Third Time’s a Charm or Three Strikes You’re Out?

I was a crazy woman again today and woke up at 4:30 to meet my friend, Heidi at the gym. I cranked out a 3.1 mile tempo run and then did some elliptical. It was early, but it felt great! And today, I know I won’t have time to run after work, as I’m cooking The Fitnessista‘s enchiladas, then I have a jewelry/candle party to go to πŸ˜€

Now, as I write (and as a recovery drink,) I’m downing a Green Monster. I put together the ingredients last night:

I had just enough spinach left, so I piled everything in the spinach container. Also in the GM pool was a frozen banana, some ice cubes, and some organic apple juice.

I’d show you the finished product, but trust me, it tastes a lot better than it looks! Blueberries always seem to do that…

I’m very sad to say that third time’s a charm sucked just as much as the first two times. Yes, the quinoa dinner was a big fail! It was such a good idea in theory:

-toasted quinoa

-grilled eggplants

-asparagus, mushrooms, and onion in red sauce

I thought it was going to be great! I mean, it looked super pretty:D

Alas, it only made it this far:

After that, I threw the rest out. Kids, don’t try this one at home :-/

That’s it! I’m done with Quinoa 😦

So after those few craptastic bites, I opted for, you guessed it, more leftovers (had to keep with the theme today.)

I had more blueberry pancakes – the last of em!

SO good, and hey, I didn’t have to choke em down πŸ˜€

Oh well, I’ve had so many dinner successes in a row, I guess I was ready for a dinner fail πŸ˜›

Nothing a glass of Chardonnay can’t fix πŸ˜‰

(Sorry for the darkness, I took it in my basement bar with my iPhone.) I enjoyed this crisp, light, wine while vegging out with the hubski. We watched Surfer, Dude with Matthew McConauhhey. It turned out actually pretty funny! OK, and a wee bit stupid. It ended up being a nice relaxing way to end the Monday – the way they all should be.

Niko even joined in on the movie night fun πŸ™‚

-same story with the dark picture.

So now it’s time go back to work! *le sigh* Although, I’m going to be doing an experiment today at work for the blog. (Don’t worry, boss, I won’t be slacking or multi-tasking) I’ll let you all know what I’m talking about for one of tomorrow’s posts! πŸ™‚

Have a fab Tuesday everyone!!


10 Responses

  1. Bummer! Ah well, quinoa can't be for everyone! At least you gave it three tries πŸ™‚

  2. Aww that stinks about quinoa. I still haven't tried making it myself! Have a great Tuesday!

  3. aww im sorry that quinoa has not been your friend :\

  4. Quinoa isn't my favorite either. and LOL at blueberries in green monsters – they sure aren't pretty!

  5. well the eggplant looked delicious. too bad it got ruined with quinoa! I'm not a huge fan either. it reminds me of … sand. lol.

  6. How smart of you to put your green monster ingredients together the night before! Mine never end up looking too appetizing, no matter what I add in.

  7. hmm your post before this one did not have a comment box! weird, but i was going to say i wish i could find some mighty maple! and there are a few foods that take some getting used to for me, beer was one of them back in the day πŸ˜‰ now i wish i hated it! haha.

    sorry about the quinoa fail, have you seen the black bean and corn quinoa salad at whole food's? that was my first experience with the stuff and it was true love!

  8. I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who dislikes quinoa. Buffy, that's a good description LOL

    Janetha, I can totally relate to beer being an acquired taste (back in the day of course!) I don't have a whole foods near me, but is it at the salad bar? Or is it something I prepare on my own?

  9. Sorry about the quinoa, it's definitely not for everyone. I love it, but no one in my family can stand it!

  10. […] ready to cook dinner. For some reason, I wanted to set myself up for disappointment yet again. Yes, I made quinoa. Again. What’s wrong with me? Is three strikes not […]

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