Pumpkin Sunday

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend?

Yesterday after we got home from Chicago, I offered to go pick up the pupster from my parents’ house, which was another 45 minutes away. Shane was ready to be done driving, so we stopped at home, and I hopped in my car so he could unpack his of all of our Chicago stuff, and took off to my parents.

And by unpack the Chicago stuff – I mean unpack all of the goodies I got from Whole Foods and Trader Joes!



On the way over, I snacked on some candy:


Well, at least Trader Joe’s dried mango tastes like candy.


I was wary when we picked it up, and then it even smelled kinda funny, but this stuff tastes SO good!

I arrived to my parent’s house to find Niko, playing happily with Buck, their dog, and Baily, their cat, and my dad. Niko’s obsessed with my dad, and vice versa. He spoils her so much! 🙂

When I got back, it was about 4:00, and my appetite was rearing to go from running the race, so I made some lunner. Our breakfast was huge, and that held us over until then. For lunch, I went with some TJ Roasted Pepper and Tomato Bisque Soup and garlic tandoori naan from WF:


Thank you, Destiny, for introducing this to my life!!



Ohhhmigod – best combination ever!! The soup was amazing, and so was the naan. 🙂 Just what we needed!

Well, almost. At least plus a cinnamon pear for dessert:



After finally taking a shower, we settled in to watch the Bear’s get their booty kicked, and I got some studying in. The chapter I studied had some interesting parts in it! I even plan on writing a post about one of the topics, as it’s supah relative.

Study fuel:

IMG_1249      Mmm – this pumpkin ale is fab!


My stomach was somewhat of a hungry beast that dare not be messed with. So, I gave it what it wanted – MOAR:

   IMG_1247 IMG_1248

See that pumpkin butter? Thanks, bloggy friends, now I’m obsessed too!! Noticing a theme here? Yes, we indulged on an abundance of pumpkin this weekend. We even got pumpkin chocolates I forgot to show you all! Don’t worry, they’re pretty freakin’ amazing:D Anyway, pumpkin butter+plain yogurt+granola = heaven on your palate.

Later on Shane and I watched Desperate Housewives Shane passed out in the chair while I watched Desperate Housewives, and then we eventually headed up to bed.

I can’t believe it’s already Monday again! So the cycle continues 😉 I’m pretty sure I have a light day at work today, so today will be a great day to catch up on some paper work at my desk.

Have a fantabulous day, everyone!!


16 Responses

  1. You did get some yummy stuff! I had some naan for the first time this weekend…I can’t believe I never had it before! It was so good.

  2. No worries – I overdosed on pumpkin yesterday too!

    Out of the 2 pumpkin ales I’ve tried – that one’s definitely my favorite!

  3. I love Naan with soup too. I will also have it with my curried butternut squash and chickpeas dinner. Yummy.
    Pumpkin butter, never had it.

  4. I need to try Naan! It looks so good.

  5. Do I see Sweet Potato chips?? Mmmm LOVE those!

  6. Look at all that wonderful loot.
    My mom is coming to visit me in Iowa this week and said she would go to TJ’s and pick me up some stuff and now I’m excited, need to tell her to get Pumpkin butter:)

  7. Pumpkin Butter? OMG….I must get that!

  8. Great grocery haul!! I’ll def be on the lookout for that naan next time I’m in Whole Foods- just when I think I’ve seen it all in there, I find out about another great thing to try!

  9. I know… Monday’s come too fast. Love naan! All your eats look great 🙂

  10. happy pumpkin monday! today is national pumpkin day. you got so much good loot at TJs and WFs!

  11. […] I made about a total of four or five grocery stores throughout the whole weekend, I’m trying to clear out my fridge and pantry with older stuff. I […]

  12. Have you tried the chili spiced mango? It sounds weird, but is really addictive.

  13. Thx for the information. I will have a link back to this article from our fresh blog. Thx again.

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