Reality Bites….and we had Tapas!

Last night we went to this awesome place for dinner and drinks with another couple called, “Reality Bites.” It’s a tapas restaurant, which makes it so much fun to pick and choose mini meals to share.

Their menu is drool-worthy all the way up and down. They had some definitely food blog-worthy items, like ahi tuna, baked goat cheese, cucumber dill salad, and tons more. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of these items, because while you and I might love them, my husband does not, and we think it’s fun to share each item we get. But don’t fear, our tapas almost knocked my head off!

We started off with Bacon Wrapped Dates. See?! Crazy cool, and fun food. Oh my goodness, these things are like little, uhh balls? of heaven. Wow. Here’s Shane feeding me one:

Haha – things got a little goofy after a couple drinks 😉

After we finished, the server brought out our pork tacos. Yeah, pork tacos, what’s the big deal, right? THIS:

These bad boys are TO-DIE-FOR! Loving the guacamole on top, too.

Upon finishing these up, our crab cakes balls were brought out.

Ok, these were hands down the best crab cakes I’ve ever had. Ever. And they came with a chipotle sauce to spice things up a little. Seriously I thought I had a foodgasm.

For our last tapas, we got enchiladas, but alas, they were nothing to write home about. We went with this lovely couple, Doug and Heidi:

They got three different tapas, but I can’t remember all of their choices – I was too consumed in consuming our choices!

Either way, reality certainly did not bite last night – it was freakin’ awesome!

It’s Heidi’s birthday next week, and I’m not sure if I’ll see her on her bday, so I picked up a few mini birthday cakes from the most awesome cake maker in town, Janet:

Mmmm. I got her 2 butter pecan and 2 chocolate chocolate. These cakes are seriously tdf. I got a little box for Shane and I too. I couldn’t help it!

Then, I attempted to go to a local wine/specialty shop, called A-Renees’s, to get her a little something else, however, I couldn’t find anything that I felt suited her. She’s pregnant, so obviously wine wouldn’t work. I didn’t leave empty handed though 😉

Mmm. They were doing a tasting and I fell in love with the Pinot Gris, and then I just got the Rhubarb wine because, well, why not?!

Well now I’m off to make some breakfast before heading to the gym. I’m meeting Heidi for a little sweat session before I try Flow – my gym’s “yoga, pilates, and ti chi” class.

Has anyone ever taken Body Flow before? Thoughts?


6 Responses

  1. Haha, the picture of the Hubby feeding you is too cute. Everything sounds delicious and those little cakes are tooooo cute!

  2. Never tried a body flow; it sounds difficult. Let us all know.
    The restaurant sounded like a fun place though:)

  3. I LOVE tapas! I wish we had a restaurant like that around here. Those little cakes are soooo cute, and they do look delicious!

    That flow class sounds awesome! I love yoga and pilates, never tried tai chi.

  4. super cute photos, i love your top! that restaurant sounds fun, what a cute name.

  5. We had bacon wrapped dates today at Cheesecake Factory and they were SO GOOD! So funny that I was all excited to post about them later and saw that you ate them last night 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

  6. Haven't taken it but I see it looks good. I always peek thru the window at my rec center and see the class going on.

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