Welcome to the RAN Household!

As I mentioned in last night’s post, I’ve gotten a few emails asking me to do a virtual house tour of the RAN home! I thought that was a great idea – so without further ado…



Welcome to the RAN house!






Take off your coat and stay a while! Because I have got TONS of pictures for you to see.



The pictures above is the view when walking in the front garage door. This is the foyer if you will.

Some wall entertainment:




And off to your left we have out living room:



Sidenote: we put tons of work into this house. The family who lived in it before, well, wasn’t too clean and didn’t do once ounce of redecorating, so we had a blank canvas to work from! Also…60% of the decor you see is the hubski’s doings. This is both of our first house – Shane bought it in 2005, then I moved in in 2007.

The living room openly flows into the kitchen. We love an open floor plan:







The kitchen leads out into the patio where we did a lot of work, too. We poured another patio to define the grilling and entertaining sections, put up a gazebo, got the grass under control, and put up a fence!







Next we have out bedroom. I’m a big fan of the calming blue color we painted it.



Eek, sorry about the lighting in that pic.


Yes, we have a TV in our bedroom, bad I know. I can’t help it!

Attached to the bedroom, we have our master bath:






Shane did the decorating for this bathroom, and he is the one who uses it the most, too. I use the one upstairs most of the time. For our next bathroom, I definitely want his and hers sinks!


Time to go downstairs…



Our basement is the most transformed out of all the rooms. It’s very dim, so excuse the lighting.


On one side, we have out game or party room:






And on the other side of the bar, we have our theatre room. Note: Shane built this all with his two bare hands. My handy man!







And around the corner, we have the closet Shane built for me. Didn’t know I liked clothes/shoes/bags/etc? I sure do!!


IMG_1038 IMG_1035




OK, now it’s time to go alll the way upstairs


…to our workout room!







I use the workout room a lot – especially in the winter! 🙂

And here in the bathroom that I decorated, and therefore use more often:






And finally, the computer room, which is where I’m sitting right now as I’m writing this post:





Well that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed your stay 😉


I hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Ciao!



23 Responses

  1. I love you house, very nicely decorated! And the closet is the best, we need our huge closets for all those shoes/cloths/bags we collect:)

  2. Gorgeous house! I am loving the open floor plan concept. You certainly have a knack for decorating.. looks super pretty 🙂

  3. You have a beautiful home!
    And a theatre room!!! Now THAT makes me jealous 😀

  4. It’s gorgeous. I have major house envy now. I cannot believe your theatre room and I love the artwork everywhere.
    I hope you own shares in Ugg 😉

  5. That theatre room is amazing! wow!

    Your house is gorgeous Paige 🙂

  6. Great house Paige! I love your living room – decorated perfectly and the furniture is great. I am dying for a workout room in our house and I know the boyf would dye for that basement. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gorrrrrgeous! I’m particularly envious of that CLOSET!!!! Men, listen up, want to make your woman happy? Build her a fantastic walk in closet!

  8. Your house is STUNNING!!!!

    I love what you’ve done with it. Wow! Talk about inspiration for our current living situation. We are currently renovating!

  9. Awesome closet…it reminds me of the movie, Sex in the City:-) I think you and your husband did a great job decorating. My kitchen counter should look that clear of stuff. Thanks for the tour!

  10. I love your house! And your decorating is so nice. haha and you’re so clean! i would definitely like to have a walk-in closet.

  11. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! Your house is amazing! I love the kitchen and the basement!

  12. You guys have a very nice home! Love the kitchen and your huge closet!! That would be my dream!! 🙂

  13. You like your Uggs, huh?

    I like your house. Whenever people post pictures of their houses, they’re always so much cleaner than mine!

  14. I love how modern everything is. So Chic! BF would love it. I’m a little more artsy than he is so our house is sort of a modge podge of designs and elements. But I must say that you have a beautiful home. I really enjoyed your photos.

  15. Omg your house is gorgeous! I love all the paintings you chose!

  16. Beautiful house! I’m so jealous of your closet!

  17. […] air popped popcorn. We decided to relax and watch shows on the bed tonight because A) our upstairs living room furniture, while super cute, is uncomfortable and B) you just can’t cuddle in the theatre seating […]

  18. Your house is freakin humungoid! And very, very beautiful! Love the color of the rooms! The gray that is downstairs looks sorta like the gray that I wanted to be in my bedroom before I moved 🙂 All of the artwork is gorgeous and how lucky that you have a theatre and fitness room!! I’ve told Jason that the main thing I want in our next house is a spare room for fitness 😀 Just lovely Paige!

  19. […] PS – Wanna talk flashback’s? One year ago today I posted a virtual RAN house tour! […]

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