The Grain that Surprised Me


Morning, sunshines!

How ya’ll doing this fine morning? I’m doing not too bad. Just finished a kick-bootay chest-opening yoga session, and it did wonders for the ol’ mind, body, and soul. It also felt great to my sore muscles (still sore from Sunday’s workout!)

Before I start blabbing, I wanted to share with you a few pretty hilar search terms that people typed in to get to my blog:

-running around naked

-eggplant gone bad (it’s like the vegetable of girls gone wild, duh)

-lost of virginity by running (because we’ve all been there)

bahaha! I love it! I’ve been waiting for some funny searches. They’re mostly “Jilliam Michaels,” “running around,” “running my first 10k,” yada yada yada.

So anyway, yesterday at work was a pretty typical Monday – uneventful – just the way I like my Mondays! However, there were a few cool things about Monday like…

Stylin’ my new sweater


Curry in the car



(yes, I had to eat and drive today…)

Sweet potato chips and swiss




After work, I drove to the Eastland Mall…Bloomington’s finest (bahaha) to pick up the hubski a birthday present. His bday is next Thursday, but we’re celebrating it this weekend, too. The trip was a success! I didn’t go all out like I usually do, though, since we just got a new faucet and a brand new bulb for the projector for our theatre room. Those puppies are expeeennnsive! Hopefully he likes what I got him. He’ll be turning the big 2-8.

I left the mall, and fought the traffic (and the traffic won…) and got home to take Niko for a walkie just as it was getting dark – wtf daylight savings time?! Geesh.

But as I grabbed the mail before coming back in the house, I found a delightful surprise from Janetha B!

I won her 5,000th comment giveaway! She was sneaky, and didn’t even let on that it was a giveaway, but I was super pumped to win:D Anyway, she hooked me up with some loot:


Hells yeah! Two mojo’s, two lara’s, two Justine’s, animal toys, and a grocery sack! I thought it was SO thoughtful of her to think of Niko and Clarabelle.

Clarabelle started playing with her pumpkin right off the bat:


And as soon as I gave Niko her toy, she started playing the “I’ll growl at you until you throw this sucker, mama!” game.


She’s very persuasive. And spoiled. Rotten 😉


I then came inside and did some ab work

  • 30 crunches
  • 20 side to side crunches
  • planks
  • side planks

Quinoa, Quinoa, Quinoa


As soon as I was done, I was ready to cook dinner. For some reason, I wanted to set myself up for disappointment yet again. Yes, I made quinoa. Again. What’s wrong with me? Is three strikes not enough?

This time, I used a boxed version (last time I scooped it out of a bulk bin) from Trader Joes


and I got to work making Angela’s Coconut Curry quinoa. I just really want to like this stuff, as it’s SO good for you – especially if you’re a vegetarian. So, one last shot. Here we go.

I washed and drained every morsel of…coating (?) those suckers had on them before I went to work. I wanted my Quinoa and Clean-wa as can be!

I started making the sauce first, per Angela’s recipe. Luckily, I had every ingredient on hand, so I was able to follow it exactly.




Then while that simmered, I cooked the quinoa, and added a couple chopped up carrots and some peas to the mix. Then when all the water evaporated, I poured the sauce over the quinoa mixture, and viola!



I served it with a big piece of naan I cooked in the oven from Whole Foods which complemented the curry flavoring very nicely:



The verdict: I LOVED it! What the heck?! How did it turn out good this time? Believe me, I’m not complaining, but I wonder what made it so good this time. Perhaps it’s not the grain, but the recipe surrounding the grain. Who knows, but I’ve got leftovers for a couple days, and I guarantee they won’t slip past me! I’m so glad I finally found a recipe that’s yummy:)

Well, coffee is callin’ my name folks! And green tea, and green juice, and emergen-c… I feel like I might be catching a little something again. Gotta get the big guns out!

Have a rockin’ day!


Has there been a food you swore you didn’t like, but gave it one last try to find that you actually did like it? Was it prepared differently? Did you palate change?


24 Responses

  1. Glad you liked it third time round! I had it for tea last night too 🙂

  2. Nice surprise package! Keep it up with the Emergen c; I used it last time I felt something coming, and my (mild)cold lasted only one week. Dr. Oz says to drink lotsa hot drinks too.

    Yes, I used to hate home -made vegetable soup. Now, I love it. In fact, I think I’ll make a crock pot full this week. I’ll satify my veggie needs and follow Dr. Oz’s suggestion at the same time:-)

  3. I love that TJ’s quinoa! It is what I use, too. I am still laughing at ‘running around naked’…lol!

  4. Yay for a quinoa success!! It’s really good cooked in milk for breakfast too, just like oats.

  5. I’m glad that the recipe turned out ok! You have the cutes pets!

  6. glad you liked it!

    quinoa is different, that’s for sure. But good!

  7. I used to hate tomatoes…then I had a “real” tomato (ripe, fresh, not pink and mealy…) and fell in love!

    I’m glad you liked the quinoa. In the wrong recipe, I can see how the taste wouldn’t appeal to everyone!

  8. ah! This darkness early is making me so mad!! I wish it could just stay summer 🙂 Congrats on the win- such a fun prize. ESPECIALLY those mojos. I ❤ quinoa. I use to hate peas and now I think they're delicious.

  9. I actually bought quinoa last weekend so I think I’ll do this too.. 😀
    Also, LOVE that pic of Niko with the toy ahaha she’s NOT amused 😛

  10. Awww what a sweet Miss Meals & Moves. Yay for quinoa success!! It’s really quite delicious – I love it!

  11. That is too funny what people typed in to get to your site! There sure are some wackos out there lol. That meal looks delish! Glad you liked it on the final try 🙂

    I never used to like squash but now I’ve been eating it a lot! Crazy how the taste buds change.

  12. Yay! Glad you found a way to like it, it’s such a good grain. I should cook it more often but it makes such a mess that I hesitate.

    Someone recently searched for “cooked tofu babies” to get to my blog. WTF???

  13. I like the new sweater! The weirdest search terms I’ve had on my blog are “sex with nike shorts” and “pregnant shorts”. Weird, right?

  14. I keep hoping my palette changes- every couple of years I try olives or salmon, and nope, never have liked them! It just seems like I should though.

    The search terms are too funny. I need to figure out how to get that analytic…

  15. I don’t like eggplant but lately I cannot get enough of this Trader Joe’s frozen grilled eggplant parmesan.

  16. I have felt the same way about mushrooms. I try them every once in a while and don’t like them. But last weekend, I tried a mushroom filled with a “green goddess” sauce, and they were amazing. I could not get enough, and even bought some mushrooms and ingredients to try the sauce at home!

  17. I love quinoa!! I just made it for dinner with some roasted root veggies!! Yummy:)

  18. I love quinoa!!! Yours looks yummy. I used to hate mushrooms but after making myself eat them several (million) times I love them now!!

  19. yay! i am glad you got it. i love the photos of your babies 🙂 cute new top!! xoxo

  20. yaaay! quinoa convert!! 🙂 that recipe sounds deeeelish!

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