Storming Something Fierce!

Home from work and in my comfy paaants! (in a sing-song voice :-P)

Ahhh…what could be better besides the addition of a glass of wine by my side. I’m sure I can make that happen later 😉 Because it’s a celebration! We all made it through the hump day!

Today at work was pretty busy. It felt like all I was doing was running reports and going to meetings! I guess a busy day feels really busy after two slower days.

Breakfast (which I didn’t forget today!) was a mix of Kashi Antioxidant and Nature’s Path Optimum Zen cereals – with skim.

SO good. However, it didn’t fill me up for long, and I was starving by lunch time. Lunch time was spent sitting in the lobby of a car shop. I guess I needed my transmission fluid flushed? Who knows. All I know is that’s up there on the list of top 10 most boring ways to spend $100.

While I was kicking it in the lobby, I was reading my Glamour magazine, and let out a squee of excitement when I came across an article on Jules and Julia!

Isn’t this a great quote? So true:D

I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I’m dying to. Perhaps I’ll go this weekend. I declared this weekend a lay low weekend (via facebook, the phone, and Twitter), so I believe everyone who usually contacts me will steer clear and allow me to just be still for the weekend. I love summer, but it’s SO exhausting and filled with events. I want a weekend to just be. Ok, end rant.

I had the most awesome lunch from Balanced Choices today when I got back to work. I had a veggie panini, mashed sweet potatoes with pecan butter (say what?!) and Asian zest green beans.

Holy delicious cafeteria food. I mean, look at the veggies on this panini!

Eggplant, red pepper, zucchini, tomatoe, onion and more! I omitted one slice of bread and ate it open-face. It about knocked my head off.

Several meetings and hours later, it was already 4:00! I made myself a snackie with some fage yogurt, blueberries, and granola:

Yummy mess time!

Oh so freakin’ delicious 😛

While eating my snack, it was storming something fierce outside. I think it was the nastiest storm so far this year.

It uprooted one of our trees and tore the top off of our gazebo 😦


Well, now it’s time to go make some dinner! I’m thinking think salmon and some of zesty’s glazed maple carrots are on the menu for tonight 🙂

Question: When you get home from work, do you stay in your work clothes for a while or slip right into the comfy clothes? I prefer the latter 😉


13 Responses

  1. haha, we have almost the SAME question tonight! 🙂

    i love coming home and getting into my pjs or some sweats. one of my favorite parts of the day, actually 🙂

    I LOVED the movie and would totally see it again.

  2. Great minds! 😉 Ok, I'm definitely going to see it this weekend, I must!

  3. I loved Julie and Julia! You for sure need to see it soon!

    I always change into comfy clothes the second i walk in the door. I don't want to wear work clothes for one second longer than I have to.

  4. A lay low weekend sounds wonderful!

    I definitely change right into comfy clothes 🙂

  5. That is the best cafeteria lunch I've ever heard of! Mashed sweet potatoes with pecan butter sounds so delicious. I want to work at your job just for the lunch choices!

  6. TRansmission flushed and a broken GAzebo, SUCK is right!! I am not a big cook, but all of your food looks wonderful!! and I do want to see that movie.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for your wonderful compliment on my Blog. I am trying to work on my writing skills and any time someone notices I totally appreciate it.

    FYI I walk in the door and immediatly change into my lounge wear…course I have little guys with greasy fingers so my work clothes would be destroyed..

  7. I never stay in my work clothes. The second I come in the door, it's sweats all the way!! 🙂

    I love thunderstorms, but not when they are scary and uprooting trees and things. Glad you are all okay!

  8. As soon as I get home I go potty, take the dog to potty, and then quickly change to my jammies!

  9. I know what you mean about work – feast or famine. Grrr! I can't wait to see that movie! As soon as I get home the gym clothes come off, the shower turns on and i'm in PJs automatically!! And socks – I love wearing socks. hehe

  10. comfy pants are a necessity right when getting home from the office! i never put jeans or something on unless i am going out, but before that it is all about the comfy. i need to check that article out!

  11. Everyone is talkin' about storms going on!! Thank goodness we get no summer storms out here in Cali 🙂

    I definitely slip into some comfy pants as soon as I get home from work/class. I usually stay in my normal shirt, but stretchy pants are a must!!

  12. Christina, they definitely have good choices, but really it's a hit or miss. I always look at the menu in advance to make sure.

    I forgot to tell you guys,I work in an office where we can wear jeans and I stilll feel the need to change into pj's asap! Haha

  13. Yay for comfy pants!! I want to see Jules and Julia so bad!! And that is definitely a great quote, love it!

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