Spicy Peanut Chicken! And an Emotional Monday…

Despite my planning ahead last night by having my breakfast made, my workout clothes laid out, and my green monster ready to go:

I left the house in a whirl wind, and didn’t have time to do a morning post. It seems like whenever I work out in the morning, it’s harder to get in a post. And this morning I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, thus, I was running late. I wanted to get in some strength training, but that will have to come tonight.

I’ll get back to how my day went in a minute, but first, I want to present to you last night’s dinner:

Spicy Peanut Chicken!

This meal was SOOO good, and sooo easy! I got the recipe from my Betty Crocker Cook book. It was in the “slowcooker” section.

The prep work was next to nil. I just chopped up an onion, a green pepper, and opened three cans of tomatoes (two diced, one crushed.) I poured all the ingredients, plus 3 frozen all-natural chicken breasts in the crock pot.

Next, I piddled around the house for 7 hours, and then turned the crock pot to warm after I stirred in 1/3 cup of Maranathas organic Peanut butter. I cooked some egg noodles, and voila! An awesome tasting dinner for two!


Ok, it made way more than two servings, but we plan on eating it again tonight for dinner, but this time served over rice.

Ok, back to today! Like I said, this morning started out kinda crazy. I got to work and had a scary voicemail from my doctor. I’d had a pap smear a while ago, and the only time they call is bad news. I had to have precancerous cells on my cervix removed in 2007, and every time I get a pap smear, I’m deathly afraid they’ll come back.

Luckily, today when I called back, they told me that while I did have an atypical cell, the virus wasn’t present, so they weren’t worried that it was precancerous. So instead of seeing me in a year, they just want to see me in 6 months.

I just saw the voicemail and automatically assumed the worse. I put myself through pure false-reality agony from the time I got to work until the time they opened their office so I could call– for nothing. Anyway, I was happy to say the least, and I went on with my work day. As Mark Twain once said, “I’ve had many terrible experiences in my life, some of which have actually happened.” Apparently he’s a fellow worry-wart, too! Anywho, I digress..

I was very busy playing catch up today, so lunch time got here with a blink of an eye. I ended up ditching my cold lunch, and went to have some BBQ with my hubski, at Long Horn Smokehouse – a really good BBQ place by our work.

I got a small beef plate (first time I’ve eaten beef in a really long time) with a side of apple sauce, green beans, and the best corn bread you’ll ever lay your eyes on. I guess you could say it’s a-finger-lickin’-gooood! Yee haw!! Ok…anyway…

Like I said, dinner will be leftovers tomorrow, so don’t anticipate a break-through meal of awesomeness for my next post (I know you were!!) Don’t worry, I’ll think up something else to write about ;-D

I’ll leave you with some things I’m thankful for, because it couldn’t be a Monday without an “I’m thankful” list!


I wrote this list right after I called the doctor to find out the situation I created in my mind was just that, my imagination. Yes, I’m thankful for Honest Tea today. Don’t judge. Casual means I’m thankful that I can dress casually at a corporate office – jeans and flip flops today, though the flip flops were probably pushing it. B&N is Barnes and Nobles, hee hee!

What are you particularly thankful for today?


13 Responses

  1. You poor thing! I would have totally stressed myself out too. I'm glad to hear its not pre-cancerous. The peanuty chicken sounds good- I think Josh would really like this. I will have to make it some time- thank you for the idea

  2. I'm thankful for honest tea too!

    I'm glad your voice mail wasn't a bad one!

    And yum! BBQ

  3. Aw girl, I've had those same damn pre-cancerous cells removed (I think in 2007 actually!) so every time my doctor calls I think it's to schedule another PAP. Sometimes I hate being a woman!

    I'm thankful for inspiring blogs today!!

  4. Awh! I'm guilty of always assuming the worst too. Glad to hear you're a-ok! Um, peanut chicken w/egg noodles and bbq? yummm!

  5. I'm guilty of always assuming the worst too. I'm so glad to hear you are okay! I love my slow cooker. There is nothing better than coming home to a ready to eat meal!

    Today I'm thankful for my awesome family!

  6. Aww, I'm glad you had nothing to worry about!

    That meal sounds delish. I love any way of getting peanut butter into a well rounded meal!

  7. I also drive myself crazy thinking the worst so I would be right there with you. I'm so glad that it wasn't anything too serious and you only have to go back in 6 months instead of going in to have the cells removed. Hugs to you for all the stress today!

    Today I'm thankful for a wonderful group of students! I love the kids that I'm teaching this year and they really make it a pleasure to go to work! I'm also thankful for my hubby who is amazing and so supportive!

  8. I'm sorry for the extra stressful morning you had and so happy that it turned out okay. Life sure can be challenging for us all.

    Today, I'm thankful that I went to church yesterday (first time in a month). It really helped me get through this Monday.

  9. That green monster looks perfect! I just love it when they are thick and creamy. 🙂

    SO glad to hear that everything is okay with the pap smear. Like you, I tend to assume the worst when I'm axious or worried about something. I'm certain everything will work out fine for you!

    I'm thankful for the wonderful summer vacation I had, despite all of my adventures with surgery and recovery. I feel like I've grown up a lot over the summer and am ready to head back to school for another year.


  10. So scary!! I would've freaked out too. I'm glad everything turned out okay! I love your list of things to be thankful for…I'm going to follow your lead and do that myself this evening!

  11. ohh glad everything is ok! i totally knew what B&N AND casual meant 😉 your crock pot creation looks so yum!

  12. Thanks for all the kind comments, everyone! ❤ I'm loving everything you all are thankful for! 😀

  13. Oh I'm sorry about that scare! The same thing happened to me a few years ago but it was like 10 minutes before I had to take a huge final. So I was FREAKING OUT! I wish we could control worrying better, but sometimes it's just hard! Glad everything was okay!

    Today I'm thankful for coffee, great weather, and a quiet office – in addition to the biggies like family and friends of course.

    Hope today is a bit smoother 🙂

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