New Rules of Lifting for Women


Good morning! Thanks for being so supportive of my decision to become a vegetarian. I really do value and appreciate all your opinions, so it means a lot 🙂


So last night went by SO fast! I went to a purse party at my girl Theresa’s, (and didn’t leave empty handed.) Look at this CUTE scarf!




Got home from there around 7:00 and got started on dinner. And when I say “got started on dinner” I mean I unwrapped this bad boy:





…plopped him in the microwave, and then steamed some green beans for some extra veggies:




OMG – this burrito was the shiznizzle! SO good. I need to stock up on these babies when there’s a sale.


So have you noticed something different in my dinners this week? Well, that’s because they’ve all either been fairly easy, out, or frozen. I know I said I’m doing the kitchen clearing challenge, but that’s not the only reason why. Remember on Monday when I was telling you about my bad morning and added that my face was all puffy to boot because I was crying? Well, I was crying on Sunday night because I missed a certain someone! Shane’s been in San Diego for a business conference since Sunday, so I’ve been fending for myself for dinner. He comes back this morning, but I didn’t want to announce to the world that I’d be alone all week. Call me paranoid, but you never know what creepers are reading your blog, ya know? Anyway, he gets back this morning!! YAY! We’ve missed each other a LOT. I’ve gone away for a week at a time, but Shane hasn’t yet since we’ve lived together. OK, moving on.


While watching Glee, I busted out my New Rules of Lifting For Women book and started reading it. With a glass of wine of course.




The New Rules of Lifting for Women’>New Rules of Lifting for Women is based on the premise that women should be strength training in a more similar way that men are. We are too often told that we should lift heavy weights, because heavy lifting will make us bulky (ugh – hate this word.) However, heavy weights are what get results! If you look back at some of my posts on strength training, I’ve always been a fan of lifting heavy weights. The fact is women don’t have enough testosterone to get huge like guys can (and it takes guys a heck of a lot of work, too!) I definitely agree with this concept.

The book also goes into diet a little bit, which I haven’t formed a first impression of yet. It does, however, state that when we eat is more important than what we eat. Say whaaa?! I’m not sure I’ll agree with this concept, but I’ll bite, and keep reading. I finished chapter one, then got some bunnies and finished chapter two.




LOVE Bunny friends 😀


Well, you know the story, I gotta go get ready for work, as I’m running late!


What are your general thoughts on strength training for women?


11 Responses

  1. Yay for Shane coming back today. Sounds like you really missed him.
    I’m a big advocate of lifting heavy. I hear the “I want to lose weight with cardio and then maybe tone up with weights so I don’t bulk up” thing all the time. It drives me nuts.
    Having said that I’m soopah weak at the moment so it’s do as I say, not as I do 😉

  2. I definitely agree and am not worried that I’m going to get too bulky–I just don’t think I have it in me! lol But I AM trying to slowly increase the weights so I can get the results I want–but I had REALLY weak arms to begin with so I’m workin on it! lol

  3. Those cookies look so good 😛
    I think everybody should strength train at least a couple of times a week. It’s just good for you and no, we are not going to be “bulky” because of it! People should really be more informed. .

  4. Oh and I’ve only started doing it recently so I can’t even lift that much weight yet ahah But I’m trying and it takes a little time 😉

  5. YES to lifting.! Keep it up girl. Michelle O. isn’t the only one with good looking arms in the U.S. As a mature woman, I am so so so glad that I lift at a gym. When I can’t get to the gym, 4-5 sets of 25, good old fashioned dips with legs extended and a few sets of arm lifts with ten pound weights work at home for me.
    Have a happy evening with Shane:-)

  6. My husband is travelling for work sometime soon as well. I don’t like it at all so I can definitely relate. I’m always sad while he’s gone – I’m glad you guys are back together again!

  7. i really want to get that book, i have heard great things about it. awe, cute that you are missing your hubs!

  8. I can totally relate to having your guy out of town on business. Mine came back from a trip yesterday and I didn’t say anything for the same reasons you didn’t. 🙂

    As for weight training for women, I love it. I started with NROLW and moved onto NROL (New Rules of LIfting) later. During the past year I’ve seen more changes with my body than I ever thought I would see. I’m firmer, thinner, and stronger than I was just running, and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

  9. My boyfriend is also away for work and I miss him lots 😦 too. Off to Bodypump in the morning for some lifting.

  10. I totally agree that heavier is better. I increase the weight I lift every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes I will switch back down to lower weight and increase my reps – anything to keep my body guessing.

  11. […] Remember my NROLFW part 1 review? […]

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