Developing a case of Runner’s Brain

Goooood morning! Today’s my rest day, so I got to sleep in until a tardy 5:15 today! Aren’tcha jealous? 😉

I actually may do some ab work after work, but no promises.

I’m so happy Blogger finally has gotten over its issues – it took me forever to load my pics last night! Speaking of pics, I have some great dinner pics for you!

Last night’s dinner was easy peasy. We had salmon and some of Zesty’s maple butter carrots. They both turned out amaaazing. And so easy.

Seriously. This is the salmon I cooked:

I was a little skeptical about the flavorings. I’ve never tried that combination, but holy flavor explosion in my mouth, they were good!!

Whilst the dinner was cooking, I enjoyed the following:

LOVE those Mary’s Gone Crackers 😀

The carrots were awesome, too – and just 4 ingredients :carrots, maple syrup, time, butta!

Such a good meal!

For Shane’s meal, I beefed it up a little with some Pepperidge Farm crap ton grain (15?) bread and butter. We both enjoyed it tons. I definitely recommend both of them.

Following dinner was a short walk with the Nikster, then followed by a mini One Tree Hill marathon. Wait…what would a mini marathon be? A half marathon? A 10k? Hehe…I’m finally developing a bit of runner’s brain.

What is everyone’s plans for the weekend?


9 Responses

  1. Hey doll! I wish you are I were neighbors–we would have so much fun together!

    haha–anyway, my weekend plans: Friday night I am going out to eat with 2 of my girl friends I have not seen since MAY…Saturday: practicing Zumba with the woman who inspired me to become an instructor, and having one of my family friends over for dinner…Sunday: church and performing Zumba at this festival in front of 1,000 people!

  2. Madison, haha I agree! And I would so take your zumba classes:-) Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Good luck at the festival- I'm sure you'll do great!


  3. The mini-marathon here is a half-marathon. It's actually the largest half-marathon! I'm going to be running it for the first time in May! eek!

    This weekend I'm running six miles on Saturday and then we have a party Saturday night. Sunday is all rest!

  4. ah like always im working working working. blah!

  5. that meal looks delish! this weekend i plan to go into new york city to see my cousin and maybe meet up with some fellow bloggers for a bikram yoga class and a nice dinner!

    enjoy your weekend paige!

  6. I'm working all weekend again. No fun! 😦

  7. I am jealous of your 5:15… I was running by that time… Ah the joys of being a runner! 🙂

  8. I'm going to Virginia Beach. I leave in 30 minutes!!

    Haha, I've thought that before too when watching tv marathons, only it was more like, "Now this is a marathon I can do…"

    Your dinner looks great!

  9. Laying low like you, but gonna attempt a 13.5k run!

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