Living Off the Edge

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday? Feels like Monday to me, seeing as it kind of is. Today I’m starting off the day on the right foot. Or at least with some helpers:





I actually drink my Green Monsters while getting ready or on my way to work, and then eat my cereal about an hour after I get to work. For some reason, that’s ended up working best for me!

Clarabelle popped in to see what was going on:


No kitteh, that’s my Kashi Antioxidants Cereal!! hehe


I have a feeling it’s going to be a doozy at work today. Whenever I’m out a day, I can always ensure a fully packed inbox. Hey, at least the day won’t drag on, right? I’m also kind of dreading telling my friend Theresa that I can’t make it to Bunco this Friday (it’s also her birthday.) One of my home town friends will be in town that night, who I pretty much see once a year, and i just can’t pass this up. Bunco’s every month. I’m sure she’ll understand.


In hopes that my good start morning will follow through to a good end day, I’m making this my mantra for the day:

I will not stress out

I will stay cool, calm, and collected

I am permeable to any work-related stress

Lately I’ve found my chest getting a little tight at work. It’s the time of year where the budget plays a huge part, and everyone’s on edge. I won’t let myself be on edge with everyone else. I want to stay far away from the edge, haha.


After work I have a training run planned. It’s a rainy one here in Central Illinois, so I have a feeling it will be on the treadmill. The training plan calls for speed work, so it’ll probably be a quick 3-4 miles.


What’s your mantra for the day?   


4 Responses

  1. great mantra for the day 🙂 I think mine is just “I’m getting out of here” 🙂 I actually have a horrible headache and am probably leaving at lunch time once I finish up some stuff here.

  2. My mantra for the day…this cold I have WILL be totally gone by the end of the day! Yes, I have a very busy work day today, but that’s what it takes to get a paycheck:. Having a good attitude will get me through, plus I plan on my favorite Chinese carry outs tonight:-)

  3. i have an ongoing mantra – “it is what it is.”

  4. […] happy to say today I did not get stressed out once! I completely evaded it. Actually, there weren’t as many stressful situations as I thought. You […]

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