French Press Clears Away the Bags

Good Hump Day Morning, bloggy friends! Whew! I am one tired lady. I usually never have actual bags under my eyes, but this morning I could take them grocery shopping! Well by now, we all know the solution to that:





But not just any coffee. French Press coffee!!!





That’s right, I bought myself a new pink French Press coffee maker from Target last night




I got the pink one knowing that I wouldn’t be keeping it out on the counter anyway, because you know hubski wouldn’t like a pink coffee maker setting on top of the counters! haha. Making the coffee in this thing is so fun, plus the color really spiffed up the 5:00 a.m. hour I was experiencing.




So the coffee made me feel about 80% better, but I knew I could also rely on another pick-me-up: GREEN MONSTER:



It contained the usual suspects – nothing fancy. And yes, I’m rocking the Family Guy Drinking Game cup. Be jealous.


So I’ve been joining Janetha this week in the clearing out her kitchen challenge this week, but last night my parents were kind enough to take me out to dinner – and I can’t refuse a free meal with good people! My dad got to pick the restaurant, in which he picked Olive Garden. Can I just say I love this place? I don’t care, they have good food! Plus, we haven’t been there in a long time! I ordered the shrimp asparagus risotto:



It was maginifico! Actually, I hated it. See?





My run must have really revved up my appetite, because I did the unthinkable: ordered a dessert at Olive Garden (to go, though):






But I had to! They have a special of pumpkin cheesecake!





I was pretty full from the meal, but I managed to have a little piece before bed.




Have you ever been to Olive Garden? For those who have, have you ever left feeling not miserably full enough to order dessert?


22 Responses

  1. Omg I haven’t been there in SO long and I think the reason that I don’t go anymore is because I usually DO end up feeling wayyyy too full! But SO delicious!

    Yum, I might just have to go now for the cake!!

  2. I love french press, but mine broke! That pink one is cute though, I’ll have to look for one like that 🙂

  3. ummmm that cheesecake looks RIDICULOUS! and the pink french pressi so cute! do you like that brand? i am thinking of buying one this weekend to save me some cash on all the $$$ i spend buying coffee out!

  4. I’ve only been to Olive Garden once and don’t really like there food, but that cheesecake looks AMAZING!
    I’m also so jealous you live so close to Libby’s Pumpkin place, do you have an endless supply because here in NW Iowa its really sparse:(
    I want to try a French Press, looks fun and love the pink one you got!

  5. yay for french press! It’s the best 🙂

    I like Olive Garden okay, but the one here is always SO busy. I don’t think I’ve ever had dessert from there!

  6. haha, that is why i HATE olive garden – i always eat too much!! i guess that’s my own fault :O)

    – Beth @

  7. LOVE the pink french press.. oh my goodness! I look forward to checkin back at your blog 🙂

  8. Oh my, pumpkin cheesecake?!? Hold me back!!

  9. That french press is adorable! Did you end up liking it better than your normal coffee??? Any big difference???


  10. Hahaha, I think there have been a few times that I’ve managed to order dessert. My Dad is obsessed with Olive Garden so we go there all the time!

  11. 😦 you are not showing up in my reader. ugh.

    GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!! you won my 5,000th commenter giveaway! i have a busy weekend but i will be sending you out a fun package early next week.. so send my your address 😀

    i really want a french press because i hear it makes delicious coffee. i love my coffee STRONG so i should def invest. i agree, can’t beat a free meal! i am eating at my mom’s tonight 🙂 that pumpkin cheesecake looks INCREDIBLE!! love it! whenever i eat at OG i am so full. after seeing the nutrition info and sodium content.. i try to avoid that place. their breadsticks+alfredo are too addicting 😉

    any ideas of how i can get you to show up in my reader?? ugh!

    xoxo congrats on winning the giveaway you didnt even know about!

  12. I love the pink French press!!! Does coffee made with it taste any better than the coffee machine?

  13. Ahhh! I worked at an Olive Garden in college!! I could eat their salad everyday!!!!!

    My fav part about working there were the “alley ralleys” before every shift. Basically all the servers gathered to eat the dish of the night (whatever it was the Corp wanted us to push) and drink the featured wine!! Ha. Think about that next time you go and your service isn’t spot on 😉

  14. I used to have a French press but I broke it. I NEED a new one. It’s so much better than my drip coffee maker.

    The pink French press is very cute.

    Dear Pam,
    Stop being cheap and BUY ONE.

  15. Love the pink coffee maker! I have been wanting to buy a french press coffee maker for a while now but am not completely sure how they work. I’m assuming it’s as easy as it looks!

  16. […] I got quite a few questions on whether or not I liked the French Press coffee better than regular coffee in my morning post today. The answer is – I’m not sure! Don’t get […]

  17. I am SOOO jealous of your awesome pink French press!! Love the pink appliances! 🙂

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