LuLu, Trip to my Lu

Happy Thanksgiving week! I’m super pumped, because my work week only goes to Wednesday, and each word day is an hour shorter for me! The only thing is, I have a deadline at work of Wednesday at 3:00, so I’ll be working as hard as I can to get everything done by then.

Yesterday I woke up with an insane craving to drive to Oakbrook to go to their Lululemon. As I said yesterday, I found out our cruise ship has aerobics classes and a gym, so naturally, I wanted to buy new work out clothes for it 😉 I finally convinced my mom to ride along with me to keep me company for the 1 hr 45 minute drive 😀 Woo hoo! (I can’t stand driving, let alone driving by myself, btw – random tidbit.)

I wanted to get in a 5 mile run, so soon after I finished my breakfast, I was out the door for a beautifully quick five miles. I haven’t had a good 5+ mile run in a while – I’ve always come back tired and not feeling great, but I felt like I zipped through this one! Maybe it was the nice weather we were having, or perhaps it was the thoughts of Lululemons dancing in my head…

Anyway, I came home, showered, and got lunch and snacks packed before my mom got to my house.

Two veggie sandwiches – one with pesto, one with hummus:IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2250 Bars, V chips, and snack mixes:

IMG_2251 We ended up eating everything except the bars!

And we’re off:



Per usual, I found and wanted about everything in the store:


But then finally narrowed it down…

IMG_2254 Weellll…kind of narrowed it down 😉 IMG_2257 IMG_2262

And then since I found out there was a Trader Joes about four miles down the road and on our way home, of course I had to stop:


IMG_2260    TJ goodies!!! Plus some meatless balls, European yogurt, and a TJ insulated bag.

We got home at a decent hour, which was good, because I had a birthday dinner to attend to! My friend’s birthday was this weekend, and we celebrated by going to Flat Top. Speaking of which, I haven’t been to Flat Top in for-ev-er, but I kinda am obsessed with it after last night!! Hellloo options for vegetarians!! Anyway, it ended up being a double celebration, because said-friend’s boyfriend proposed to her Saturday night!!! 😀 She was so cute and giddy, haha.

Well now it’s off to make that dough for a while! Have a great start to your Thanksgiving week!

When you go on vacation, do you feel compelled to buy new clothes for it?? It’s horrible, but I always do!! haha


27 Responses

  1. I temper my desire to buy clothes before trips to my sister’s in Sarasota. However, I always plan one super big shopping day to the Sarasota mall and another to the outlet mall ! They have the best stores at that one.
    I was amazed how great a veggie sandwhich tasted. Good job!

  2. I want a LuLu by me so badly!!! I always feel the need to buy new clothes for vacas.

  3. I could not imagine living farther than 10 minutes from Oakbrook mall. i go to school in Chicago and I always look forward to going home so I can go to Oakbrook. I know pretty much every store in Oakbrook is somewhere in Chicago but something about cheaper sales tax and the mall itself is just so appealing!

  4. Oh my gosh- what a great day. Love that you packed up such a healthy and yummy lunchy for you and the mama. Plus you got to go to lulu and TJs? I=super jealous. I think vacation is a PERFECT excuse to get some new clothes 😉 Hope you have an absolute blast. What group fitness classes are you going to take on the boat??

  5. I love buying new outfits for trips and occasions. Looks like you found some great stuff!!

  6. Oh my goodness yes! I always want new clothes for a vacation…even if it’s a vacation to a city where I’m going to buy more new clothes…need to look good while doing it haha!

  7. I’ve never been to Lulu before. There are a few near me, but I always get my workout stuff at Target. I should go see what the hype is all about.

    Happy Monday!

  8. Great finds.. I would die if there was a LuLu near me!! I always shop for vaca. Is it necessary (NO) but its so fun!! 🙂

  9. So jealous! Lululemon AND TJs! Worth the drive for sure 🙂 I never feel bad about spending money at Lululemon though because their pieces are durable and comfy – worth every penny 😉

  10. I loveee lululemon! They just opened up an outlet store where I work but I haven’t decided to splurge just yet, especially since I work out at home and no one sees my clothes 😦 I definitely buy all new clothes before vacay too. That’s part of the fun!

  11. Everytime I go on vacation, I buy new clothes to wear and then buy mor clothes depending on where we are, it’s fun to do.

  12. Awe…I would give anything for a Trader Joes or a Lulu near by……Sounds like a perfect day! Aloha!

  13. Yess. My roommates and I are already planning on buying clothes for a vegas trip next year! 😉

  14. I can’t wait to hit up TJ’s this weekend when I’m in Chicago!!!

    I always love to go shopping before trips. Since I”m usually going somewhere warm, I’m a sucker for a new sundress!!

  15. I have yet to go to a Lululemon, but my inner (and outer?) yogi is itching to try some of their duds on. Gaahhh.

    As for buying clothes before vacation, guilty as charged. I always feel like I need something “new” to wear and show off.

  16. So jealous of your shopping. I don’t have access to either of those stores. All your finds sound great 🙂

  17. Congrats to your friend on her birthday and recent engagement! What fun 🙂

    I most certainly do shop for new stuff for vacation! Somehow it just enhances the adventure 😉

    Would you believe I’ve only been to Lulu twice? I loved it the second time and want to try on EVERYTHING IN THE STORE! I’m definitely going back soon!


  18. yeah, i do always wanna buy new clothes before traveling. but usually i end up packing “tried and true” pieces.

  19. Yes, I’m the girl who feels compelled to buy new clothes when I’m going away. It’s terrible!

  20. oh you are too cute girl! i love all your loot and WOOWOO for short weeks!

  21. hooray for cute workout gear!! that is fun. and YES i always buy clothes for trips! haha. bad idea since i want to buy more while there. whatevs. YAY TJS!! and i hope you get all your work done! xoxo

  22. Ummm, HI, in love with those BOOTS!!!! Details?!

  23. OMG I always get shopping mania before a vacation haha. No matter where we’re going, I always get the urge to buy at least one cute new outfit…such trouble!!

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