Change of Seasons, Change of Fitness Goals


So as most of you know, I have my second 10K race coming up this Sunday. I am soopah pumped about it, not only because I get to see my bestie, Destiny (she lives in Chicago and is letting me crash at her place the night before the race,) but I’m also excited about the course itself.

The race is called, the Frank Lloyd Wright race, and the course runs along eight FLW houses. I love, love, love FLW designs. We have several FLW inspired lamps in our house that my dad made for us out of stained glass.)




Oh, and this is our loft area. I noticed I forgot to include it in the house tour I gave you this morning! Since I neglected to show you, here’s a little glimpse of it



That big metal thing is a big clock on the wall 😀


OK, getting back on track…This is one of the houses I will run past along the way:



Gorgeous, eh? Plus, the trees will also be as gorgeous as ever!

And so far, the forecast doesn’t look too shabby either:



Granted, a high of 50º means a race time temperature in the upper 30’s most likely…better than what it could be I guess! 😀

Luckily, I’ve been training in the cold, but I’m still not exactly sure what I’ll wear during the run. We shall see, though!


Unfortunately, this will probably be my last race of the season. You may remember I had planned on running the Gasparilla Half Marathon in February when I’ll be down in Florida, but I just don’t see myself being able to train correctly for it here in Illinios. I don’t see how I can train to run 13.1 miles when it’s snowy and below zero up here, for a race that will be mild temps and sunny in Florida. I could probably physically do it; I just don’t know if I want to put myself through it! haha Ya never though, I suppose. I might do a random November or December 5K, but as far as training and working hard towards a goal type of race, I’m afraid this is it. Oh I’ll still run throughout the winter, but it will most likely be on the treadmill. Well, except for that one day a week I run outside – rule of Project Snow 😉

Even though race season is pretty much over for me, and I’m sad about it, I feel like somewhat of a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer feel the pressure to follow a schedule or training plan to achieve my goal. I’m actually excited to start doing other fitness activities other than running!

After my 10K some of the things I’m looking forward to doing are: 

  • The week after I’ll be helping a friend get back in shape by being her workout buddy. We’ll be doing fun classes like spin and zumba!
  • Participating in the classes I love at my gym more often, such as Body Pump, Body Step, RPM, and Body Flow. As you can tell, my gym’s classes mostly consist of the Les Mills classes. I’m a pretty big fan of themJ For more detail on Les Mills class, click here.
  • Try out classes I haven’t been able to participate in yet at my gym such as Body Combat, Zumba, and Power Yoga.
  • I want to do more yoga, in general.
  • More strength-training in general.
  • Using my elliptical at home, along with trying out new DVD’s at home.

See? Tons of options! I’ll be too busy to miss training for a race, right?! Fat chance…but at least I’ll keep myself occupied fitness-wise. It’ll be nice for a change of pace. However, even though running season may be basically over here in Central Illinois, I will be ready to face it head on at the start of next season. My goal for next season: half marathon. Oh it will happen!


Other exciting news in RAN LAND:

I’m trying out a new grooming company for Niko tonight. After countless attempts to find a good/not scary groomer in Bloomington/Normal, (I pretty much took her to every one that seemed reputable) and still not being satisfied, I’m trying a grooming company that comes to your home, and grooms your dog in the comfort of its own home! I bet Niko will like it SO much better. Plus – convenient much? I’ll let you know how that fares.

Secondly, I start my personal training classes tomorrow after work! I’m going to be one busy mofo, but I’m welcoming it with arms wide open!



What fitness-related changes will the season change bring on for you?

Is anyone else running in this race? If so, shoot me an email at!


12 Responses

  1. Good luck on the run! I wish there were more 10k’s in the Philly area! I agree that the training would be difficult. It seems like you’re keeping yourself busy with all of the other things you have planned.. I always say that I want to take personal training classes!!!

  2. Even though I live in GA and what I consider is cold is probably laughable to the rest of the country, after about the end of November, there will be no running outside for me until next Spring!

  3. Good Luck with your race Paige!

  4. I live in Normal, IL aswell and I went to the High School that is in your back yard!! It is so awesome that I found another person that lives in the same area as me!! I hope you continue running!! I love to run sooo much and cannot wait to get to track season!!

    • Hi Lindsay! What a small world! Yep, the HS is pretty much our back yard- haha

      I hope to continue running this year, too. Hopefully it’s not too harsh of a winter this year, but they say it’s supposed to be. Do you run for fun, too? Or just for track? I like to run on the Constitution Trail every now and then!

      • I run alot I used to run cross country in high school, but I just mainly focus on track now that I am in college. I love to run though and I think it would be funny, if we ran into each other one day while we are running!!

  5. I can not imagine running in a Chicago winter. I can barely run in NYC during the winters. But who knows, maybe it will be a mild winter?

    Have a great race! Looking forward to reading the race recap!

  6. Sorry to hear you won’t be doing Gasparilla 😦 I can’t imagine, though, running in snowy cold conditions. I was cold and had problems this weekend when the weather was in the upper 50s.

  7. Good luck in the race. There is an old FLW home on Moss Avenue in Peoria. I worked with the woman whose dad and mom owned it until just recently. Also, my niece, who lives in Evanston, is going to do the FLW walk. I hope it’s not the “windy” city as usual. Have fun and let us know all about it:-)

  8. Good luck with the 10k – sounds like you are totally prepared (and I love the list of things to do when the 10k is done – I do the same exact things with races!)

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to train outside! When I saw the Florida girls run Gasparilla last year I thought it was an awesome race – but I knew I couldn’t be in tip top shape when it was 6 inches of snow and 20 degrees in Cleveland! Ahhh the curse of living in the north! 🙂

  9. Sounds like a beautiful run! Good luck with your new classes 🙂

  10. I live in St. Louis (not TOO far from Chicago!) and it can be hard to run (train) outside during the winter. I do resort to using the treadmill often, but I’m hoping that a series of winter races will keep me motivated to be outdoors! I love the sunshine and am hoping to learn to embrace the cold temps 🙂 Maybe the half marathon you were thinking of doing isn’t such a bad idea after all? Give it a shot!

    PS–I’m very jealous of your 10K around FLW houses!

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