Anniversary Adventures at Starved Rock

Hi everyone! Today if officially the husband and my first anniversary! Are you getting sick of it yet? Good, because later there will be a part three, and then even later I’ll be writing a post reminiscing of our wedding day, full out with pictures of our beautiful beach wedding! I will very much enjoy writing this post 😀

Starved Rock was breath-taking. I can’t believe it was Shane’s first time there! As I said in my previous post, we left right after the Walk for the Mind celebration. The drive up to Starved rock was super short! Like only an hour. I thought it was farther away. Or it could have been my speed demon husband…

Either way, I was excited to be there!


When we got there, we grabbed our back pack full of picnic food and started hiking on the trails:


I can’t believe we were still in Illinois. It’s so beautiful and so astounding that I felt like I was somewhere out west! The first half of the hike, we climbed up to many beautiful cliffs:





Where ever we go, Shane’s always the “map guy” hehe

Yeah, my booty was burrrrning as we climbed!


Today was definitely not a rest day like I had planned 😀 After about a couple hours, we broke for lunch, and had our own little picnic here:



For some reason I thought it’d be romantic to make our sandwiches there? Yeah, should have pre-made them at home. Not only were bugs buzzing around my as I tried to spread the preserves on the bread, but Shane had to carry the jars, bread, plus all the fruit and bars I packed! hehe. Sorry, honey!

I had a sandwich:


And a gala:


And felt MUCH better.

Then we made our way back down, to look at some amazing canyons. I like going down into the canyons better than onto the cliffs, but that’s just me:






I told Shane to "pretend" he was scaling the rock, and then he actually scaled on up there! haha

Our last trail was the one to go see the actual Starved Rock:



It was beautiful. Shane goes, “yep, it’s just one big ass rock!” lol One big ass – beautiful – rock.

I’d worn the Garmin just to see our mileage in the amount of time we had.



It’d be a lot further if it could calculate vertical feet! haha

And somewhere along our hike, “outside of the park,” Shane gave me another gift. He said he hadn’t given me my paper gift yet. So somewhere in the small town we are staying, we found a place, and he carved our wedding date into a small cut down stump (Don’t worry, the tree had already been cut down, and all that was left was a stump.)


Awww ❤ And yes, it says 9-27

By this time we were ready to quit hiking and get onto the winery! Let me tell you, this winery had THE best wine I’ve ever tasted! I think I’ll write about the winery and write about the wedding in one post later tonight, thus limiting my wedding posts to three, haha!

Ok, gotta go! We have to pack up and head home now!


Have you visited somewhere near where you live that makes you feel like you’re thousands of miles from home?


17 Responses

  1. You are so right about Starved Rock. I've been there several times, and it is beautiful. Another place that seems like a beautiful scene from the movie Deliverance (not the scary scenes) is Lowell, IL. It's a tiny town along the Vermillion River where we would put our vests on and raft down the only white water river in Illinois that is now closed to canoes, rafts and kyaks because of the danger!
    A very "Happy Anniversary" to you and your wonderful hubby.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! We love Chicago for that reason. It is so close and we love the people, food, and endless list of things to do. Chicago has our hearts for sure.


  3. I am SO jealous of your beautiful hike! The scenery is just amazing! And Shane just cracks me up… he is such a guy. 😉

    I'm so glad your Anniversary went so well. You two are definitely meant for each other!


  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Your hike pictures are gorgeous.

  5. Whoo with hikes like that who needs stairmasters?!

  6. What beautiful scenary and hike you had, nothing like that here in Iowa.
    But back home in MN along the St.Croix River there is bluffs like that and last year my huuby, my parents and I went hiking there in October, it was perfect for a fall fun day!

  7. Happy Anniversary! What an awesome way to spend it. Did you watch your wedding video yet? Can't wait to hear about it!

  8. How fun!!! I love to take my Garmin on hikes, but am always so surprised when it only reads 3, 4, miles etc. But you're climbing straight up!! I love this hike at my cabin where you feel in the middle of nowhere. With the huge rocks and mountains around you, and waterfalls….beautiful!

  9. happy anniversary! what a gorgeous place. the wonderful thing about living in los angeles is that there are so many different landscapes – beach, mountains, etc. closeby!

  10. Happy Anniversary! From the looks of it y'all had a GREAT time!

  11. Happy Anniversary, hiking looks like fun and a great workout.

  12. Happy Anniversary! That looks like a perfect place to spend the day!

  13. Happy anniversary!! Great pictures, looks like it was a beautiful hike!

  14. Adam and I love to go down to Margaret River/Yalingup in the south of Western Australia. It is heaven for us! Wineries, beautiful beaches, great food, it is great in summer and in winter. Love it, and I feel so far away from work and stress :). Glad you had a great time! Happy anniversary!

  15. OMG u 2 are adorable! : ) love you both! trip looked soooo fun! ive never been there either!

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