Do you Eat Dinnfast?

Good Morning!! I woke up supa dupa early today, so I was able to everything done I wanted to before work – all the while – not being rushed! Love mornings like. I also love mornings that start out with a hot mug of coffee:




Mmm. This is french vanilla from our Tassimo coffee maker, however, I think I’ll be purchasing an inexpensive French Press to give it a whirl. Following my coffee, was a green monster (I skipped yesterday, so I had to get those good for you ingredients in a cup today!)




It was my usual combo: a carrot, half a frozen nanner, almond milk, spinach, ice, and a scoops of Amazing Grass Berry SUPERFOOD! Yum!!


While I was enjoying my pre-breakfast, I felt a little scratch at my foot, and looked down and saw a Nikosauras!



She brought her lovely rubber chicken that she stole from my parents’ dog. That thing is seriously about 8 years old, but she loves it. It was bigger than her when she first stole it.

After drinking my pre-breakfast liquids, I eventually had some actual breakfast. Today I switched it up, and had some of the zucchini bread my mom brought over from Fresh Market. The first ingredient is zucchini, and the next is barley flour, and I forget the next, but I know it wasn’t sugar – so that was impressive.




Mmm and so was the taste! I had it along another..uhh..during breakfast liquid – a POMx Vanilla Iced Coffee. Blue from POM Wonderful sent me this coffee last week, and I LOVE it. I plan on doing an actual review of the samples he sent me soon, but I haven’t yet to try the chocolate flavor yet.







Last night’s dinner was easy, breezy, and peasy. I started it off with a little appie of Whole Grain Pita Chips (uh, yum!) with my edamame hummus.

   IMG_0893 IMG_0894

I loooove making this stuff! Then it was time for <s>breakfast</s> ! Well, in this house, breakfast was dinner last night! An egg white omelet with spinach and cheese, some hemp toast with Naturally More Vanilla AB and dark cherry jam, alongside some delicious pineapple.



That pineapple is SO good and juicy.


The almond butter is the kind you can get from Great Harvest Bread Company


It was a delicious dinnfast. Lookie there I made a word 😀


Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Do you ever make breakfast for dinner?  I hardly ever eat eggs for breakfast, but I’ll whip em up for dinner fairly often.


13 Responses

  1. YES! I love breakfast for dinner and wish I would remember to do it more often 🙂

  2. I could eat breakfast for dinner everyday! lol I don’t very often…but I’d be OK with it!

  3. I love breakfast for dinner! And dinnfast is super cute 🙂

  4. I never eat eggs for breakfast. It’s not very common here in Portugal actually. I eat eggs for dinner pretty often though! 🙂

  5. Love the color of the edamame hummus! I love trying different flavors of hummus (especially Trader Joe’s), but my homemade versions never seem to turn out very well.

  6. i think my dog has stolen that same chicken from his dog auntie. but he destroyed it in about 8 minutes!

  7. dude. paige. i just got your comment and was like why the hell hasnt paige been posting forEVA!? uhhhh.. turns out your blog wasnt updating me in reader. why?! what! did something change? anyway, i am onto the sneaky scandalous ways of reader and i am so sorry that i havent been reading/commenting! you probably thought i was a horrible friend!!! LOVE YOU!

    • Aw, yay – Janetha love! I switched over to WordPress, and have apparently dropped off the face of the reader Earth. Try going up and physically clicking on subscribe button at the top of my page — that seems to be working for most people. That’s the only bad thing so far about switching to WordPress – otherwise, I love it!

  8. hmmm i just tried to unsubscribe and resubscribe and it is still not working. has this happened to anyone else??

  9. Yes – I make eggs for din all the time! So quick and delish which makes for the perfect weeknight dinner :O).

    – Beth @

  10. Love anything breakfast related for dinner, oatmeal, cereal, or egg sammies!

  11. I had eggs on toast for dinner last night too!

  12. I love breakfast for dinner (or “brinner” as I like to call it). Pancakes, eggs, doesn’t really matter what it is, I love it for dinner.

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