Happy Dance, Happy Dance!

Hey hey! Sorry I missed my morning post. As you could probably guess, I was running late. Again. Which kind of perplexes me, because I just told my boss I’m going to be changing my schedule. Instead of coming in 7:00-4:30 M-Th and 7-11 on Fri, I’ll be working 6:30-4:00 M-Th. and 6:30-10:30 Fri. My reasoning? Well, 1., it’s getting darker earlier. I want to be able to leave work and go for a run when it’s still light out in the winter. And 2., all the good classes start at 4:30 at my gym, and I’m sick of missing them! Sounds good enough for me 😀 But I digress..

Dinner last night was leftovers as I predicted. With so much yummy food in the fridge, we just couldn’t have anything else. Shane requested leftover steak, in which I turned into steak quesadillas:

And I reheated the Pork and Slaw dinner from Monday night:


And a yummy side salad with tomatoes, goat cheese, and Goddess dressing.

Drool face.

Then I was SUPER STOKED to find this lying on the table when I got home:

Yay!! My first issue. I did a little happy dance (happy dance, happy dance – Baseketball anyone?) when I saw it:D

In fact, when I woke up today, I put it to use by doing a little runner’s yoga by following the stretches in this article:

Then had an awesome Green Monster with spinach, kiwi, pineapple, plain yogurt, and ice and almond milk.

The tanginess of the yogurt added a wonderful taste to the monstrosity.

Once I got to work, I had my most favorite breakfast EVA. Bananaberrybutter oats + flax. but my picture did a disappearing act on my camera, so use your imagination. Or just go here 😉

That’s some yumtopia right there.

Oddly enough as usual I was a hungry beast today, and was grumbly just two hours later, so I busted out some strawberry Chobani:

It was really good, though I’d still love to try out the new flavors that are no where to be found!

Then came the highlight of my day! My company has one day each month where they have a “Walk Around the Lake” for the “Live Well Be Well” program there. I managed to sneak out over lunch with my friend Missy for a quick loop around the lake (1.6 miles.) It was such a nice day and it felt great to get up and move. Plus, they were giving out free loot!

You know I like free T-shirts!


Lunch was a wrap that, let’s face it, we’ve seen before this week (a couple times, yes?) and then a few meetings later and I was ready to try out my Dark Chocolate Amazing Grass SuperFood bar.

I was a little hesitant, since the last bar I tried wasn’t too tasty. However, this bar was excellent! It was even better than the peanut butter chocolate one I tried last week! I gobbled it up and felt perfectly satisfied:)

Currently, I’m trying to motivate myself to walk a few steps over to our workout room to do some strength-training. Motivator: I get to watch Gossip Girl while pumping ze iron.

Question: Who do you go to when you just need to vent or spew out your problems/daily occurrences to? I go to my mom. She usually has something profound to say, to make me realize and see the big picture, or she sympathizes when I need sympathy. She’s pretty good at it 🙂 And when she’s not, she just let’s me vent.


7 Responses

  1. Gorgeous Quesadillas! What a great way to use leftovers. And I just LOVE adding kiwi to my smoothies, especially with the skin ON… it creates such a great thickness.

    Although you'll be waking up a little earlier with your new schedule, I can see it definitely being a better way to do things, especially now that it's getter dark earlier. You'll feel like you have more time to relax in the evening and be able to get more things done!


  2. So much to comment on!

    I also always go to my mom. She always has an interesting POV that helps me see the situation better/different.

    Love the quesadilla – yum!

    I must subscribe to runner's world.

  3. I vent to my husband and mom. I vented a lot to my husband tonight about crazy things at school.

  4. Mmmm goats cheese!

  5. I love Runner's World! I bought one issue for the plane when I went on vacay and was surprised at how good it was. I want a subscription!

    I don't really vent to anyone. I always feel bad talking about my problems to others – I don't want to bore them!

  6. The quesadillas sound great! And so does that walk, what a fun break from work!!

    I usually vent to my roommate. We have lived together for like 4 years so it's just natural now.

  7. Great magazine and goodies! My favorite book when I began running was The Complete Book of Running by Jim Fix. Unfortunately, he died of a heart attack due to clogged arteries while running. So, use a heart monitor and eat healthy whether you run or not.
    I vent to my daughter and my husband. My daughter listens, but my husband just says, "Quit worrying about it." So when my daughter isn't available, I vent to my ever present dog, and people make fun of me for talking to him so much:-)

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