Nothin’ a New Running Trail and Shorts Can’t Cure

Ahh I had the bad-day-blues today. I had mentioned in my morning post that I didn’t sleep well at all last night, I didn’t get in my morning run like I planned. Well, all was not lost, because after work, I decided to run on a trail I’d never run on before, and it was AWESOME!!

(No, I didn’t take a camera with me, but I took my phone, because I’d be likely to get lost somewhere new. Yes, even on a trail, hahaha)

The first 2 miles were down this lovely trail, and it was alllll shade, baby! Once I got to ISU campus, construction had blocked off the rest of the trail, and I knew I didn’t want to go too much farther before I headed back, so I just wound around the campus and found the trail at a different spot.

It was a lovely, shade-filled, trip down memory lane of a run! I ran past my old apartments, the library, and my old jon at the Daily Vidette. So fun! I’m definitely going to run this route again sometime 😀

Sideways Stats:

(seriously, Blogger?! Please start uploading my pictures in right-side-up)

I ran about 4 miles in a little over 36 minutes, which is pretty darn fast for me. I can attribute this partly because of the awesome weather and the shade. Oh, and another great part, is there were SO many people on the trail! Whether they were running, biking, roller blading, walking their dogs, skateboarding or whatever, it was nice to not be by myself like I am a lot when I run.

Before my run I had half of a mango, and had the other half when I got back to the home front:

Ok, maybe I went a little nutso on it before my run and ate a little more than half 😉

I guess you could say I’m glad I missed my morning run! Because it would have been on the dreadmill at the gym…ugh.

Ok, so rewind back to this morning. I made a Green Monster with a frozen banana, a half c. strawberries, a handful of spinach, a carrot, and some almond milk. It had a case of the ugly.

Oh, and it’s not in a clear glass on accident. I had to pick one of my friends up on my way to work to take her there, too, and I have a feeling she’d be grossed out by the color. Whatev, it was yummy.

Work kinda sucked, but oh well. I had some Natures Path cereal for breakfast, and had a yogurt around 11:

LOVE this flava!

Lunch was just an almond butter and banana sandwhich, and I forgot to take a picture anyway. It was delightful though, I won’t lie.

Since I knew I’d be running after work, I had one of these puppies around 3:30 to fuel it up:

YUM! Oh, and I got my madre hooked on Lara Bars too, now 😀 She says the Apple Pie flavor is good? I’ve never had that one yet.

And this was another snack throughout the day:

Yikes, I think I may have done it on the nuts/nut butters! What? That’s not possible? Oh, ok good 😀

So all in all, my day took a turn for the better, courtesy to awesome new running shorts and route. It’s funny how something so unexpected and small can make a terrible Tuesday a terrific one!

Did anything turn your day around today? Good or bad?


11 Responses

  1. Glad you found an awesome trail! I wasn't having a bad day but three things happened that made my day very happy. 1) Maintenance came and fixed my AC 2)I made an amazing Fall-like dinner 3) Dessert just rocked my socks off! Yum!

  2. That flavor of yogurt looks awesome! I haven't ever seen that one? I love key lime anything, so I'm sure I'd like that…I'll have to be on the look for it!

  3. What a gorgeous path! PERFECT for running. Haha, and I'm totally with you on the whole brining along a cell phone… my blackberry is attached to me at all times. 😉

    I LOVE the apple pie larabars! Definitely a must-try.


  4. Nice! And that's pretty darn fast for anyone – you rock!! Love your HRM too – pink is too cute! I had a very up and down day… good workout… BS at work…. another good workout… a BS email message. Grrr! Tomorrow is a new day!

  5. Seriously, I understand completely- a good or bad run can make or break a day for me 🙂 Glad yours was for the better!

  6. Girl, you know exactly how to motivate yourself and that is so beneficial!!!

  7. I love trail running, I wish I had more places to do it! Have a great Wednesday!

  8. glad the run turned things around for yoU! i'm loving that pb&j larabar 🙂

  9. yay we have to meet up for gasparilla!

  10. Glad it turned out to be a good day. I love trail running!

  11. Caitlin- that'd be awesome! I was kind of psyching myself out thinking I'd be by myself in an area I'm not familiar with at all, but that'd be great to meet up!

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