Everything – Even the Kitchen Sink!

Top of the mornin’ to ya! (Where did that come from? Apparently I woke up Irish?)

Last night the hubski and I made somewhat of an impulsive decision. While I was doing some upper body work, he came in to chat, and told me he was thinking about getting a new sink (and by sink, I mean faucet.) I was totally on board saying, “Yes!! Let’s do it!!!”

Let me explain.

Our kitchen sink is pretty much the only thing in our kitchen besides the counters that we haven’t updated. He’s our pitiful sink:




We’ve been talking about replacing it for a while now, so we just decided to do it last night! We came up with a price range, and headed out! We got it at Menards, which is right by Sam’s, so we also made a stop there to get some staples:



And I did a happy dance when I saw this:



*happy dance, happy dance*


When we got back home with our new sink (and actually went below our budget!) Shane channeled his inner plummer:



While I started making eggplant lasagna:





sizzle sizzle





By the time I finished cooking, husband finished plumming! Ready for the new reveal?



Ta da!! I loooove it! We both wanted a goose neck sink, and it looks perfect in our kitchen:D

Then it was time to chow down!

Three Cheese Eggplant Lasagna:





Mmmm! It was the best I’ve made so far! I had it with a little cab we got at Sam’s, along with two other sides:


IMG_1125 IMG_1127

A side of home work- and Ttat’s Glee, for those weirdos who don’t watch the show (I kid, I kid, but it is a damn good show!)

Now I need to chug this French Press and get a move on. I have a loong work day ahead of me, followed by a run, then a night of class! Catch ya after work!


20 Responses

  1. Oh I LOVE new kitchen ANYTHING. I am obsessed with kitchens. That sink is cool!

  2. yay for a new sink! I cannot WAIT until we get our next house and can have a bigger and better kitchen.

    I’ve never seen that yogurt!

    your eggplant lasagna looks great, too

  3. Cute sink!
    Might need to go to Sams, I’ve wanted ti try that kind of greek yogurt for a while!

  4. Yay – great purchase!! And I want to try that yogurt! Wish our Costco stocked Greek yog. I just realized you aren’t popping up in my google reader!! 😦 I’ll try adding your site again and hopefully it works this time…

  5. Yay…LOVE getting new kitchen appliances!

    Mmmm I’ve been wanting to make an eggplant lasagna…this looks delicious!

  6. That eggplant lasagna looks SO good! Do you have a recipe to post?

    I love new kitchen purchases!

  7. A new sink and eggplant lasagne!? You are living my dream life 🙂

  8. Ya for a new sink!! Im totally jealous!
    The eggplant looks super yum as well.. I LOVE that it’s in season right now 🙂

  9. heheh! Love the sink! 3 cheese, wowzers!

  10. How exciting! And that’s great that you stayed below budget. I’d say that’s a job well done! 🙂

  11. Your sink looks fabulous!! I love buying new things. 🙂 And your lasagna looks super yummy!!!!

  12. Oooh, your shiny new sink is so pretty 🙂 I love the big faucet so you can wash big pots and stuff under it. I guess it’s kind of dorky but I have an appreciation for practicality like that 😉

    I’ve always wanted to make an all-veggie lasagne like that! I’ve tried it with zucchini but it didn’t work well…maybe I need to try your version!

  13. Love your sink! Funny how as we get older things like that are so exciting!

    Your eggplant lasagna looks amazing!

  14. For the record…absolutely nobody in Ireland ever says “Top of the morning to you!”…and we never have. I had never even heard the expression until an American said it to me one morning and I was like, “What?”

  15. That new sink looks lovely! It’s amazing how something so simple can spark up an entire kitchen. Haha, and I’m totally cracking up at the “plumber” photo… too cute!


  16. You DO have a full day! I am at an all- day educational conference today, and I did not expect to have so much fun. The session I’m in right now is about blogs:-) The next one is about Google’s “Special” Features.

    I hope your class is fun tonight.

  17. […] leftovers would go on the second shelves. Some eggplant lasagna, tomato sauce, and pumpkin. And then the cheese drawer, which used to be the cheese and meat […]

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