Some Call Me Crazy…

I just say I’m running around normal…

Good morning everyone! I’m up bright and early because I met my friend, Heidi, at the gym at 4:45 this morning. What? You didn’t know I was crazy? Apparently I am. Heidi’s even more crazy though, because she does this just about every day!

Once I got to the gym, I did a 3.5 mile run. I still had a few minutes, so I jumped on the elliptical for a few and then hightailed it home at about 5:35. Luckily traffic’s nil at this time of night this early in the morning, so it didn’t take me but 10 minutes to get home.

Fortunately, I went to bed around 9:15 last night, so I still got in a good amount of sleep 🙂

For dinner last night, Shane and I said screw cooking, and we popped in a frozen pizza. We’d both been cleaning up after our animals for a couple hours after we got off work, and the last thing we felt like doing was making a mess in our kitchen again by cooking.

So we had a chicken supreme pizza, and while the pizza was cooking I has some Mary’s Crackers with hummus.

Can you guess which side is mine?

I added some spinach and a portabello shroom. It was SO good. I actually wanted MOAR when I finished my half. Too bad Shane felt the same way, so there was none left. However, I had a better plan.

Alas, the post-dinner froyo! I convinced Shane to get us some dessert (this did not take much convincing – he wanted it as much as I did! hehe)

I forgoed my usual tropical swirly and went with a small blackberry with raspberries on top.

It was just what I needed 😀

The rest of the night involved a Glamour magazine, and being horizontal on the couch with the fam.

Question: What’s the earliest you’ve ever woken up to workout before work?

And just a heads up: This afternoon’s post is on a very controversial topic, so make sure to stop by and let me know your opinion!


12 Responses

  1. Good job, girl–waking up at 4:30 is not easy! Also, I am way impressed that you got to bed around 9pm. I am going to need to get back on track once grad school starts next week. I cannot go to bed as late as I have been going because I will be waking up earlier, studying/working all day, and hopefully doing some fitness classes/working out/socializing at night.

    I used to wake up at 5 a.m.–sometimes 4:45am to work out when I had 8 a.m. classes. I do not know if I will be working out in the morning or at night–we shall see what my schedule ends up being like.

  2. Yum, 2 of my faves, Mary's crackers and raspberries!

  3. 4:30? Wow! In high school I used to get have to be at the pool by 5:15 to swim. Luckily I lived about 2 minutes from the pool. Since then, I just can't make myself get up in the morning to work out. I do much better if I workout in the afternoon or evening.

  4. I can't do anything creative that late in the night… or early in the morning. Crazy! Good for you girl – and your pizza and fro you look UH mazing! Totally jealous. The earliest i've ever gotten up to workout is probably 6:30 a.m. (for danceline and tennis camps in highschool.) I'm an afternoon worker-outer!

  5. LOVE all the added veggies. That's my kind of pizza! 😉 And that fro-yo looks like the perfect summer treat.

    Being in high school, I don't know that I've actually ever done a workout before school. As it is, I have to get up at 5:45am just to make it to school on time. However, I ALWAYS make time after school for my workouts. It really helps relieve my stress and relax in the evening!


  6. I've maybe woken up at 5 a.m. to workout once or twice, but it's not easy for me to do!

    The frozen pizza looks great!

  7. I super like your blog…and I always get in some activity in the AM, because it is the time I am most receptive to myself…does that make sense? The day wears on me and I become more mentally absorbant as it continues…
    Check out my giveaways! I need emails photo recipe of a meal you love to savor solo (for a signed book) and announce my review on your blog to win Cetaphil products!

  8. I got up yesterday at 4:45!!! Today, I wasn't as good…slept until 7:15. Whoops! Congrats to you for getting your workout in already – jealous!

  9. Wow 4:45!?! I don't know that I've ever gotten up THAT early! I think maybe 5am would be my topper!

    Good for you though!

    And yay for frozen pizzas! So good! 😀

  10. Wow 445am. That's dedication! The earliest I used to wake up for the gym was 5:30am, and I thought that was early!

  11. pizza looks good and wait …
    did you say blackberry froyo????????
    OMG give it up girl! i must have it!

  12. your pizza looks wonderful!!
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