is a very lethal combination. Or heavenly.

I don’t know about you, but getting out of bed and out the door this morning was a 10 on the difficulty scale! I just didn’t wannnaaa (said in the ultimate winey-voice 😉 Alas, I did indeed get and up go to work, thankful for such a great weekend.

Yesterday, the anniversary celebration continued. Also, I think the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Despite my want to just collapse on the coach, I made it out for a quick 3.1 mile run with speed work.

Overall time was 28:22. I alternated two minutes of a pace at 9:45 or better, and then one minute of sprinting with a pace of 8:45 or better. My best pace was 6:56, and my average pace was 9:10. I was certainly glad I went!

After a day of football watching (Bear’s won, yeah!!), we settled in to watch our wedding DVD. It was awesome, and I got a little teary eyed! I definitely cried during the wedding. I held off until we got to the vows, and I lost it. It was just so overwhelming and emotional. We thought the paster who married us was a little lengthy then, but when watching it again – I actually feel bad for the attendees! The pastor actually made me mad, because she didn’t even hint at how much she was going to say. She even went into details we talked about to her the day before (which was also the day we MET her) and acted like she knew us for years. This was seriously the only thing I regret about our wedding.

/End rant.

While watching the DVD, we broke out da good stuff:


Popping the cork (that’s what she said?)


Mmmm. We just sipped one glass of bubbly, because we had this waiting for us:


Monical’s Pizza! If you ever come to Central Illinois (what? you might have relatives here or something…or need some corn!) you have to get Monical’s pizza and their homemade French sauce.


SO good. As you can see, I had the veggie side, while the hubski enjoyed the meat lover’s side. Opposites attract, right?

After mowing down on some pizza, we broke out “the cake.”


It was SO good. And I plan on having another piece tonight! Whoever said wedding cake wasn’t good a year later was wrong!


OK, so I wouldn’t know. We never saved out wedding cake. But we did order the same cake we had at our hometown reception last year (which we didn’t save either,) and it about knocked my head off. It’s butter pecan cake with cream cheese frosting! YUM-TOPIA!!

The rest of the night involved Family Guy, and Family Guy-like shows, and then the Desperate Housewives premier!!! (DVR’d) I’m SO glad this show is back! 😀

So overall Sunday was fab. I mean, pizza+cake+bubbly? What could go wrong?!

And it couldn’t be a Monday post without posting what we’re thankful for today!

  • My husband (see that one coming?)
  • My dog (who’s been at grandma’s house while we were gone!)
  • Being able to wear comfy clothes to work
  • Friends     

What’s your take on saving wedding cake and eating it a year later? I’ve heard both sides – some say it’s “sooo good!!!” and others say they threw it out after smelling it. I guess we’re not huge on superstition, so we didn’t worry about it too much.

What are you thankful for today?


12 Responses

  1. We ate our cake at the one month, three month and six month spots. It was nice to enjoy it at home. We didn't get a real piece, only what we fed each other, the day of the wedding.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Where did you get your cake from?? I live in Normal and I never really know where to get cake accept for Janet's in Bloomington Near Statefarm. Please let me know!!

  3. I always found that tradition odd — how does a cake taste even remotely okay after one year in the freezer? Does icing even freeze properly?! Bleh.

    Your idea seems much better – buy a FRESH cake!

  4. Ooh that cake sounds good!

    I wasn't really into saving our cake. My Mother in law insisted and then took it to her house. 2 years later she still hasn't given it back. I'm almost sure that she ate it! 🙂

  5. Cake, Pizza & Bubbly!!! Sounds like my kind of day. Butter Pecan cake sounds so good, I bet your guests loved it.

    I am thankful for good health, love and family.

  6. Ours was totally nasty! Dry and tasteless, crumbled apart:( we just took some pictures with it and then threw it, no loss to me though I don't like cake!

  7. ahh totally jealous of your speed workout!! I should really start those to get faster.

    pizza + cake = perfect night 🙂

  8. Meredith, that's a great idea! Why should you have to wait a year??

    Learning, it's Janet's. It was faaabulous:)

  9. Lindsay – bahaha that's hilarious!! I've actually heard of other people saying that, too.

  10. The pastor at the last wedding I was in went ON AND ON about how hard and painful marriage is. It was so negative. I felt bad for the bride and groom.

  11. We had Janet's for our wedding cake and it was still amazing a year later.


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