To-Do is TO-Done

Well, almost. Here’s the tasks I’ve completed and yet to complete since I got off work at 10:30 this morning:




It feels SO good to get these things off of my to-do list though – especially the apply to ISU’s Didactic program. Yahoo!!!

Realization kind of set in, though, when I then had to sign up for chemistry and economics at the community college afterward (the two required classes I can take cheaper at the CC that I didn’t take in undergrad the first time.) I actually did take chemistry while getting my journalism degree at ISU. Then I said, wait a second, I could be taking biology instead? and high-tailed it out of there. Well I’m ready for round TWO, BABY! Or at least, I better be…

Moving along…you’ll see on my to-do list was also making some grocery stops – Fresh Market and Meijers. Noteworthy items included but aren’t limited to:


yaaay fresh produce!


Pasta in a bag!


I couldn’t find any pumpkin ice cream, but I found the next best thing! Or perhaps even better.



One of my necessities for staying fresh while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Then it was time to tackle the pet portion of the to-do list. Clarabelle and Niko are a handful. I tell them all the time it’s a good thing they’re both so freakin’ cute. 🙂

Ceebski (Clarabelle) is pretty good at going to her litter box in the parameters, but sometimes has a hard time. So my goal today was to get a good litterbox to contain the spillage (ew) and that we could move to the utility room. Enter the new litter box:



Isn’t it so cute…for a litter box? She’s stylin’ now. And I’m happy to report that she just automatically went in and used it!! What a good kitty!! 😀 I was so worried she’d snub it for the box downstairs. Alas, she didn’t disappoint.

Next, it was time to give Niko a good scrub down after her puke fest last night. Poor girl looked like a rat all over again:


Next up on the list is hopping on the elliptical for a good 45 minutes to an hour. My calf is now starting to feel better, but I figured I’d better now push it. I was actually talking to my dad on the phone, and was saying how I might go ahead and do my run anyway, and he said, “Hey, Paige, like you say, listen to your body!” lol – he’s a big reader of the blog.

Then I’m going to bake some oatmeal scotchies because I’m having a girls night – movie night over here tonight! No boys allowed in the theatre. Hear that, Shane? 😛 hehe

Before I say farewell, I HAVE to show you what I made last night for dinner:

Portobello Lasagna Roll Ups

  IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0008      

With a side salad and some Perrier


Holy yum, this is one of the best meals I’ve cooked in a while. And of course it came out of Ellie Krieger’s Cookbook!

What’s everyone’s plans tonight?

What’s your favorite “limited edition” pumpkin flavor in stores right now?

Have you been able to find pumpkin ice cream yet?


14 Responses

  1. I've seen pumpkin ice cream here… but the fiance won't eat it, and i don't want to get a whole thing of ice cream just for me! 🙂

  2. I LOVE checking things off a list. So satisfying 🙂 I've been meaning to buy pumpkin beer! I looked at one store but didn't see it. Guess I'll check TJ's or BevMo? I LOVE everything pumpkin out!! Keep your eye out for the ice cream because it's sooooo good.

  3. No plans tonight. Actually, I'm already in bed ahah
    I've never tried pumpkin ice cream!
    And that lasagna looks delicious. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh I love Blue Moon, how have I not tried their seasonal yet??

  5. Never even heard of pumpkin ice cream! I'm definitely intrigued, though…

    I love to-do lists, but aren't they even better when they're full of check marks? 🙂

  6. i've gotta start looking for pumpkin goodies!!!

  7. Congrats on getting so much accomplished today! I just love physically checking off items on a to-do list… I truly feel like I'm getting things done. 🙂

    OMG, that dinner looks FABULOUS Paige. I actually had to scroll back a few times to admire it haha. Definitely sounds like a recipe to make again!


  8. I want to find this pumpkin ice cream!
    Love your kitty box, we have the same one, it was called the "Buddha" when we bought and my husband tells everyone about it!
    Great job with the to-do list, I need to get my butt in gear for that too, signing up for school too!

  9. I can't find pumpkin ice cream here either! Our stores don't even have canned pumpkin right now, it's so strange!

    Way to go getting your to-do list done!

  10. holy cow your lasagna roll looks freaking amazing!
    I wish there was no "limited" version of pumpkin…there should be NO limited version of pumpkin flavors!

  11. Oooh those roll-ups look awesome! Did you see the pumpkin yogurt on Kath's blog?! I'm in a search for that now…

  12. Pumpkin yogurt?! *heads over to kath's blog*

  13. The roll ups look amazing….and I have that cook book! I'll have to try it…the few things I've tried from it were really good!
    I love your "To-Do" notepad!!!!
    I haven't started looking for pumpkin stuff yet but I did hear a lady order a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks yesterday which made me starting thinking about it. 🙂

  14. The roll ups look so good! I'm also considering grad school but I think I'm going to wait until next spring to take the GRE and all that. I'm kind of nervous plus I'll probably have to take chemistry and some other classes like that – ew!

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