Vegetarian Big Mouth Burger

Good morning!

Last night I meant to get in a half hour of upper body strength training, but instead decided to finish the laundry that I procrastinated on Sunday night. Nice to get it out of the way 🙂

Then all the sudden it was time for Niko’s grooming appointment!

I decided to go with a mobile grooming company who comes to your house to groom your dog. I’m never going back to the drop off method again! Niko usually shakes like a leaf when I drop her off to get groomed – in my mind it’s a sign that they do awful things to her while I’m out and about, and the whole time she’s there, I can’t shake that anxiety. Well, problem solved. This grooming company pulls up to your house in a big truck, walks up to the door, has you bring the pupster out to the truck, and does their thing!



She didn’t look scared at all! In fact, she warmed right up to him right off the bat.

Being the proud mama I am, I had to take some glamour shots.






Work it, work it… Ok…so they chopped her. To be fair, though, I just told the dude to trim her up, and mentioned it’s been a while since she’s had her last grooming. Oh well, at least she’s matt free! We immediately took the bows out after her photoshoot. How can those be comfortable?!


While Niko was getting so fresh and so clean, clean, I was in the kitchen concocting up another his and hers dinner. Tonight’s pair were: Burgers! I present to you…



The Vegetarian Big Mouth Burger



Looks amazing, right? Oh, it was!

I started out by grilling a veggie burger alongside a sliced up portabello mushroom:




And then topped it with everything but the kitchen sink! Ok, well maybe just sliced tomato, sprouts, mustard, avocado, and jack cheese 😀 For a side, I baked up some sweet potato fries:




And for the Shane, I made the same thing, except sub veggie burger for hamburger:


It was super good, and incredibly filling! No dessert for this girl last night! After doing a few things around the house, the hubski and I setlled in the basement to watch last night’s One Tree Hill…throughout which I started reading my ACE Personal Trainer Manual. Yep, before the class has even started! I feel so studious.


*if my parents are reading this right now, they’re thinking, “who is this and what have they done with my daughter?!” I was a big procrastinator in college. I always got it done, and got good grades, but I was always about pushing it to to the very last minute. Driven by deadlines, I am.


Well I’m going to try and get some strength training in before I get ready for work! I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday! 😀


For those with dogs: How do you go about grooming your dog? Got any tips?

For those with or without a K9 companion: What’s the best side to a burger (any kind of burger!) in your opinion?


11 Responses

  1. Way to go on the studying!

    My dog loves to go to the groomer. And the vet. She’s weird 😉

  2. Our dog’s preferred method of grooming is to rub against anything you are wearing that is black 🙂 He’s a lab cross so he’s fairly easy to groom, we shower him in the bath and then wait until he’s shaken it all off, then wait some more because he’ll definitely shake again just to get you back and then towel and brush him.
    Enjoy the studying – I found PT studying really easy to get into too because I loved it. School was a different story.

  3. that grooming company is awesome! That’s so cool that they’ll come to you.

    studying for something you WANT to do is different than regular school 🙂

  4. They come to your house? That’s pretty awesome!
    That burger looks soooo yummy 😛

  5. That’s so great that you already started studying…good for you!

    Mmmm those burgers looks delicious and my perfect side would be either sweet potato or butternut squash fries!!!

  6. We had the same anxiety over getting Joie groomed the first time. They cut so close to her skin that they clipped both ears and she bled for two weeks. I was crushed that they hurt my little girl. But we just took her to a new groomer this past weekend and it was a PUPPY VILLAGE. So cute. They had a shop, and then you walk through a white fence and they have all the dogs playing happily together. It’s like doggie daycare, but they come out looking much better. She loved it. She didn’t want to leave. And she was so proud. I think the key is finding what is most relaxing for the dog, as well as the people who will treat your puppy the best. Niko looks great!

  7. I’ve seen grooming trucks like that around town. What a great idea! I always hated leaving my dog at the groomers too. Niko looks very cute with her new cut!

  8. Nice sweet potato fries there! I’m thinking of making some tonight =D

    Also, good job with the studying. I’m a huge procrastinator, although recently I’ve been realizing that all procrastinating does is STRESS ME OUT! I’m not even one of those people who does better under pressure. It just makes me anxious and cranky, which turns me into an insomniac and an unhealthy eater. Bad news! I’ve been working on getting things done in a timely manner, and I think I’m making progress =D

  9. Haha, Niko looks so cute in the before AND after pics.

    That burger looks great! Sweet tater fries are def my fave side.

  10. Ooh! what a big fat burger! I don’t even think I might miss the beef! Very nice!
    the best accompaniment, of course, is sweet potato fries which you already know! I think the 2nd best accompaniment is tartar sauce!

  11. OH WOW i love your house! yes i am a bit behind again but WOW I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!

    cute niko. love her.

    i bathe my pups in the shower! they love it. 🙂

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