Muster up some Motivation

Good morning! I can’t believe it’s already Sunday! I have SO much to do today, including run an 8 mile run here in a bit.


I’m not sure I’ll make it the entire eight miles for today’s run. Next Sunday is my 10K race, but I just haven’t felt motivated lately. And it’s not just about running, but I’ve just been missing that ingredient that makes me happy-go-lucky Paige lately. So far I’ve blamed it on the weather changing. I’m such a summer girl that cold weather affects me like that. Unfortunately, it’s not only taking a toll on my running, but also on the house cleaning, cooking, reading, posting, etc… Don’t worry, I intend to do everything I can to bring myself out of this slump soon!


So last night for dinner I made a simple and easy tortellini dish for Shane and myself. Since it was kinda late and I was half way tipsy, I figured that’d be easiest.


In one pot, I started boiling this bag of 3 cheese tortellini:





And in a sauce pan, I sauteed a portabello mushroom along with some olive oil and some freshly grated garlic:




Then I combined the two, along with a little tomato sauce and came out with this:




It was super yummy – and super easy!

When I was off winning dollas from being a Euchre champ, Mr. Postman left me something super exciting at my doorstep:






I’m so excited to start this class! I’ve been dealing with some crap at work I can’t really get into on here, but let’s just say I’m SO pumped to get my Personal Trainer cert 😀

Now it’s time to get ready and run! Wish me luck – hopefully I’ll some motivation out of my bootay to keep going:) I did find a little in this glass this morning in the form of a Green Monster:




And then I had some Ezekiel toast with black cherry preserves and some almond butter


I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


8 Responses

  1. I hear ya on the lack of motivation right now! I got up early for church and haven’t done ANYTHING since. At some point, I *must* get out for my 12-miler. But it’s cold and I feel lazy!!!!

  2. Good luck with the Personal Training! 🙂 Hopefully that will help with the motivation

  3. Have a great sunday Paige 🙂 Good luck on your run!

  4. Congrats on the card game win – I am not even sure I’ve ever heard of that game though! 😀

    Hooray for your PT book – good luck on the run – you can do it!

  5. hey paige! i am just catching up on your latest and greatest from the weekend. i like my coffee black so i thought i would LOVE that flavor of the POM but i thought it was so bitter! ah well, can’t win them all. the card game looks fun! i will have to keep it in mind, whenever the time comes to play cards we can never think of games to play. that almond butter looks really amazing!! sorry about the lack of motivation. i think it is going on a lot around here.. everyone seems to be a little ho-hum. the pasta looks great and HEY! yesterday was national pasta day! hoooooray!

  6. ah, I’m a warm weather girl myself, so I can commiserate with a little fall funk! it’s good that you’re not pressuring yourself by saying you HAVE to do the 8 mi. way to listen to what your body wants!

    and way to make some money girl! I need some money-making skillz like that 🙂

    hope you’re having a great sunday!!

  7. the change of seasons definitely makes me lose motivation – it makes sense!

  8. I love tortellini! Looks great! Good luck with the motivation, I’m kind of in the same boat.

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