Besties, Balls, and Baking

Gooood morning RAN readers! 😀 I’m so happy the weekend is here and that next week is only a three day week! Such a good feeling. I hope all of you are having a good Saturday as well. This post will be a semi-short one, because in a few hours, we’re having an early Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt’s house. Hooray!

I’m currently blogging from my parent’s kitchen table where I’m eating fresh fruit, rye bread, and almond butter:


Can’t beat that!

Yesterday was a crazy, but super fun, day. I worked until mid morning, headed to the gym, and ran for 3.5 miles, and then did upper body:

· Biceps with the cable machine

· Triceps with cable machine

· Lat pull downs with cable machine

· Chest press w/ 15 lb dumbbells

Feeling rejuvenated, I headed over the Naturally Yours to pick up yet another Kombucha (I need to wean myself off for a while – these puppies are expensive!) and finally found some nutritional yeast!!


I plan on making Averie’s vegan peanut butter cups when I finish this post to bring to my aunt’s 😉

I also did a little baking, or un-baking, rather, for another dessert to bring to the table – Angela’s balls of course! The balls were a big hit with the fam the last time I made them, and they were actually a request from them – “Hey Paige, make those balls again, would ya!!” mahaha. I’m so immature.


While the chocolate chips and dough cooled, I made this scrumptious pesto and veggie sandwhich:


Pesto, avocado, red bell pepper, spinach, portabella mushroom. Delicious.

I had a girls’ night planned in my hometown, plus my mom wanted me to show her how to make my guacamole, so I carted the ingredients to my parents’ house, and finished making them there:


How glorious did they turn out? Unfortunately the flake form of unsweetened coconut isn’t sticky enough. Ohhh well!

Then it was guacamole time! I made the guac with my mom, and then had the parents sample it. They were in LOVE. In fact, I caught my mom licking the bowl! LOL


She tried to dive to the ground when she saw me with my camera. She failed. Muahaha.

Finished product:


And other goodies we are bringing over to my aunt’s house today:


Yay for fruits and veggies😀 We have a big ol’ tub of Sabra to go with the veggies from Sam’s. Delux size, baby!!

Oh, yes, and I cannot forget the most important thing we bring:



A case of champagne, baby! Yes, my family’s family events pretty much center around this sweet nectar from the gods… bahaha

After we cut up fruit, made balls, and mixed guac, the parental unit wanted to give Niko an early Christmas present. It’s getting very cold here in Illinois, so it was only appropriate. Let me present to you, little bear eskimo, Niko

IMG_2232HOW ADORABLE?! Except, then when we put her on the floor, she kind of turned into catatonic dog… lol I’m not sure she’s a big fan of the hood.


Sure was warm, though 😉

Then it was off to my girl, Kim’s house. First we busted open a bottle of this vino…


  Cute bottle, no? It was super delicious, too! Sometimes the bottle draws me in, and then it tastes like feet. Anyway, we drank a glass, and headed out to the OG (Olive Garden.)

There was a small wait, so we headed to the bar for some wine sampling:


Cheers, friends! Right after looking at this picture, we all agreed how adult-like we look! Yikes! We’ve been BFF’s since high school.

After stuffing our faces, we came home, drank a little more wine, had a dance party 2009 in Kim’s living room, and got attacked played with her adorable cat, Twix.

         IMG_2222   She’s cute right? Don’t let her good looks fool you!! mahah

Well I’m off to tackle my big to do list before heading to Aunt Kim’s! I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Do you still keep in contact with your best friends from high school? I don’t think I’ll ever grow apart from these girls.  


14 Responses

  1. I actually lived with my best friend from high school throughout university! There is definitely a handful of girls who I will never lose touch with, even if we only see each other once a year.

    Have fun with the fam!! Let us know how the PB cups turn out, I’ve been drooling at those over on Averie’s blog for days!

  2. That picture of your mom is funny. I will have to try Averies recipe as well as Angelas. Would you mind posting that recipe again?

  3. Awww how fun 🙂 PS: I got your package – thanks dearie!! And I started cracking up when I saw your address. I never put two and two together that Normal is your town! haha. I feel like such a blonde sometimes 😉 So you’re literally running around Normal… 😛

  4. Looks like some good eats have been on your plate lately! That guac looks super tasty.

    And the picture of little Niko made me laugh 🙂 My little dog despises hoods too, but doesn’t mind wearing shirts, coats, parkas…

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Im loving all those pretty fruits and veggies. Your pesto sammie looks amazing.
    Your mom looks like she has been “caught”.. lol!!

    Have a super weekend. 🙂

  6. The bottle always draws me in and I’ve had that particular kind before. I wouldn’t know it if you called it by name, but I recognize the bottle!

    I am still in touch with my friends from high school even though we graduated 13 years ago. (Yikes!) I don’t live in the same state, so we don’t see each other often, but I do see them every time I go home to visit.

  7. Glad to have found your blog!

    I, too, am on the hunt for some nutritional yeast! And Sabra = best hummus everrrrrr.. Mmm!

    I am still super close with friends from HS. Really just 2 friends from HS but we’re super close.

    Look forward to following your blogging!

  8. Ha ha, your mom is funny [or mum as I would say 🙂 ]
    My school friends are still my best friends. We all have quite different lives but still have the same bond we had as kids, only now with more wrinkles 😉

  9. I like reading your blogs! I just started having syngergy and I agree it is like CRACK! haha

  10. From now on, I’m checkin to see if you have your camera before I allow myself a lick-the-guac-bowl moment:-O That stuff is soooo good!
    You and your high school bf’s look great. I love that you still get together for a girls’ night.

  11. […] addition to the balls, guac, and veggies we made for the big Thanksgiving meal yesterday, I decided to give Averie’s Peanut Butter Cups! a […]

  12. YAYYYY! im so proud that you went through with the no turkey for Thanksgiving thing! you go P! Lookied like you didnt miss out on much with all other the yummy goodies in attendance : ) my personal fav was the CASE of bubbly! you all suuure know how to get a party started!!!!
    We had such an amazing night at OG! and the company never falters! love all my MULU’s, and i love the fact we all (3) still cherish the moments(even though far an far-between) we get to spend with eachother!!! WOuldnt trade those nights for anything in the world!! XOXO

  13. […] Oh yes. Scrumptious it was. Afterward I may or may not have had some juicy delicious pineapple and a couple raw chocolate chip balls. […]

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