It’s a Celebration and Everyone’s Invited!

OK, not everyone, but it was still pretty fun. Last night we went to an appetizer and drinks party over at Lonestar Steakhouse for our buddy, Dan. Dan lives about 3 hours north, and was in town last night, so a group of us got together to say, “Hey Dan!” Dan was also one of Shane’s groomsmen.

Oh, memories. And to think that was only a week and one day and a year ago. Anyway, we were celebrating with Dan the man (in the back) at Lonestar. Once we got there, all of the appetizers looked either deep fried or smothered in cheese/sauce, so I decided to order my own meal. While waiting for it to come out, I might have sampled some of their waffle fries, which were out of this world good! (For something deep fried;)

I ordered the salmon dish – much better πŸ˜€

With a sweet potato and a side of mixed veggies:

The veggies were awesome!! I also had a glass and a half of red, red, wine.

After this meal, I felt 100% better.

Earlier, I had gone for a run that did not go so well. I had only set out to go for 3 miles, since I have the 10K race on Saturday. I figured I’d knock em out like that, then go home. However, not only were my legs leaden, but my whole body felt out of it. I felt like I was going to pass out the entire time, so I stopped at mile two. This is the first time that’s happened. It didn’t leave me a happy camper. I stopped because I figured I’d better not push myself so I can save all my energy for the race.

I’m not really sure what caused my fatigue during my run. Could it have been my eats?

Breakfast was the same b-fast cookie I had the other day:

But then a few hours later, I had half of an apple cider donut someone brought into the office:

And then a few hours after that, had half of the pumpkin spice kind…

Lunch was an ABJ wrap with a side salad (unpictured)

Then a few hours later, I tried the vita top muffin!

This flavor is peanut butter fudge chocolate

I enjoyed it indeed! And it’s only 100 calories. However, I think it would have gone better in a yogurt mixture. I should have saved it for later, because an hour or two later, I busted out my pre-workout snack, which was Fage and blueberries.

Perhaps I had too much sugar today? Maybe my pre-workout snack was eaten too soon before my workout (45 minutes before)? Did I eat enough? I thought I did… Hopefully I’m not getting sick.

Anyway, besides the crappy run, Thursday was a pretty good day! Did you all watch the Community with Joel McHale? I was so worried it would disappoint, but it was really funny for a pilot! I know I’ll be back watching next Thursday. We watched half of the Office when we got home too, but the hubski and I both just can’t seem to like it. I know, I know, we’re crazy and in the minority, but it is what it is.

When you have an off workout, what is usually to blame?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your not-so-fab run! When I have a crappy run, it's usually because of side-stitches or just that overall blah feeling. I usually blame the cramping on eating too soon before I run, and I tend to blame the blah runs on my body just telling me I need to rest. Maybe it just wanted a day off! I always get frustrated when I have runs like this, but don't get discouraged for your big race this weekend! You will do awesome and your body will be plenty rested and full of energy!

  2. Off runs/ workouts for me usually happens when I don't get enough sleep the night before.

    You will do great this weekend. Really enjoy your blog.

  3. Lately off runs/workouts for me have been a result of eating too much too close to the workout.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Off runs for me usually happen when I have to run/walk later in the day. You will probably be fine for that morning race.
    I can't get into liking The Office either, and I have really tried too! Although I think the characters are funny, the show doesn't hold my attention.

  5. so weird! I had almost the same thing happen to me yesterday. I don't know what it is…sometimes, my legs just feel like lead and I feel sick and it's not a good run, but I"ve never been able to pin it to something.

  6. Aw thanks girls! I'm going to make sure to eat plenty and rest plenty tonight!

    Allison, I think that might have been it. Darn!

  7. Aw I hate when I have off workouts! I always just think of it as my body telling me to take a break.

  8. Hi Paige,

    I've been running for the past 3 years now and have run like 10 halfs and 2 fulls and that still happens to me. I believe it's our bodies way of saying we need a rest. It's important to listen to your body it's when we don't that we are prone to injury. So relax and you'll do amazing at your race! πŸ™‚ And I enjoy your blog. Oh by the way I live here in Oak Park I hear your doing the Frank Lloyd Wright—You'll have fun that's a great race I've done it a couple of times myself!

  9. Joel McHale is so funny, but I didn't get to see that show, hopefully next week!
    Sometimes runs just suck like that, especially the little ones, you'll do great for your 10K!
    Salmon dinner with veggies looks great!

  10. too much sugar is not good for me either – it seriously upsets my tumtum. however, i am glad to hear the new joel mchale show was good – i lovvveeee him!

    mmmm…that dinner looks delish!

    thanks for checking out the blog – i am excited to read more of yours!

  11. it definitely could be too much sugar–I know that happens to me. Sorry it wasn't such a great workout! 😦

  12. those vitatops do need something else – yogurt sounds like a great idea!

  13. I love your writing! I too am a communications major from 2007 and I haven't done anything in journalism since. I'm currently finishing dual teaching certifications and I'm excited to read from someone who's path is somewhat similar….I can't wait to keep reading.

  14. I hate when I have a crappy run! Usually I blame a bad run on a lack of sleep or not properly stretching or icing after my previous run. Heavy legs are the worst! Good luck this weekend!

  15. If I have an off workout, I tend to blame working out when my body really needed the rest, or chalk it up to needing more sleep – again with the rest, LOL. I also like to make sure that I'm well-hydrated before I head out for a workout, because that does really make a difference for me!

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