On the Fritz

Good morning! I hope your weekend left you relaxed and refreshed!

I did something I hardly ever do, and called into work today. I either got food poisoning, or some kind of flu, but for the courtesy of all of my coworkers and to allow myself to be in a more comfortable being sick environment, I stayed home. Hopefully I can make up a little bit of it on my half day Friday, but we’ll see.

I know oatmeal doesn’t usually appeal to the sick, but it’s what I was craving this morning:


In it was a mashed ripe banana, a tsp. of agave, a “dip” of bees knees peanut butter, flax meal, and golden raisins.


Mmm – perfect on a cool October morning.


My perfect Sunday carried on into the night, as I caught fully up on Glee and watched Sunday night TV, like Family Guy and Desperate Housewives! Unfortunately, Shane couldn’t relax with me though! He’s been quite the opposite of me today – on the go, go, go!

In between being lazy and playing with the dog and cat, I did manage to heat up some leftovers for my dinner:


This will not be the last time I get this pizza. It’s a Papa Murphy’s Veggie Gourmet. Look at how they piled on all those veggies! I was thoroughly impressed.

IMG_0073Yep, I’m a bride donning a Groom’s cup. That’s how I roll.

I also got today’s lunch ready, because we all know making cold lunches in the morning before work ends up in not making one, and instead going out for lunch, haha.


Spinach, turkey, and sprouts. It’s still chillin’ in the fridge. If I’m up to it, I’ll squirt on some mustard and eat it for lunch later.

Then I got to cooking Shane’s dinner, which was a third pounder. No really, I weighed it with the Eat Smart Kitchen Scale’>Eat Smart Kitchen Scale’>Eat Smart Kitchen Scale’>Eat Smart Kitchen Scale’>Eat Smart Kitchen Scale’>Health Tool’s Food Scale!


I cooked it on the Foreman with garlic powder, cayenne, hot salt, and a chopped up jalapeño.


Yummy, yummy! I think he told me about three times how good it was.


I added some sweet potato chips on the side, along with a bowl of pumpkin ice cream on top of carrot cake for dessert.


It was the first meal he had eaten and it was already 8:00! He’s one of those people who can go all day without eating if he’s super busy/preoccupied. I am definitely NOT one of those people. Never have been, and probably never will. These type of people astound me. LOL

How about you? Do you often “forget” to eat because you don’t have time or you just don’t think about it?


10 Responses

  1. Hey Paige! Just saw that you moved to wordpress, I’ll update my blog roll! 🙂 I’ve been thinking about making the move myself, it seems lots better!

    Your eats look delicious as always!

    Funny that you wanted oatmeal, I always want spaghetti when I’m sick, which I think is weird!

    Feel better soon!

  2. I never forget about food! Never! That pizza looks amazing. I have always wanted to try Papa Murphy’s.

    I hope you get to feeling better, being sick like that is the worst 😦

  3. Aww I hope you feel better–it’s good that you took the day off!

    You know…I never am the kind of person who forgets to eat! I’m constantly thinking about yummy food but on the weekends when I get really busy, I do forget occasionally!

  4. Those pizza veggie toppings are impressive! I thought Glee was great – and DH!! I hope you feel better soon! And to answer your ? – no, I NEVER forget to eat…. ever! haha

  5. I am seriously in love with Glee, it reminds me so much of when I was in high school. Whoa, just look at all those delicious veggies on the pizza! yum yum! Get to feeling better!

  6. How I love my Foreman. what did I do without him before??!!

    Hope you feel better- and congrats on your switch to WP- I tried and failed miserably- just can’t get it thru my brain how it works!! 🙂 Oh well, stuck with Blogger for now !

  7. PS The only way I could forget to eat is if I would have a frontal lobotomy or find myself in a light coma 🙂

  8. […] Posted on October 6, 2009 by runningaroundnormal Well I think it’s safe to say the my husband’s mindset is definitely in the minority when it comes to eating regular meals. I don’t think one of you […]

  9. Hope you feel better! New site looks great 🙂

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