His and Hers Stuffed Peppers


After doing a little housework and taking Niko on a mini walk, I finally got my booty out the door for a long run. Let me tell you that this part was even hard. I contemplated not even going as my lack o’ motivation was something fierce. I even called up a fellow runner friend to see if she wanted to meet me. However, seeing as I gave her..ohh about 10 minutes notice, she had other plans, and I had no other choice but to go it solo. So I had started out my run planning on running a steady eight miles, but then about one mile in I decided to make it a 10K instead. I kept pretty good pace the first five miles. Every mile was under 9:30. I ventured through ISU’s campus, and even got in a little potty break and drink break! I lucked out because I saw someone leave the College of Business building – I thought all the buildings were locked on Sundays! Good thing this one wasn’t, because my bladder was about to explode :S I headed back home and miles 3,4, and 5 passed quickly. However after mile 5, I noticed I wasn’t in too great of shape. Either because of the cold, the alcohol consumed, iPod dying after mile two (what?!) or whathaveyou, my heart rate was pretty high the whole run, and I was getting mad cramps during mile 6. It got so bad in the last .2 miles that I was almost walking. I’m pretty sure I looked like a damn fool those last 2 tenths of a mile! I was pretty much hobbling while saying to myself, “don’t stop, just keep run-ning, just keep run-ning – a la Dori from Finding Nemo;)” It was the hardest .2 miles I’ve ever run! I ended up finishing 6.22 miles in 59 minutes.


I’d be lying if I said it felt great when I was done. I pretty much collapsed on the couch directly after stretching. All I wanted to do was take a nap…but that wasn’t in today’s to-do list unfortunately…



I jumped in the shower and got ready for the day! First stop was meeting my girl Heidi at our favorite store:




I didn’t buy anything, but she wanted me to help her pick out some boots. No avail there, but we did have fun looking at baby clothes (for her, not me;)) and catching up 🙂 From there I had to go to Petco to return the bed I tried to get Ceeb and Nik to like…however had no avail there! I had hopes for Clarabelle, but she quickly became disinterested. I picked out a different one and made the exchange. I think this one is going to be a success:



I also got Niko a winter sweater. Isn’t it cute?!





She’s such a model. Sashay, Niko! She loooves it! Almost as much as I do, haha. She gets so cold in the winter though, so it really does help. After picking up a prescription, grocery shopping, and stopping by the dry cleaners, I was finally home and ready to tackle the rest of my cleaning. The only thing left to do now is laundry. However…this might just have to wait until tomorrow. It’s so easy to put laundry off, isn’t it?! I think it’s because it will always be there…waiting for you to return to it, haha.


I made an awesome dinner tonight for Shane and I. We contemplated getting carry out Indian food, but then decided to make use of the just-bought groceries. On the menu tonight:


His and Hers Stuffed Peppers





This was my first attempt and making a vegetarian and non vegetarian version of the same meal, since I’ve started the transition to becoming a veg. I won’t deprive Shane of his meat just because I made the decision to stop eating animals, so I browned some meat in a pan while boiling some pasta shells in a pot.




Then I added cheese to the shells, and split them up – adding half into the pan of meat. To both, I added some chopped onions and red kidney beans, salt, and cayenne.



I’m pretty sure these were the best stuffed peppers I’ve ever made – Shane cosigned. To make it more like mac n cheese, I put the peppers in a bowl, added the mixture into the pepper, then spread another portion around the pepper. Shane chose the red pepper, so my bowl was very yellow:







Mmmm – so good. The cayenne pepper seriously made this meal. It added the perfect hint of spiciness.


Shane’s portion – with a little extra cheese and some greenery on the side:





Da Bears are playing, so I gotta go watch me some FOOTBALL!!!


PS – 6 days until my 10K and until I get to see my BFF, Destiny 😀


Tomorrow morning, I’m making a post on the RAN house. I’ve gotten several emails asking for a house tour, so today after my massive cleaning spree I got a little photo taking happy, and will be giving you a virtual house tour tomorrow!


9 Responses

  1. Omg Niko is ADORABLE! 🙂 And the stuffed peppers look delish!

  2. Oh I’m sorry about the not so great run. I hate those. But despite that be happy that you went out there despite not feeling it. The fact that you got out and ran anyways is GREAT. And 6 miles isn’t so shabby. Those stuffed peppers look delish. I never thought to put macoroni and cheese into em very creative! Look forward to the house tour tomorrow! Yay. Love those.

  3. Great job on the run today! Unfortunately, I was not as motivated as you! I even told myself I could do 10 miles instead of 12, and I still didn’t make it out of the house. Bah!

  4. oh my gosh i love her sweater! she is such a doll. those peppers are so creative, i love them. i have never put pasta in mine! i need one of those list pads, that is awesome. i love lists!

  5. He he, cute sweater.
    I think you did well on your run considering the drinkies the day before and that it’s cold.
    Laundry is my arch nemisis, it never ends.

  6. Hey, 6.2 after a big Saturday is great! Niko is so cute with or without that cute little sweater:-)

    Darn Bears:-(

  7. Hey you got out there and did the run…even if it wasn’t amazing, it will sure help with the 10K! Man love the stuffed pepper idea!! I’m a huge mac fan and that looks wonderful. do you think it would be as good in a red pepper?

  8. Aw, cute lil sweater ahah 🙂
    Those peppers look so good!

  9. Those peppers do look good! I usually put rice, corn and cheese in mine, but I’m totally going to try the mac and cheese next time!

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