Feast or Famine

What a crazy day! I was so busy at work today. You know, feast or famine 😉 It started out well, and I actually did something I haven’t done on a week day for over a year.

I ate breakfast at home!

Yes, for the past 1 and a half, I’ve either brought my breakfast to work, or go by some at the café at work. It’s just worked for me, so that’s what I’ve done. Today, I had an early meeting (8:00) so I knew I wouldn’t have time to sit at my desk and eat beforehand. I also knew I had a meeting right after that one, so I knew I couldn’t eat it after. And I sure as heck wasn’t waiting until 10:00 to eat my breakfast!

So I did it! I ate at home. This is what I had.


It had this is it:

Plus flax meal. SO good. And it held me over until lunch time!

I gave the ol’ hemp bread another shot, and this time ate it with almond butter and a banana (the other half from this morning’s oatmeal.)

It really tasted better this time! I have to say the flavor is very poignant (as is the smell) so I could see how it would take some getting used to. However, it complimented the almond butter and banana very well 🙂 With the sandwich, I had an apple and some Stonyfield Raspberry Lemonade Yogurt. The yogurt was so good! I loved this flavor:)

And then I had some pop chips when I got back to my desk (forgot to bring them to the cafeteria with me.)

Note to self: Pop Chips aren’t office friendly. They’re kinda loud to eat. Oops! Lesson learned…

I’m not feeling too hot, today actually. I whipped up some magical nectar

it helped a bit, but I think I’m coming down with a sore throat. 😦

Now I’m sitting here with my lovely juicy bowl of fresh mango, pondering what will be for dinna.

I’m thinking something that doesn’t require much effort. Maybe Shane will venture out to fetch home some Indian food 😀 Mmm hot n spicy always helps a cold, right? Plus, it was a feast day at work, so why not have a feast tonight?!

TGTF!! (Thank God Tomorrow’s Friday) I’m so excited for my staycation 😀

Question: What’s your sure fire way to help a sore throat go away or at least feel better?


10 Responses

  1. If I have a sore throat, I pretty much just guzzle mug after mug of hot tea! With honey, preferrably! 🙂

  2. Yay oatmeal!

    Tea is definitely my go to for a sore throat.

  3. Hot tea and ice cream always help me when I have a sore throat.

  4. Girl! I'm so sorry you're feeling a bit yucky! I think you just need lots o sleep! That mango looks fabulous. I think you need takeout!

  5. I agree with the hot tea with lemon and honey. When I worked full time, I would make it at work too. Also, take Vitamin C during the day, night time tylenol before bed and get mucho sueno. Isn't that Spanish for sleep?

  6. I love breakfast so much – I don't know if I'd be able to not eat it at home everyday. I'd at least be having huge breakfast feasts on the weekends!

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Sore throats are the worst!

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes! Looks like hot tea is the way to go 🙂

  8. lol popchips are pretty crunchy arent they?
    as far as sore throat, any hot fluids help me. also spicy foods ironically, bc they tend to clear the passages. dairy products are also pretty soothing.

  9. well i got my tonsils out to try to keep from getting a sore throat all the time.. we will see how that goes this winter!

  10. I hope you're feeling better! Haha, I always chew on apples like a horse in the office and I feel so awkward.

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