Sprout, Sprout, You’re Out

Hey, hey guys! Happy almost weekend! Is it going by pretty well for you? Quickly? Slowly? It’s going by pretty darn fast for me. Always seems to happen when you have tons to do before the weekend, doesn’t it?

Yesterday was kind of a random day. However, in the middle of the day of randomocity (apparently I feel like making up words today!) I got to warm my soul with one of these puppies:




Mmm a tall, nonfat, no whip, half pumped, peppermint white chocolate mocha. Pure heaven – I’ve never had the peppermint flavor before, and it’s amazing. And in a holiday cup to boot!! Love those holiday cups. And apparently, by ordering it with half the amount of syrup pumps, I have officially joined the club of Starbucks snobs, according to the husband. According to him, if your order is ten words or longer, you=Starbucks Snob, haha! 🙂

After sipping this nectar of the gods in a holiday cup, my afternoon was smoooth sailing.


You might remember my friend, Missy’s new puppy, Arizona? Well poor AZ broke her paw last week, and she had to have surgery! Poor little pup is only two pounds, and she had to have paw surgery. Thankfully, she came out of it stupendously, but my friend said she could use a little company driving to the animal hospital (it’s about an hour and a half away) to get her and take her back. I said I’d totally go, as I’d want someone to be there for me if anything like this happened to little Niko.

Anyway, we took off right after work and headed to go get the invalid dog. When picked her up, she was a little groggy, but looked adorable as always…

Niko had heard word that AZ was on the fritz, so she made sure to get her a get-well soon care package for me to take to her:


Arizona and Niko loved the pumpkin carob treats I made for them on Halloween SO much, we just had to get her some of these.

Thankfully, Arizone pulled out of surgery just fine, and has a new hot pink cast to remember it by:



How freakin’ adorable is she?!

All of this talk about Arizona’s surgery makes me seriously consider getting pet insurance. I would die if anything happened to Niko, let alone cost an arm and a leg to fix. I’m going to suggest to the husband we get the animal kids pet insurance for Christmas.

On the way there, I busted into one of the Vega Whole Food Vibrancy bars that I received from Vega on Wednesday night!




I was super pumped, because of all the goodness that goes into these bars. Look at that nutritiousness!




The main ingredient in these bars are sprouts, which are powerhouses in the realm of nutritious foods. According to Vega, the sprouting process converts complex carbs into simple carbs, protein into amino acids, and fat into fatty acids. This basically means our bodies don’t have to use up its enzymes for digestion. The bars also have a substantial amount of protein – 10 grams which obviously come from plant-based protein – like sprouted buckwheat, hemp, almonds, brown rice, and pea protein. And with all of those ingredients listed, you can only correctly assume that you’ll be getting a good chunk of your daily fiber in there, too.

Now for the important part 😉 – the taste!


Well, I had initially prepared myself for it to taste very…green. I mean, the main ingredients are sprouts? How good can that be in bar-form? Well, pretty good, actually! These sprouts are definitely not out! I tried the original flavor here, and it might have been because I prepared myself for the worst, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the taste! And the bar was very filling, but didn’t have that oh man this is so filling, how am I going to choke this down filling-feeling. Know what I mean? 😉

I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Got home around 7 and heated up some leftovers, and came downstairs to a poor husband with an ocular migraine. I’ve never had a migraine, so I can’t empathize, but poor thing didn’t look so great. So he went to the dark bedroom, and I eeked in a little bit of study time while catching up on Glee.

Oh, Finn, thank God you’re in your 20’s in real life, or I’d feel like a huge pedophile…



Yep…I’ve got myself a Finn crush!

Now I’ve gotta catch up on some of your blogs while sipping this delicious coffee, and hit the road for work! Today was actually supposed to be my Friday, but since I now have to take another day off later in December for the ACE exam, I decided to go in on Friday too. Boo 😦 Oh well..short day, short day 😀

If you have a pet, do you have pet insurance for them? Why or why not?

If you don’t have a pet, how far in advance before a trip do you start packing? I got out my suitcase a while ago, but just really started packing this week.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


23 Responses

  1. Arizona is so sweet. How horrible that she had to have surgery.
    We never got pet insurance, but our dog never goes off the property unless we take him, and he is too big to get stepped on. I guess he has always been the Perfect dog. The only thing is everybody wants him, so he could get dognapped:-O

  2. Aren’t the peppermint mochas amazing? They taste like christmas in a cup. I love them.

  3. Still lovin the blog!! I love Glee too!! So the Vega bars are really good? I’ll have to try some…

  4. Omg, the white chocolate peppermint mocha is seriously the best holiday drink out there. I used to live on those at school! I splurged and got one yesterday, even though it was like $4.25. Why is Starbucks so expensive?!

  5. aw, Arizona is so cute! I’m glad the surgery went well.

    We do have a pet, but no pet insurance.

    Packing? Usually the night before or that morning, depending on when we leave 🙂

  6. HAHA I am a TOTAL starbucks snob! even when I mix my order up I still find a way to make it a lengthy mouthful. Poor baristas 🙂

    And poor poochie! little dogs are soo fragile. Glad the surgery went well!

    You definitely need to invest in pet insurance. They truly are your babies- even if you never need to use it, it provides such peace of mind knowing they are covered!

  7. Oh poor puppy! Glad he’s on the mend.

  8. OMG I just had to tell you- I’m currently eating my first ever OIAJ (blog spoiler here ha), and you were so right. It is AMAZING.

    Have a great day!!


  9. Oh my goodness that doggie cast is way too cute!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, how sad! Broken paw? Ow! I saved that picture and sent it to my husband…it is kinda goofy looking (but still sad…very sad!).

    We don’t have pet insurance, but geeeeeeez, we should. Our bullbaby is in the vet at LEAST twice a month. And that’s a conservative guess.

  11. Aww the puppie is too adorable!! I just got a kitten and am seriously considering pet insurance. The vet bills have been insane so far!

  12. Haha, I like Shane’s theory. My order is usually pretty long.

    Poor arizona! That is the saddest little thing. I hope she recovers soon!

    I am Team Puck, lol!

  13. Bahaha Finn. They’re ALL over 20! Or even upper 20’s. I feel so young when I watch it, granted I’m 18, but I want myself a Puck! He’s so darn cute. 🙂

  14. Poor Arizona! That was nice of you to go with.

    I don’t think we have pet insurance. Hmm. I should check!

  15. I love the Starbucks snob thing….hilarious!!!! I love the Starbucks holiday cups too….I had one today….makes you feel good just holding it!

  16. “After sipping this nectar of the gods in a holiday cup, my afternoon was smoooth sailing.” –LMAO good one!!

    the vega. Green. Well. I hate to say it and I am a green vegan kinda girl, but every single product of theirs ends up being too “green” for me. Like it’s not sweet enough and almost too healthy. I shouldnt complain but thx for the heads up on that bar….I can look forward to it, yay! If i ever get my hands on one that is.

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  18. I love Finn!!! I definitely have a Finn crush, too…he’s just too adorable.

    I don’t have pet insurance for my kitties, but it probably is a good idea. I just don’t worry about them too much since they stay indoors.

    I’m also a notorious last-minute packer. I do some packing the night before a trip, but I end up doing a ton of running around like a crazy lady the morning before a trip. I should be more organized!

  19. […] can check out my review of them here, but as I said above, they’re very tasty, and surprisingly satiating. The bar I had […]

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