My Monday Night Pork Me Ups

Yesterday wasn’t too bad for a Monday, I gotta say. I left work almost two hours early, because I finally got to the doctor’s to see what’s wrong with my ankle. More on that in a few..

While at work, I was very productive and plowed through my tasks. Notable snacks include this banana:

It’s notable because it’s been in my banana keeper (above) for three days, and looked the same as when I put it in there as when I took it out! This thing is seriously awesome. NOt only does it keep your banana from getting banged around and squished while transporting it in your purse, but it keeps it fresh longer! On the banana was some Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter. Yum 🙂

Also this Amazing Grass Berry Bar:

I really wanted to like this, I did. But I just didn’t. The peanut butter one is really good! But this one wasn’t so great. The first Amazing Grass product I didn’t care for!

So I left work around 3 to go to the doctor’s office. They took x-rays, which I’m sure is procedural, and nothing came up – no stress fracture, so that’s good 😀 However, the doctor told me I have tendinitis. He looked at my feet and said I stand on the outter edge of my right foot, which is definitely causing the ankle pain.

This made me pretty mad since the girl at Often Running told me I had a neutral stance and gave me cushion shoes. Thankfully the second time I went there, the manager helped me, and actually took the time to watch me run and listen to me and gave me the opposite of cushion shoes! Urgh…Always ask for the manager if you want to be sure I guess.

So a pair of orthodics and a px to an anti inflammatory later, and I was out the door. It could have definitely been worse. The doctor said I didn’t have to stop running:D However, if the orthodics and Px don’t help, then I do:( *Please please please help.*

Luckily, straight from the appointment, I was going to a 60 minutes full body massage. Hells yeaa-aahh! That felt sooo good. My friend Trina is a masseuse, and I haven’t let her work on me before, so I was super pumped. She did an AWESOME job. She even massaged my face! Wow, I feel 1000 X’s better. Anyone in the central IL area looking for a massage? Contact me and I’ll hook you up 😉

I didn’t end up getting home until about 7, but I was determined to make another recipe from The Food You Crave.

On tonight’s menu:….

Apple Glazed Pork Chops and Slaw!

The meal contained two portions – the pork chops and the apple cole slaw. I’m pressed for time at the moment, so I can’t type out the complete recipe, but the cole slaw had a slew of ingredients and it cooked in the stove:

Sooo good. I was a little hesitant – especially if Shane would like it. Alas, we both devoured it.

While cooking, I had a little of the edmamame hummus I made on Sunday. This stuff is seriously SO damn good.

I cooked the chops on the stove, too – about 3 minutes per side. Then after the cole slaw was cooked, I put the choppies back in the pan, and smothered them with the slaw to kick up the flavor a notch. The result? Nothing short of complete and delicious AWESOMENESS:

Actually, that’s Shane’s plate. I thought his was prettier than mine. I had about half of this – but the same ingredients – and the whole glass of wine 😉

After dinner, Shane and I settled in down in the theatre for what will be our Monday night tradition this fall. We watched One Tree Hill! I didn’t know that Lucas and Peyton would be gone, though. That’s kinda weird. Oh well, Peyton kind of bothered us anyway, and Lucas, well, he’s a d-bag in real life. What? He is!!

What show are you super pumped for this fall? I’m also excited for Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives. Yay! 😀


25 Responses

  1. i hope the orthotics/px helps!!! and the massage sounds great. I've never had one!

    I'm ready for The Office, for sure. and LOST, but that doesn't start until January.

  2. Oh Paige, I feel for you with the ankle! But at least it is not a stress fracture! That is great news. I hope it clears up soon. Unfortunately mine hasn't entirely, its nearly 2 weeks since I've run and I'm going insane!!!!!!!

  3. I had tendonitis two years ago from improperly fitted running shoes. I had to take an anti-inflammatory, running break and do special stretches. It healed quickly and I am good as new! Feel free to e-mail me for advice.

  4. Ah sorry about your ankle! Good thing you are still able to run though! Your dinner looks delicious! I am checking out that edamame hummus now!

  5. OH man… sorry about your ankle!! 😦 Thankful that you can still run, though!!!

    Dinner looks so good 🙂 And the wine… best part 😉 haha

    I am such a Biggest Loser freak! It starts tonight and I'm so excited about it! I'm also looking forward to Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives 🙂 I watch WAY too much tv anymore!!!

  6. That Banana Keeper is cool! Where did you find it?

    I'm super excited for Grey's, and How I Met Your Mother 🙂

  7. Yummy looking pork chops. wait! They left the show, or just not in last nights episode. I forgot about it last night. I love your banana container too.

  8. Your banana keeper is so cute! A massage sounds amazing right about now. A good massage always make me feel so much better!

  9. I love your Banana Keeper! Good luck with your ankle – I hope it feels better soon.

    I am also a Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives fan – I also can't wait for Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!

  10. that banana keeper is so cute and your meal looks AMAZING! you have quite the talent in the kitchen. i am looking forward to dexter!

  11. Funny enough all of my shows are ending! I tend to watch a lot of HBO shows. Bye bye True Blood and Nurse Jackie. 😦 I am looking forward to the Grey's premiere though…even though I don't watch it consistently the season finale was awesome!

    Your slaw looks fab. I wish FH would eat stuff like that. He's going away for five weeks so I'll have to keep it in mind!

  12. I love the banana keeper and your meal looks great. I run a lot and I had to get orthotics, due to an injury and they are fantastic, they make a huge difference. You won't be disappointed.

  13. It's good that you went to the doctor early on before it got too bad. I hope the orthotics help!

    That slaw looks great! I really think I might need to pick up that cookbook!

  14. Thanks for the comments on my ankle everyone 🙂 Whitney, I'll be emailing you when I get hone from work:-)

    The banana keeper is from Tupperware:-) My sister just became a consultant.

  15. I need a banana keeper (that's what HE SAID!). I just ate a smushed naner.

  16. I also like the Tupperware Banana Keeper; I did not know they kept them fresher too! I hope your ankle improves big time.

  17. Meredith- LOL I didn't even think of it in a dirty way – too funny!! 🙂

    Anon – I didn't expect it too! I thought it would just be nice to have to take with me to work, but I opened it up, and it was still a little green!

  18. I am obsessed with your banana keeper! I totally thought it was silly puddy or something at first, LOL!

    I need to find myself one, ASAP. Have a wonderful evening 🙂

    Oh, and I am looking forward to apple picking and football Sundays!

  19. Oh my goodness, where did you get that banana keeper??? I must have one!

  20. too funny about the banana keeper! i want one! i can't eat bananas unless they have a slight hint of green so that banana looks AWESOME right now!

    man, it's like there's a tendinitis epidemic in blogland 😦 😦

  21. Do you know what type of tendinitis it is? Hopefully the orthotics take care of it. I think it can take a while to get used to them. If they don't do the trick, I would definitely recommend seeing a physical therapist! 😉

  22. Jenna, Michelle, Karena, The banana keeper is from Tupperware. If you really do want one, shoot me an email: )

    Nikki, it's pronial (?) tendinitis? It hurts on the outter right ankle.

  23. I'm totally emailing you about the banana keeper!

    I also have an unhealthy obsession with OTH but haven't watched it in AGES! I need to catch up and then we can obsess together, lol!

    Dinner looks delish!

  24. […] two pairs over this time span) I bought these not long after running in the Aasics. In August, I developed tendonitis in my right ankle. And the Wave Creations helped immensely (that, and orthodics.) In August of 2010, I began feeling […]

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