinkled unsweetened coconut on top. I also topped it with some raw chocolate syrup (maple syrup + cocoa powder.) Doesn’t that look sinful?! It isn’t! I promise! I was actually trying to recreate the ice cream Shane and I always get at the local ice cream shoppe by our house. I have to say it came pretty close.

No, kitteh, that’s my banana soft serve remix!!

hehe, isn’t she a beauty?

Do you have a favorite local restaurant that’s a cornerstone in your city?


15 Responses

  1. Yay for veggie pizza!!!

    And, yes, your dessert does look sinful!

  2. Your pizza looks amazing – I love that your parents/family has so much history there! In my hometown there was 'Cuts' a meat & two veggie kinda place that's been around forever! But as far as me and Austin – Mamma G's will always be it for us – this yummy local sammy shop in Auburn, Ala.!!

  3. LOVE that soft serve "remix"!!

  4. Wowza–that banana ice cream does look sinful! YUM! Is the banana flavor really strong? I have wondered that for a while now–but everyone seems to love it so much–I must try it soon!

  5. HAHA! I love your "no kitteh!" statement. LOL.
    Looks totally yummy!
    my fave local restaurant is nothing special really … just the sushi joints! LOL.

  6. I'm jealous. Lucca Grill is awesome. Not sure how you resisted their beer menu. Rumor has it they now have Fat Tire on tap.

  7. Maple syrup + cocoa powder?!? How does that taste?? I'll have to try it out!

  8. Nate- i don't know how either lol. Yes, they have it on tap for the summer! πŸ˜€

    Tay- it's surprisingly reeaally good!

  9. Madison- yeahits pretty banana-y lol I lurve it though! Try it!!

  10. Did you add the other fruit to the food processor or just top it? It looks incredible!

  11. I love restaurants that are institutions! That pizza looks amazing πŸ™‚

  12. Aww the cat is adorable. I'm thinking of doing some banana soft serve with white chocolate PB and coconut tonight all blended together!! YUM

  13. Look at all those veggies… YUM!

    Loving the soft serve mix! I seriously have to try that out.


  14. That pizza looks delish! I still haven't tried banana soft serve. Granted, I just moved into an apartment that finally has a freezer. I guess now's my chance!

  15. pizza looks so delicious!!
    love your soft serve mix!!
    Bellacinos pizza and grinder offers Buy one Get one Pizza free.

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