Symbolism Haircuts, Pink Tatas, and Halloween Giveaways

Happy Halloweeeeeeen


Better keep reading…or the witch will, erm…liiiiick yooouuu



Wow. She does not look happy. Don’t worry, I promptly took it off after our photoshoot. Doesn’t she make a cute witch? Or, broom, as Shane says the costume really is. But what brooms wear witch hats?! C’mon, really? 😉

I am starting off the Halloween with a festive brew of Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Great Harvest:


Can’t ya just taste how good it is?

I had to get up early today, because I have my Personal Training workshop today from 8-12!:D I’m SUPER pumped for this, and can’t wait to learn MOAR! Oh, and I asked if I could bring my camera, and I can, so you can bet on seeing a picture or two of what went on 😉

So yesterday was a complete blast, but I don’t think I was ever more happy to see my bed at the end of the night. Right after I got off work around 11:00, I drove to my hair salon where I got myself a hair cut. As you know, lately I’ve been breaking my mold, and pursuing my passions, and not being afraid to live the lifestyle I want to live – and be passionate enough to stick with it – for the right reasons. Well, I’ve done this before at some other times in my life (graduation from college is just one not-so-personal one) and I usually do something to myself along with it. You know how some people get tattoo’s to reflect certain events or occurrences in their life? Well I do something…not so permanent.  It’s usually in the form of a symbolism hair cut. Not sure what that is?

Symbolism Hair Cut

A symbolism hair cut is when you cut your hair is a drastic way as a symbol as or to reflect your new life changes.

Or it’s going from this:



To this!


Pretty drastic, huh? OK, so the first picture isn’t a great depiction of what my hair looked like before, because it was shoved up in a ponytail, but that’s what I did to it most of the time by the end of the day! I love my new hair! I keep running my fingers through it and then getting surprised when there’s so little of it, though LOL.

So after I got home, I just had a couple hours until I had to be out the door again, so I made a quick and yummy wrap, which contained Sabra’s hummus, spinach, tomato, and portabella:


OK, guys, this is the absolute best veggie wrap combo ever!!! SOOO good. And I even fooled myself that I was actually at Chipotle!


Then it was time to go! I had a fundraiser for Relay for Life to go to from 4-10. The fundraiser was a lot of fun with wonderful women getting together to have a “Girl’s pampering night” all for a wonderful cause.

When we got there, we were set up at a little station to make our name tags. Ohmigosh the name tags were adorable! Look at the one I made: 


Get it? Super cute, right?! The room was decorated in all things pink, and there were raffle tables, manicure stations, massage stations, and tables all around the room:





So you’re probably wondering where Pink Tatas come into play. After I got situated, I made my way to the bar to order one of their specialty drinks: Pink Ribbons or Pink Tatas. Well, obviously I went with the latter, and it was very yummy! Tasted like a watermelon starburst! (are there watermelon flavored starbursts?lol)

IMG_1366 During cocktail hour, there was lots of mingling and shenanigans going on:

IMG_1368My friend, Bev, the photographer

After a while, it was time to get some DINNA! Good thing, because I was on my second drink, and could use some fuel right about now. Unfortunately, they weren’t too vegetarian-friendly, as they only served chicken or pork as the main component, so I just filled my plate up with green beams, salad, a roll, and a couple mini cheese cakes. Unpicture, because I forgot to take one in all the buffet-shuffling excitement. Oops.

Not too long after dinner, there was a super cute fashion show:


Worrrk it, work iitt! haha

All in all, the night was so much fun, but I was beat, a little tipsy, and had a headache by the end of it all. I pretty much collapsed on my bed as soon as I took off my shoes when I got home.IMG_1372           

So now for the final component of this post! The…

Halloween Giveaway!!!!

For this giveaway, the prize are some Tupperware and bars goodies!!

I had ordered a couple more banana keepers since they were so popular after my last post on them, that I decided to do another giveaway including one!




Along with the banana keeper, is a steam and serve dish!


These are awesome for leftovers. Just store it, pop up the steam tab, pop it in the microwave, and stuff face. It’s freezable, too!

And then for a nice, balanced, giveaway, some bars!


I love to include bars in giveaways because they’re so shelf stable (obviously) and easy to pack! In the mix are two Amazing Grass bars, one Lara Bar, and two Carrot Cake Clif bars 😀

Ok…now for da RULES!

1. Go back and count the number of Halloween decorations that I have snuck in the posts from the past four days (today, Friday, Thursday. Wednesday.)

2. Leave a comment with the total, and then tell me what your favorite leftover is that you would use the steam ‘n serve for.

For extra entries:

1. Linkback to this post in your blog

2 Tweet: Check out the Halloween Giveaway @PaigeRAN is having!

The contest will go until Friday, November 6th. Then I’ll use the random number integer to pick a winner. The contest is open to US residents only. Sorry 😦 Thanks and good luck!!!

Well, the hubski just called that my eggs are ready! Gotta go! 😀 I’ll tell you all about the workshop in the next post. Have a fabulous Halloween, everyone! Any cool plans?


21 Responses

  1. super cute hair!! i love it! i could neverrrrr pull of short, so I’m always jealous of ladies that can wear it well!

    happy weekend!

  2. Nice, new style:-) I’m looking forwards to reading about your 8 to noon class!

    Halloween plans…I’m going to a HUGE Avon garage sale in Peoria. You wouldn’t believe how big it was last year and how almost free everything was.

  3. Your haircut looks FAB on you!!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  4. I only counted 3? I probably missed some. Unless your dressed up pup counts, then I got 4!

    LOVE the new haircut!! My hair is getting too long, I am about ready to chop some off too!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, and my favorite leftover is mac n cheese with broccoli the day after a long run, I would def use it for that!

  6. wow! that is a rockin haircuttt!

  7. Your hair looks great! I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I went from long, big, blonde hair (think The Hills…) to short, funky and blonder. I love the new look but no one recognized me afterward! Changes like that are always good. The new cut suits you!

    Enjoy your Halloween… I hope your sweet dog isn’t too scarred after the costume wearing! 🙂

  8. Your hair looks super cute!

  9. Hey Paige. Glad you stopped by my blog, because it gave me the chance to discover yours. Thanks for the comment on the dress. It was a wildcard, but was happy with it in the end 🙂 I LOVE your new haircut too. I am going to add you to my blogs 😀

  10. I’m counting four??
    Your pup looks adorable, I love seeing animals in costumes.
    And you’re haircut looks great, I definitely l understand how just by cutting your hair you’re in a whole new mind set!

  11. Oh, I totally forgot the second part! My favorite leftovers are roasted root veggies! Cold or hot they’re yummy!

  12. ah! I will have to go back tomorrow and count (as I’m on my way to bed) Just wanted to say that I think your hair looks totally adorable! Hope you had a blast as the workshop

  13. Love your new hair style!


  14. SUPER cute pup and I love your hair cut! Preshhhh!

  15. Love the haircut! 🙂

  16. Hmmm I only see 1!! I must be missing something. Super cute haircut girlie! I love short hair 🙂 I love leftover quinoa dishes!

  17. I love your new haircut! Beautiful 🙂

  18. GIRL! I love your haircut! you’re so cute!

    Can I hug your puppy?? LOVE!

  19. cute dogs and great food, i’m enjoying your blog 🙂

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