I Can See Clearly Now the Eggplant’s Gone

Greetings! I hope you didn’t have a case of the Monday’s today 🙂

My Monday was really pretty OK. Actually, work was un eventful, and that was OK by me. For being uneventful, I was quite busy working away at my desk, and the day sped by! After work I had a couple errands to run – picked up the dry cleaning and mailed a few things out, and now I can’t believe it’s already after 5:00!

I went home for lunch, which always seems to make the day go by faster, too. I wanted to come home and see my fur children, since I didn’t get to see them much this weekend! However, since I have a pretty short lunch period, I didn’t get to stay long and I got the ever-guilt-tripping “I’m not happy you’re leaving face.” Sigh. Gets me every time. Of course I then proceeded to give her her fave doggy treat before dashing out the door.



Since I made about a total of four or five grocery stores throughout the whole weekend, I’m trying to clear out my fridge and pantry with older stuff. I had some leftover eggplant from last week, so I was able to put that to good use for today’s lunch! Here’s to clearing out room for new stuffs and documenting my vegetarianism!





eggplant + Arnold’s thin + tomato + laughing cow cheese wedge = damn good sandwich! Coulda used a portabello mushroom, but I was running short on time. Next time 🙂

After a little worky worky, I had worky’d up an appetite, and tried a new Glo Bar flavor I haven’t had yet:





Renew is a high protein bar, and did not disappoint! I mean, what else can you expect? I wasn’t too sure, as the second ingredient was hulled hemp seeds. Sometimes hemp seeds can throw off the flavor of things in my opinion. However, this bar was excellent! Perfectly chewy and delicious. Great job with this one, Angela 🙂


I also tried out one of my Trader Joe’s goodies – Flattened Banana’s:





These things are pretty wild, actually. When I opened it, it just looked like one huge hunk of dried banana, but then I could see you can pull them off in strips. These things are pretty darn tasty! And it’s just a banana that’s be dehydrated/dried! Cool, huh?

Well today In lieu of working out, I’m doing some house cleaning. I got home to find that my dear hubski has already swept the floors, wiped down the counters, and vacuumed, so that just leaves me the bathrooms and laundry! Isn’t it pretty much the best thing ever to come home to a clean house? Lucky for me, Shane loves a clean house. Like, a lot. In fact, his birthday is coming up, and I think he’d be very satisfied if I scrubbed the house top to bottom for him. Birthday on a budget much? 😉 hehe

Speaking of, I just heard the dryer buzzer – time to go be domesticated! 😀 Ciao everyone! Have a fab night!

Before I go – I have a special post prepared for tomorrow afternoon that I’ve been wanting to write about lately, and just read some great material on it in my ACE Personal Training book. I can’t wait to share with you all 😀 So stay tuned!


7 Responses

  1. Those banana peel things look so fun 🙂

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  2. Im jealous, i’ve never been to a trader joes. There stuff looks tasty

  3. Hey hey! Frank always makes me feel guilty when I leave- hate that! I wish I could just cuddle with him all day. We have like 10 packages of those bananas in the cabinet. Gotta get to work on them 😉 Love eggplant- the sammy looks so good to me. I am looking forward to tomorrows post!

  4. I cannot wait to go to Chicago this weekend and visit Trader Joe’s!! I might have to pick up some of those flattened bananas!

  5. What’s crazy is that I have NEVER tried eggplant before! I seriously need to get on that. 😉

    I don’t have a TJ’s anywhere near me, but April from Foods of April sent me those flattened bananas in a swap a while back, and I still have yet to try them out. They sound so good! I’ve seen a couple of blogger try them with nut butter spread on top… might be a neat idea!


  6. Haha, poor Niko. It would be hard to leave that face every day. Your eggplant sammie looks good!

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