Running Around Crazy?

Hi all! Sorry for the random posting times today. I’ve been running around like a crazy woman every since I hopped out of bed an hour late this morning.

After I got off of work at 11:00, I came straight home, and got Niko ready to go to the groomers. She always goes to the groomers on Bunco night; that’s how I keep track:D haha. While home, I made a quick half a tuna salad pita sandwich and ate it before I left.

It had tuna, mustard, onion, and chick peas. I toasted the pita before topping it with the tuna salad and it was very delish. This was followed by a super-charge me cookie.

Poor Niko knew she was going to the groomers. Once we got close, she started shaking a little. However, she was a very pretty lady when she was all done.

Isn’t she purty? They forgot to put a bandana on her this time though 😦

While Niko was getting prettified, I was running around like a crazy woman. Hmm…Running Around Crazy?

First, I went to the gym and did some abs work. I did planks, side planks, inverted crunches, bicycle crunches. After abs, I ran four miles on the treadmill. It felt so nice!


Total time: 37:30, which averaged out to be about a 9:37 pace I think?
Max HR: 180 (I played with some hill work)
Avg HR: 164
Cals burned: 445

Woo! Felt great. I’m making myself wakeup early enough on Sunday to run outside, though. I like outdoor running so much better than on the dreadmill. After the gym, I hit up a couple grocery stores and my favorite Pet store in town. While driving, I snacked on some Sahale PBJ flavored almonds.

They were OK. A little artificial tasting to be honest.

But look at my grocery haul!!

And for the animals:

Nom nom nom! 😀

Then I had to put them all away. Boo.

When I finally arrived home, I had to act quick to make snacks for Bunco. I made three dishes.

Dish #1 was dark chocolate chip banana bread:

It turned out SO good and SO yummy. It was a huge hit! 😀 I saved half for home because I liked it that much!
Dish #2 was a recipe from Yoga is Yummy. They’re little coconut balls made with almonds, dates, coconut, cocoa powder, and agave.

So simple, yet SO delicious.
Dish #3 was guacamole, which is one of my staple people pleasers if you haven’t noticed:

I forgot to take a pic of the finished product, but you guys have seen it before 😉 yum, yum!

Alas, my baked goods didn’t bring me much luck tonight. I didn’t win any money again! Of course, everyone wins because we all get to hang out and enjoy each others company 😀

Shane and I are headed over to a Cubs game tomorrow, so that should an great time! I’m sure I’ll be packing up some of these leftovers for game snacks! Those hot dogs and nachos are killer. Let’s hope the Cubs kick some Pirate butt!! (Sorry Pittsburgh peeps)

Question: What’s your current work schedule? And what’s your ideal work schedule?
Mine is M-Th: 7-4:30, and Fri: 7-11:00. I’d say that’s pretty close to ideal for me, but I could always work less;)


6 Responses

  1. Niko looks adorable!! And dark chocolate chip banana bread sounds awesome.

    I am currently working at my old office job for another week before I go back to my apartment in Albany. I am staying at my parents' house right now. My schedule is 8-4:30 and I wish I had your fridays! This schedule has been great for me because I've only working two weeks out of june, july, and august, leaving the rest of my summer totally free. 🙂

  2. Awesome grocery haul, and your recipes look amazing, especially those coconut balls!!

  3. I am retired kinda…I teach part time now. So, beginning August 25, I am very busy on T/R and have MWF free. Then in October, I pick up an 8 wks. class on MWF mornings. My hubby tells me to stop working and get really retired:-)
    Your groceries look great, and Niko is darling. If any of those yummy fruits and veggies are not organic, wash them in a solution of water w/a little vinegar to get rid of pesticide residue. I got that tip from the GMA Show last week.
    Go Cubs! Have fun at the game.

  4. Rebecca – that sounds nice!!

    Anon – Sounds like you'll be needing to get used to the busy schedule! Although, I kinda agree with your hubby 😉

  5. MMM that tuna salad looks yummy! I never would have thought to use chickpeas! When I sent a friend the link to Sahale Snacks for that Pistachio addiction I've developed…she pointed out that Almond PB&J one. I'll definitely let her know the flavor wasn't too great! Have you tried the Ksar Pistachios? So addictive!!

    I used to do 8:30-7/8ish, 5 days a week at the office, but we're on a 'summer schedule' right now…so I get Fridays off (though, not really since I've got job #2). I totally wouldn't mind doing like 11-7, 5 days a week…just one job 😉

  6. I feel ya on feeling like you're running around crazy, I'm very often in the same boat.

    All three dishes look divine!

    I work 8 to 5 M-F and it's FAR from my ideal schedule. I'd love to have half days on Fridays, but that's not going to happen unless I quit this job. Which is something I wouldn't mind doing…

    Hope you had fun at the Cubs game!

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