Shopping! And a stay at the Parental’s

Hey everyone! I know I re-capped my race this weekend, but I hardly talked about anything else! Well, another good thing about the race was I got to stay at my parents’ house. I hardly ever do this anymore since Shane and I have our own house, but it’s nice to be “home” every once in a while. Niko came too. She loves visiting the grandparents.

I just headed home after I got off work Friday morning, because my mom and I had plans to go get pedicures.

I love, love, love this color! I actually went out and bought the shade yesterday haha. It’s part of OPI’s new line.

Then we hit up our favorite store – Banana Republic. I tried on about 6 things, and sort of liked some of the stuff:

But not enough to buy anything. It’s a rare occurrence that I leave BR empty happened, alas, it happened.

However, Dick’s was the next stop, and I did find a couple items o’ clothing there.

Cute, eh?

After our shopping extravaganza, it was time for cocktail hour at the homefront. My parents are retired, and have a cocktail hour every night consisting of these two beverages:

Naturally, I had to follow suit, and have them myself. They were good, but I was pretty tipsy when finished, so I decided to stop after these two.

We picked up sandwiches from Subway before we got home, so after the cocktails, I dug in to my foot long veggie sub πŸ™‚

It ended up being a quiet, early night since I had the race in the morning.

Even though I was “vacaying” at the parentals house, I still had to blog, of course!

Even after shopping Friday, I still had the shopping bug yesterday. So when I got back to Normal, I took a quick nappy and then got my shop face on again. I hit up Often Running, to get myself some new kicks!

Whoop whoop! Notice these aren’t the same ones I’ve been running in. I love my Asics Nimbus 11’s, but I wanted to try to find some that weren’t $125. Enter the Adidas Supernovas. Hopefully they work out OK. I’m going to wear them on my long run this morning and see how they do.

This morning’s run’s going to be a 7 miler – the longest I’ve run yet! I’m excited for it πŸ˜€ I’m not really sure how to prepare for it though. Do I need gummy’s or shot blocks for 7 miles? or is that needed for more miles than that? I know I’ll bring a water bottle, but I guess I’ll just have to hold it in my hand.

I already had my pre-run fuel:

It was actually a little much. It’s been an hour and I can still feel it just sitting in my stomach. Oh well, it’s not like I have to beat the heat today. It’s not even supposed to get above 60ΒΊ until noon!!

How crazy is this weather we’ve been having lately? Is it already feeling like fall where you live too? I always get so sad when summer ends, so I really don’t want it to end this early 😦


10 Responses

  1. It feels like fall here this morning. When I took the dogs out I was freezing! Good luck on your run!

  2. OPI nail polish + new kicks = faaabulous πŸ™‚

    It's freaking 55Β°F here today – chilly!!

  3. I would say you should take them just in case. Better to have them and not use them than to need them and not have them!

    Love the pedi and cocktail hour vaca. What a fun weekend!

  4. I love shopping!! Sadly, I don't have the money to shop right now and all of my clothes are HUGE on me! lol

    Have fun on your run!

  5. oooh – LOVE the new outfit and new shoes (that match – bonus!). Those are the only shorts i'll work out in – they're SO comfortable!!! cute toes – love that you got to chill/sleepover with the parents – cute!

  6. I have those Nike shorts in 2 different colors and they are my faaaaaaaave running shorts! They are super comfortable.

    Good luck on your 7 miles! That's what I ran this morning too haha! πŸ™‚

  7. i love buying work out clothes, haha, sometimes better than regular clothes. have fun on the run with your new loot!

  8. Cute running outfit and shoes…let me know how the Addidas worked on your long run. I'm always afraid to wear brand new ones on a long run. I like them to "get used to my feet" with a few short walks first to break them in.

  9. Cuuute BR clothes! I love Banana Republic; one of my favorite stores. And I'm loving the running shoes – they are adorable.

    Good luck on your run! You'll be lookin smokin in all your new gear! YEAH!

  10. woohoo for shopping!! Glad you had a good stay at the parents. That's funny about their cocktail hour!

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