I Love Your Balls!

Whew! I’ve been going, going, going since I got off work this morning at 10:30. I’m not sure where the time went or why I didn’t get much done, but today has sped by! If only I could make it speed by when I’m at work. I’ll work on that.

Directly after work, I drove to the gym to log in my last two miles before the 10K on Sunday. It’s been raining all day here, so I had to run it on the dreadmill, ew. The training plan said 1-3 miles so I did a little over two, then did some triceps and bicep work and called it done and done.

After working out I meandered on over to Kroger, then to Fresh Market. I swear, I can never get my grocery shopping done in one spot. Oh well, I don’t mind – I like gettin’ lots of yummy food! Now only if I could figure out a fun way to put it all away when I get home. I’ll work on that, too 😉

The highlight of the trip was grinding my own coffee at Fresh Market. They have this cool area set up where there’s bins upon bins, and then this huge grinder! I shoulda taken a picture. Anyway, I narrowed my choice down between pumpkin spice and Kona, and then went with Kona. Shane and I fell in LOVE with Kona coffee when we were in Hawaii last year.




Kona has my heart. At least every morning now between 5:00 and 5:15. This will taste wonderfully in the ol’ French Press!

I’m also pretty excited about some road trip food we got:


Doesn’t that look awesome? We’ll have a hard time not devouring it tonight. Yay roadtrip food!

When I got home, I got to baking! Or, un-baking, rather. My parents were nice enough to come get Niko to watch over the weekend, so I took it upon myself to make my dad (who is diabetic – but is pretty darn responsible about it) some diabetic friendly treats. Obviously I had to make Angela’s Chocolate Chip Balls!

These balls were super fun to make. I loved making the flour. I was still amazed that you could turn cashews into flour.


After making the dough, I made the chocolate chips.



I couldn’t believe how good the carob was! They have a sweet yet tangy flavor that is just awesome.

Funny side note: I tweeted to Angela that I was making them, to which she replied: “Everyone wants my balls!!” I about spit out my kombucha I was drinking while un-baking.


–Raspeberry flavor=good, btw!


The balls turned out fabulously! My dad loved them. I sent him home with plenty, but of course saved some for myself 😉



Thanks for posting that recipe, Angela – twas fantastico!

The rest of the day involved cleaning up my mess, plus some, and visiting with the parental unit. Tonight the hubby and I are going out for pizza and beer with some friends, at our fave pizza place in town, Lucca Grill. Holler! Veggie pizza and pumpkin beer here I come!!!   

Have a fun and safe Friday night, all! Peace out :)   


10 Responses

  1. So sweet that you made your dad something special that he could have. 🙂 What a great daughter!

  2. haha i am the same way with grocery shopping – I go to like 3 stores to get wha tI need.

  3. I couldn’t agree with your more about the “dread”mill. Haha, I totally think of it that way… running indoors is just not the same as the feel of running in the wide open mother nature. 🙂

    Loving the trail mix! Perfect for your trip!

    Have a lovely Friday evening!


  4. Running indoors isn’t as fun as running outside, and I always feel like my feet are going every which way on the treadmill – not cool.

  5. I agree about not being able to get all your groceries at one store. I”d like to shop exclusively at Trader Joes but they don’t have everything we need. 😦
    I also agree about running on the treadmill…..tis no fun!

  6. Mmm pumpkin beer sounds delish! Have fun!

  7. I want those balls for sure! They look so delicious, I love that you made your own carob chips.

  8. Haha glad you like Ange’s balls. They sound good. Good luck on your race!!

  9. So apparently I totally have the mind of a 7th grader (which is why I teach them…) because I totally snickered at the title of your post…so mature! Those do look good, though!

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