Bachelorette Pad

Good Morning, friends 🙂

Last night Shane worked late, and then went to a happy hour that I chose to skip out on. Thankful that I did, Shane came home and told me it was all car talk the whole time, heh.

Anyway, he was just going to eat dinner at happy hour, so I had free range of the kitchen to fend for myself. What’s a girl to do when she’s cooking for one? Shane’s been on first shift now for well over a year. I pondered back to the previous years of where I’d had a little of this and a little of that for dinner (maybe cottage cheese, some toast, a couple crackers) or maybe some cereal and milk. That was then.

Last night I had decided on eggplant parmesan before I realized I didn’t have anything to make the red sauce with. Then, a light bulb came on, and I thought of a way to use these ingredients that have been sitting unused in my fridge for a while:

Scramble, scramble, add in some spinach, cheese, and tomatoes, wrap it all up, and you have:

Dinna! Alongside some fresh green beans:

and this bad boy:

I love this Naturally Nutty Almond Butter. It’s sooo good, and almost dessert like, but I checked that back and there’s only 5 grams of sugar, and no added sugar substance. Awesome!

It got spread on an Arnold’s Sandwich thin.

I made sure to bust out the fine china for this meal 😉

Add some America’s Next Top Model and an Allure magazine, and you have a bachelorette pad!

I was glad to see my hubby when he came home later though 😉

The night was productive overall! I got some emails out I’ve been meaning to, filled out my form to get my name changed on my passport, did some bloggy stuff, etc…

Unfortunately, though, my ankle is hurting me this morning. I didn’t take any of my tendonitis pills yesterday because a. it was feeling better, and b. I’d rather not take chemicals. Alas, they showed me. I’ll be taking one today, as directed!

What do you cook for dinner when only cooking for one?


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  1. Welcome to my life at the moment! Cooking for 1 is no fun IMO, however I am coping and have cooked some good stuff and used leftovers for lunches or frozen it. But I much prefer to cook for 2!

  2. I'm definitely not a fan of cooking for one (that's when I start eating corn from a can and making mashed potato bowls hahaa), but in a month, that's what I'll be doing!

  3. What a great girl night you had!
    That almond butter looks really good!

  4. Sometimes BF and I "cook for one" even when we're together because we like different foods. But sometimes, when it's just me (such as back when BF worked nights) I would curl up on the couch with one of my ol' standbys…PANCAKES! Nothing says comfort like a big stack of fluffy lovin'.

  5. You've probably noticed that I'm cooking for myself a lot! FH is Navy and is often away (like now…5 weeks!). I tend to still cook proper meals though because I like to cook, and honestly if he's away then I don't have a pickypants influencing my menu! He doesn't eat fish, so I make more fish and shrimp while he's out and I also eat a lot less meat and more salad/veggie dishes. And experiment with things that I know he wouldn't eat.

    If I'm being lazy I always revert to Campbell's soup and grilled cheese. 🙂

  6. I'm not a huge fan of cooking for one. I usually stick to eggs, cereal, waffles, and sandwiches. If hubby is gone for long I will sometimes make something a little bit more complex and make like 1/4 of the recipe.

  7. usually i cook things my fiance doesn't like-lots of veggies and things. and i tend to make them more one dish (veggies rice and beans all mixed together type things) when it's just for me… less plans because the fiance isn't there to do the dishes 🙂

  8. I make weird stuff that only I like when the husband is gone, which can happen a lot in the winter since he is a basketball coach. Salads with poached eggs, butternut squash with chicken sausage, pita pizzas to name a few. We end up eating different meals sometimes even when together. I am always glad when he gets home, but sometimes its nice to have a girl night!

  9. I love cooking for one! Sometimes I do have a random hodge podge meal, but mostly I just make enough to have leftovers. And I get to make exactly what I want without worrying about picky eaters or bad reviews.

    Sorry your ankle is hurting! Hope the pills help it.

  10. I only ever cook for 1 and I usually end up making normal meals. Occassionally I'll do just cereal, but I usually end up making a normal dinner. I do always have leftovers, which you'll see me eat throughout the week, and that does get boring sometimes.

  11. how funny, i JUST ate a wrap and green beans! sorry about your ankle :/ actually, i cook for one 90% of the time! me myself and i! so everything you see me eating is usually just for me!

  12. Haha, I'm always cooking for one….So lonely, no soulmate like you! 😉
    And you already know what I like to make! But when I'm REALLY lazy (for dinner, usually) I just make stove-top oats and top it with LOTS of nuts!

  13. I love cooking for myself and not having to worry about what anybody else wants for dinner! The other night, Jeff came home and had already had dinner so I made an egg wrap!

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