Tofu Fo You?

No tofu fo me. Can you guess what I had for dinner last night? 😉

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How are we this fine Tuesday morning? I’m not doing too shabby! A little behind schedule, due to some laziness of last night, but you’ll have that every once in a while, right? That’s OK, though, because I’m counteracting my rushedness with a nice, relaxing cup of French Pressed Kona coffee from Fresh Market:


Ain’t nuttin’ better

Ah Tuesday. I’m pretty jealous of Shane today – he’s taking some time off to get some things done around the house. I wish I had today off! However…I’m not jealous of the 60+ hours he worked last week…ick! At least he’ll be home to tend to the animal children! 😀

Last night after I posted, I got three loads of laundry done, cleaned the downstairs bathroom, and then got to making a his-and-hers dinner for the hubski and myself. If you presumed I made tofu for dinner last night, you presumed right. 😉

Luckily, the meal consisted of three parts:

  • baked tofu (hers) and baked chicken (his)
  • roasted acorn squash
  • fresh vegetable medley (alll mine)

Then things got a little saucy. Barbeque was the sauce of the night.


Annie’s Barbeque to be exact.

Into the hot box went the seasoned tofu, seasoned chicken, and squash.


I wasn’t quite sure how everything would cook in there all at the same time, so after about 20 minutes passed, I took the squash out and finished it off by nuking it into the microwave for a couple minutes. I think this was a great idea because the tofu turned out to be baked just perfectly.



I think. Does tofu taste like crap when baked perfectly?


Is tofu an acquired taste? Am I just a bad vegetarian? 😦 hehe

After the squash was done, I served it with a little butter and brown sugar, per usual.



And per usual, it was filled with deliciousness             

And lastly, I peeled some zucchini, carrots, and cut up a tomato for a refreshing salad in olive oil and vinegar.


The veggies were the star of my show, man!


I definitely went back for seconds of these bad boys. Good thing Shane hates zucchini, carrots, and tomatos 😉

Dig in!!



All in all, it was a great meal – but the tofu left something to be desired. Perhaps I’ll try it again in a different recipe. I love it in the dips I’ve made, but I just can’t force myself to chew it up like a piece of chicken. I guess it’ might be like Quinoa for me. Although, I have to admit, I bought some more this weekend. I’m just not ready to admit to myself that I just don’t like it!

After some studying and One Tree Hill watching, dessert was in order.


See that cute little pilgrim boy (girl?) ?


Well, that just wasn’t any chocolate pilgrim boy, oh no. That buddy was filled with none other than…pumpkin pie filling! It’s OK to be jealous 😉 He, along with the other chocolates on my plate, were bought from the cute little chocolate shoppe in Oak Park on Saturday.

Well everyone, have a wonderful Tuesday, and come back after work for an Educational Exercise post! 😀




13 Responses

  1. lol chocolate pilgram man! You’re back in my google reader now! yay!

  2. Where do you find the time for all of that cool cooking? I’m anxious to see how your class went later tonight.

  3. When I made tofu at home it wasn’t that great either but I’ve eaten tofu made by other people and it tasted great so, for me, it was all about the way of cooking it. I still have no idea how to make it good but I prefer seitan anyways. 🙂 I eat tofu very rarely and always out. 😛

    Hope you have a good tuesday!

  4. Hiya ~
    before I discovered I have a mild allergy to all things soy, I wasn’t good friends with tofu. I couldn’t work out whether I was cooking it all wrong or whether it’s texture and me were just not a good match.
    I do love the sound of your squash! Sounds delicious. And I am most envious of your pumpkin pie filled treat too 😉

  5. you were so productive last night! I need to do that stuff tonight (laundry, cleaning a little)

  6. sometimes people just aren’t into the texture of tofu…i LOOOVE it. for baked or stir fried tofu, I’ll usually stick with the firm or extra firm or else it all falls apart. also, tofu usually needs some punchy flavors to go with it, or else it ends up being a little bland.

    you should also give seitan a try…it has more of a chicken-y texture if you’re looking for it. i’ll be sure to send over some fun tofu recipes as i find them!

  7. Wow I am so jealous of that little chocolate man. With the filling, it sounds divine!

    And did you freeze the tofu before cooking it? That’s the only way I like it. Once you defrost it and press it, it has a much chewier texture.

  8. Yup, definitely jealous of the chocolate pumpkin pie pilgrim 🙂

    I only like tofu when it’s crumbled up like in a stirfry, or blended in dips. The flavor/texture just bugs me alone, even though I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried!

  9. Don’t worry..I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 2 years (not that that is very long..) and I HATE tofu. It makes me gag. I try it every now and then in different ways…and I throw it out EVERY time. siiiigh.

  10. Even when I was vegan, I didn’t acquire a taste for baked tofu. But, I think I may have just been lacking a good recipe. I don’t think you’ll lose your vegetarian card for disliking baked tofu. 😉

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