We Don’t Need to Divorce Afterall

So, now I can talk about this. Yesterday, I got home from work, and asked my dear husband how his day was.

Hubski: “It wasn’t too bad. Then I went to the gym. It turned back.”

Me: “What’s wrong? Didja pull something?”

Hubski: “No…(sad face) I lost my wedding band.”

Me: “Shut up no you didn’t”

Huski: Shows me his ringless hand.

Me: tear….

Husband lost his wedding band in the month of our year anniversary. We were both so upset, him more than I even. I just felt so bad for him. He searched the gym, his gym bag, and retraced his steps. We were both distraught.

Then, today before work he decided to try one more look at the gym. He even went to the parking lot to look. Off on the grassy area by where he parked….


I literally got a text saying this: “I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I couldn’t believe it! I even joked saying that we didn’t have to get a divorce afterall! I don’t think he found that too funny, heh heh. Oh I’m so glad he found it. How lucky is that?

I wasn’t going to say anything on here for a while unless he found it, because, well, that just makes for a sad story. Now I can tell you guys the story with the happy ending. All is well 😀

On to last night’s dinna 🙂

It was pretty much a hodge podge dinner. I planned on making turkey burgers, and since Shane’s convinced he hates turkey burger, I had to come up with something else for him. So here are all the foods I made last night:

turkey burger (for me)

(Pre-grilled) I seasoned it with cumin, and salt and pepper, and then added chopped bell pepper and onion.

I also made Annie’s mac n cheese (for Shane, but I nibbled), Campbell’s chunky chowder (for Shane), sweet potato fries, and some Great Harvest Bread.

My plate:


Nom to the nom nom. We feasted hard core.

I was in a food coma after this meal. Luckily one of my besties called, so she gave me an excuse to just lay on the couch and veg while catching up. A glass of wine may or may not have been consumed 😉

Well I hope everyone has an awesome day. It’s Friday!! Whoop it up 🙂 Or….just enjoy, haha.

15 Responses

  1. yay for Friday!

    and I'm SO glad he found his ring!

    My husband lost his while we were scuba diving on a cruise just 6 months after we got married. Some fish is swimming around with an awesome ring… 🙂

  2. That's awesome he found the ring!!

    I'm so glad it's Friday 🙂

  3. that is SO awesome that he found the ring 🙂 Your dinners look so yummy and creative – I love the happy face on your hamburger roll, I like to do that when I fix burgers, too.

  4. What are the chances of finding a ring in grass? I am so glad he did. My hubby just loses things for a week or two and then finds them. The most expensive thing he ever lost was his prescription sunglasses. He dove off of a raft into a lake near Roanoke, IL with the glasses still on. I don't believe he was even drinking; it happened years ago.

  5. I'm so glad he found his ring. My hubs always is losing his so he just doesn't take it off now. I used to joke if he lost it again I was just going to stop wearing mine and pick up a hot new date! 🙂

  6. I'm so glad he found it! How lucky that he decided to go back and look one more time!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! So glad that he was able to find his ring!

  8. So glad he found his ring. See persistence is the key! 😉

    Did you ever here about the man who lost his ring in the ocean and found it 16 months later?


  9. Oh wow! So glad he found it!! That's scary!!

    Your turkey burger look awesome!

  10. OMG thank god he found it!!! YAY!

  11. I'm so glad Shane found his ring!!! He's so lucky that someone didn't pick it up or run over it with a lawn mower or something. Definitely some fate working its magic there! 🙂

    LOVE the looks of that dinner Paige. I'm obsessed with sweet potato fries, and the turkey burger sounds perfect!


  12. oh dang what a scare. so glad he found it! loving your happy face din 🙂

  13. Oh, that's such a good ending to that story. Glad that all is well again!

  14. one of you besties : ) awwweeee! HAY GUYS that bestie was meeee! yay for besties and paige and her delicious blog

  15. My DH lost his in the ocean! Big tear! He said he had a "mishap". I thought his swimming trunks had fallen low and he mooned a bunch of kids. But sadly it was his ring that lost. It now swims with the fishes. I am sure someone will find it and think that some divorcee threw it in the ocean after signing the papers. Our marriage is really good and it makes me sad he lost his wedding band.

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