Presentation Nerves

Hi everyone! How’s your Tuesday going so far?

I started mine out very peacefully with a coffee and a Green Monster. The Green Monster had the usual suspects involved: 1 carrot, 1.5 c. spinach, ½ frozen banana, ice cubes, and almond milk.

I got out of bed 15 minutes earlier than I usually do so I could sit down at the computer with my beverages and crank out a morning post.

Speaking of morning posting, I’m so glad all of you received my “My Story” post so well.

Actually, the post was supposed to be about my honeymoon, as today was our first actual “day” in Hawaii, but I can’t find the pictures! Eeek. After a minor freak out, I told myself I’d find them after work, and sat down to write my journey to healthy eating post.

Work went fairly well. I had a presentation at 11:00, so I was working with nerves from 6:30 until noon. It went well though. The nerves went away, and I felt at ease as I stood up to present. I’ll give credit to my senior public speaking class my last year of school at ISU.

Now, around 10:00, I knew presenting at 11:00 presented a problem. It was 10:00 and I was already hungry. Lunch at 10:00? Why not?

I ate half of that yummy Great Harvest Bread scone, and then busted out the other half of my wrap (which contained turkey, mustard, and spinach), too. I was pleasantly satisfied, and at ease knowing that my tummy’s grumblings wouldn’t steal the show 😉 You know, the show of what a project planner does during component planning is SUPER interesting, and you wouldn’t want a growling stomach to prevent you from hearing all the breath-taking details 😉 ha.

Right after work I zipped on over to the gym for a Body Pump session. It was glorious as always 😀 Such a fun way to get strength-training in!

So now it’s 6:30, and I’m just now sitting at home for the first time since 5:00 a.m. Thusly, dinner was prepared by the lovely and talented chefs at:

It was disgusting, can’t you tell?? 😉

El Subway. Foot long chicken breast with cukes, spinach, tomato, jalepeno, and provolone. Myyyy savior. However, this does mean I had meat for two meals today…oops! I’ll try and balance it out tomorrow 😉

Now it’s time to walk little Nikita and do some laundry. Also on the agenda for tonight is cleaning the bathrooms, but for some reason I think that will get pushed to the back burner that is “tomorrow.” Especially if one of my girlfriends ends up coming over to drink wine and finish watching Desperate Housewives with me 😉 Oh, and please, please, don’t hate me or stop visiting my blog when I say that there’s a good chance I’ll end up watching The Hills tonight. The Bitch is back, OK?! 😉

What’s on the agenda for your night?


7 Responses

  1. haha okay I am not sure if this posted, but anyways. love your subway dinner because that is one of my favorite fast food joints 🙂

  2. I wanted to watch the Hills tonight too, but I worked so maybe tomorrow morning!
    Presentations always throw off my eating, too nervous!

  3. Subway is always the best in a cinch. It's definitely the best and healthy fast food place out there!

    I'm not okay with the fact that the Hills is still going on without LC. I do have Desperate Housewives DVRed though, maybe I'll watch it tonight!

  4. ah presentation nerves are so weird! and yeah, it would be bad to have a loud tum grumble.. mine gets outrageous sometimes. roar. glad you got through it and ate some delicious food and got some good working out in afterward!

  5. the hills are on?! how did i not know this?

  6. I hate presentations – and you can always tell I'm nervous because I get all flushed.
    Don't you love it when someone else fixes your dinner. Subway is definitely one of my 'fast food is okay' places

  7. Glad your presentation went well. I watched some of the Hills too, no hate here. I'm just not sure I can stomach "The Bitch".

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