Tide me Over Yoga!

I mentioned on Twitter earlier that the Body Pump class I took last night really kicked my booty! It seems like every muscle in my body is sore (a good sore though.) I know I pushed myself, but dang! I guess I’ve been slacking in the strength-training department, as the last time I did any was at last week’s Tuesday Body Pump session.

So I began thinking that today would really be a nice day for yoga. However, today is a scheduled 5 mile run that I really would like to do. Then it came to me! They give me breaks at work – why not find some good desk stretching exercises?

I found the following at yogajournal.com:

Six Stretches to do at Your Desk

1. Side Stretch: Standing up with your arms above your head, use your right hand to pull on the top of your left wrist and stretch your torso to the right to stretch your side. This felt wonderful for my wrists and abs!


2. Shoulder rolls: one shoulder at a time, bring the shoulder up to the ear and then back around toward your back and back down.

3. Neck Stretch: Inhale; exhale and bring the left ear toward the shoulder and hold. Do the same for the right ear.


4. Open Chest Stretch: Sit on the edge of chair and interlace your fingers behind you; lean forward and lift your arms upward while pulling your shoulders away from your ears

5. Chair Twist: bring your legs to the right arm of the chair so you’re sitting diagonally on the chair. Reach your right arm up and then over to the left side of the chair, trying to grasp the back. Repeat this on the left side.

6. Back and Shoulder Release: Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet spread apart. Push your forearms on your inner thighs, feeling the stretch in your back. Then stretch your arms all the way towards the floor with your ribs resting on your thighs and armpits toward your knees. Cross your arms with each hand on its opposite knee. For a deeper stretch, extend arms to the floor, and then slowly round your back up to seated position.

I did these stretches mid way through the afternoon today, and they helped immensely! I could still use a good hour plus yoga session, but this was a great “tide me over!”

Run it, Run it

Right after work today, I dashed home and changed to get ready for a 5 mile run. My goal for this run was to run it at a nice easy pace of around 9:45. Here’s how I did:

Ran 5 miles in 47:40 with an average pace of 9:32!! Woo hoo! My “easy pace” is getting faster and faster 😀

Mi. 1: 9:30, Mi. 2: 9:19, Mi. 3: 9:30, Mi. 4: 9:37, Mi. 5: 9:34


Hopefully the run worked out some of the kinks from pumping all that iron yesterday 😉

Doesn’t today feel like Thursday?! I seriously think tomorrow should be Friday. Hate when that happens! Oh well, at least we’re past the humpty dump! (Did I really just say that??)

Do you have any signature exercises you do if you’re stuck at a desk all day?


10 Responses

  1. Hey! Thanks for popping by my bloggy. I am glad you did as I really like yours (esp the body pump post!) I have just gotten back into it and yeah I hear ya on the soreness, and yeah isn't it great. I am off shortly to go and do a BP class now followed by spin…hardcore right? 🙂

  2. WOW! Way to kick butt on the run girl! Nice work. I need to stretch more- the only thing I do at work to get moving is to get up every hour and take 1 quick lap around the office!!

  3. I would love to do desk stretches/exercises since I am stuck at a desk all day, but I can only imagine the comments/looks I'd get from my coworkers. I know I really shouldn't care, but…
    Awesome run! I hope one day my easy runs are at a similar pace.

  4. I'm never at a desk but at work my coworkers and I occasionally do squats and lunges when no ones in the store. It would look so funny if someone did come in!

  5. I agree, it should be the end of the week by now.

    I definitely try to work in some neck rolls throughout the day! I had a neck spasm at one point so I've been much more mindful of posture these days.

  6. Hmm I wish I had some solid advice but when I get antsy at my desk, I crack my neck. Gross, I know haha. I think your neck stretch looks like a much better approach 🙂

    Gracias for the comment on my bloggie–love yours, too!

  7. Luckily my work doesn't require me to be at a desk too often. Only when I'm editing photos. When I'm taking them it's actually the opposite, I'm always walking and carrying heavy equipment, etc. So I guess I'm pretty lucky!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE as this is totally what I do with some isometric ab contractions tossed in for good measure!

  9. Glad you took some time to stretch it out at your desk. I should try that. Awesome job on your run pace!

  10. Nice job on your run! I've noticed that my easy pace is getting faster, too! It's great feeling!

    I love your desk stretches. I am pretty much up and about all day long, but it is nice to take a moment and stretch out a little. I do the chest opening stretch a few times a day (usually to crack my upper back, haha).

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