Choose Cheer

Hey, hey everyone! It’s almost the weekend – yippee! I had a fab day today at work, as in it passed by quickly and I didn’t get too stressed:D A few highlights:

  • Since it’s Diwali, an Indian holiday festival of lights, a group of my co workers brought in tons of yummy Indian food. Some was catered and some was homemade, and all was delicious:) Obviously I had no trouble finding veggie options



I pretty much devoured the entire plate, and it was glorious

  • One of my coworkers works out with a personal trainer regularly, and told me I could come shadow her workouts whenever I want! This is awesome, because it’s good for those perusing a training certification to get in observation hours before sitting for the exam. I’m so excited she’s allowing me to tag along:)
  • I got to meet a fellow blogger, Christine today! Apparently, we both work in the same building here in town. Christine is an avid runner and just recently ran the Chicago Marathon – check her out!


Choosing Cheer


So you’ve probably seen all of the bloggers who are campaigning for the SAM-E Good Mood Blogger the past few days. I didn’t apply (not that I don’t think I have an optimistic blog,) but I voted, and I still think it’s an awesome program. It got me thinking about how important it is to keep spirits up. Being in a good mood doesn’t always come naturally, ya know? Power of Positive Thinking, anyone?

Today at work, I started getting down on myself after a couple things negatively affected me. At first, I almost let it ruin my day, and then I thought to myself that if I let every negative action affect me negatively, I’ll never be completely happy.

Moreover, I’ve been catching myself saying, “Well, as soon as xxx happens, or as soon as I do xxx, I’ll be happier!” Want to know a secret? Phrases like that are bull, to be frank. It’s easy to say “oh that’d be the life!” or “Until that happens, I’ll be stuck…” or “If only things would turn around for me…” because it gives you an excuse. Well, no more excuses…

The point I’m trying to make is that if we’re unhappy in our current situation, and think that instant happiness will come along when we change that situation, we are sadly mistaken.

Now, I’m not saying it isn’t important to have goals in life. Believe me, I currently have a mountain of them I’m working to achieve. However, we can’t define our happiness with the achievement of those goals. Once we achieve our goals or change a situation, happiness may or not be there – because it’s not determined by what we have or what our current situation is. Happiness is there when we choose it to be.

Sure, I’m not 100% satisfied in my current situation, hence, my aforementioned goals. However, if I choose to be unhappy where I’m at until I get to where I want to be, who knows if I’ll ever be happy? It’s a choice to be cheerful.

I am no longer going to let my current situation determine my mood. It really is a choice for me. I don’t wake up and am instantly a smiling, optimistic person. I have to actively choose to be optimistic and cheerful. I am a happy, cheerful person – by choice! Who would I be to let my situation strip that from me? Plus, acting this way not only negatively impacts ourselves, but it also does our family and friends. They’d much rather be around a positive person than someone who is grouchy and down in the dumps all the time. Not that you can’t vent or unload to family, but you get what I’m saying.

Who’s with me?

It kind of goes along with the saying, “Pretend you’re happy until you are,” or “fake it ‘til you make.” I know it’s hard not to let life’s hardships get you down, but who’s with me? Let’s choose cheer by actively striving to be optimistic!

Besides actively deciding to be optimistic, here are some other simple things you can do to boost your mood:

  • Break a sweat! Duh :-p Work it out!
  • Go outside. Even when it’s freezing out, channel your inner Project Snow self and take a walk in the fresh air.
  • Clock in enough hours of sleep at night. Too little sleep can result in being irritable, tired, and hungry. See Angela’s post of sleep for more ways to get enough shut eye.
  • Socialize! Hanging out with friends and talking to others has been shown to be a mood booster.
  • Channel your inner girlie side. The color pink has been shown to lift spirits! I use a pink highlighter at work for all my analysis. Not sure if it helps, but hey, it can’t hurt!
  • Eat happy. The omega 3’s and healthy fats in foods like salmon and almonds can have a long term mood enhancing effect.


How about you? What are some of your tips to keep your spirits up?


14 Responses

  1. I just realized your posts haven’t been showing up in my google reader for like the past 2 weeks! Ahhh! So sorry dear, I’m getting caught up on your life right now! 🙂

  2. Indian food looks so good right now…

    I find that simply smiling will give me a little mood boost. seriously, something happens chemically when you smile, that makes you feel good, I think. and it makes other people smile, so you get exponentially happier!

  3. I just realized that your blog had disappeared from my Google reader!!! What happened?? Did your URL change? Hmmm well it’s back in the reader. I enjoy your blog!

  4. I definitely try the fake it til you make it approach. I’m a pretty optimistic (although anxious) person but it helps a lot when I’m feeling nervous (like in a big group of people that i don’t know.)

  5. Ha, ha I always tricked myself into loving every job I ever had (except when I was a teenager working in the service sector in Chicago). Then, when I changed jobs, I realized my old job wasn’t that great, and my new one was wonderful. Was I stupid? It doesn’t matter, because I never got fired, and I always got paid:-) Oh yeah, and I always worked in a workout, either before work, after work or both.

  6. Love this post! Sometimes I get stuck in a depressing rut… so these optimism tips are amazing 🙂

    That Indian food sounds great!

  7. Great post Paige!!!

  8. wonderful post! i have found that when i’m “living my dream” (working on a movie, walking a red carpet) i’m actually not very happy – i’m a mess of nerves!!! the only thing we have control over is right now.

  9. Love your tips for being in a good mood! I’ve been feeling kinda down the past couple of days and definitely need a change in attitude…

    Oh my I love Indian food. 😀

  10. I love the good mood tips – thanks! 🙂

  11. Yum! I love Indian Food! The tips are great! Choosing cheer is definitely the way to go 🙂

  12. I love this post and so needed to read it. Thank you for the reminder!

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