My First Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner

Morning all!


In addition to the balls, guac, and veggies we made for the big Thanksgiving meal yesterday, I decided to give Averie’s Peanut Butter Cups! a whirl. Right after I pressed publish, I zipped down stairs and started cookin’:



I was SO excited to try these out. For the most part, I followed her recipe exactly, and they turned out gloriously:


And then I decided to be creative when I ran out of dark chocolate (the horror!!!)

Peanut Butter Hugs Cups!


No, of course I didn’t pour the bottom and run out of dark chocolate and used white chocolate as a substitute, I meant to create hugs! Are you believing me? haha For these, I used dark chocolate dreams pb in the middle instead of the organic plain pb in the ones above. From what I hear, both versions were a phenom! Thanks, Averie 😀

They hardened in just enough time and we were out the door. One Kombucha ride later, and we were at my auntie’s house:


Yesterday my Aunt had an early Thanksgiving dinner at her house. My aunt is SUCH a good cook. When I think of my aunt’s food I think of rib-sticking homemade yummy goodness! Well, this year it was the same, except for me, I was opting out on the turkey! My game plan was to keep lowkey when loading up my plate. I started at the dish next to the turkey, and by the time I got back around to it, I didn’t have room for it anyway! (Forgot my camera –in the car, apparently – for the whole trip though…*sad face* – but my cousin’s going to send me some of her pics.) So I just found my way to the dinner table, sipped my wine, and ate my whole platefull of goodness, and no one even noticed 😀 I was worrying for nothing.

My reasoning for doing this was because I just don’t find Thanksgiving as a great time to be like, “Oh hey, by the way, I don’t eat any meat anymore! OK, continue eating your turkey.” It’s just not the right time or place.

Again, my worrying was for nothing, and we all had a great time.

After feasting, all of the girls, and a couple of the guys took a nice walk and hike. We all got super muddy but it was so fun that none of us cared. Such a blast. Such pretty views too (sad, again :()


So this morning, I just finished a bowl of stovetop oats! I haven’t made stove top oats since the beginning of summer, I think!


Just how I like em – with a smashed nanner, flax, blueberrys, and Naturally Nutty on top:


Delish! Now I’m hoping it digests soon, because I have a 5 miler to get in before my mom comes over. We’re going to make a quick trip to Lululemon 😀 Hooray! I just found out that the cruise I’m going on not only has a gym, and a track, but also aerobics classes! So I have to get a couple new pieces for the trip of course. Is it lame that I’m that excited for aerobics classes on the cruise ship? I didn’t think so either 😉

Sorry for the somewhat lame postage. See ya tomorrow with hopefully some sweet Lulu goodies 😀

Have a wonderful day everyone!       


15 Responses

  1. Mmmm how were these PB cups?? I must make these! I made her turtles and they are great 🙂

    Have a great day, doll

  2. See! You were worried for nuffin. I find also that if I am not eating meat (well hello the world knows that now with my bloggy) or not drinking for a while, not to mention it to others as they are more interested in what THEY are doing right? I’ve learnt that by experience. And OMGoodness I am just loving your breakfast. I’m heading over NOW 🙂

  3. Averie rocks.. I love that you tried out one of her amazing recipes.. they look super delicious!! 🙂

  4. I’m glad your veggie Thanksgiving went well. I’m nervous about my own, but hey, I figure if my plate of food is all people have to talk about on Thanksgiving…that’s their problem.

  5. Love the PB Hugs idea!!

  6. I’m so glad everything worked out for you at Thanksgiving. I’m sure your family would have understood your situation, but it was great that it didn’t even have to become any issue at all. And I just LOVE your “hugs.” We all have to get a little creative in the kitchen sometimes. 😉


  7. My fam throws butter on EVERYTHING so I have no idea what I’ll be eating as a vegan. I assume I’ll just watch them eat then make something later when the kitchen isn’t so congested.

  8. OMG those PB cups look amazing! Glad Thanksgiving went well!


  9. How much fun you got to have a nice dinner at your aunt’s!

    Those PB cups are unreal! I’ve never seen them homemade like that. They look AMAZING!

  10. Those pb cups look delicious!

    I always check out the workout amenities before booking any trip! You’re not alone! However, I fail to utilize the amenities as much as I plan ahead of time. I’ll continue working on that!!

  11. I am still not sure how to go about explaining that I don’t give Snuffy animal products that are not organic. I don’t eat animal products that aren’t organic either. I don’t know how to explain why we eat this way without ruining the appetites of everyone else.

  12. […] insane craving to drive to Oakbrook to go to their Lululemon. As I said yesterday, I found out our cruise ship has aerobics classes and a gym, so naturally, I wanted to buy new work out clothes for it I finally convinced my mom to […]

  13. Glad your non-turkey eating went well! Those peanut butter cups looks fantastic!

  14. I am happy no one gave you grief about your good choices! It sounds like a fun time.

    I have been wanting to try making those peanut butter cups. I probably wouldn’t be able to stop eating them though!

  15. Hey lady, thanks for the shout out! I am sooo glad you liked them, and I have made them in white choc too. I didnt blog about it b/c white choc is generally not truly vegan (and really, I don’t care!) but I didn’t want to confuse anyone. Long way around to say that yeah, milk, semi, white, dark, light, you name it, it’s soooooo good with PB. And if I had dark choc dreams PB you’d better believe I’d put that in the middle too 🙂 Great job, thanks for the heads up you made them!

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